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Problems and Countermeasures of human resource management of Shanxi province state-owned coal enterprises

Author: ZhouYi JiZiJun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 02:25:33 Read:
Abstract: This article from the research of Shanxi province state-owned coal enterprise human resources management present situation, emphatically analyses and research problems in the management of human resources in the development of state-owned coal enterprises, and proposes own some views on these questions, in order for the state-owned coal enterprises to improve the management level to provide useful guidance.
Keywords: state-owned coal mines; human resource management; problem; Countermeasure of
Abstract: This article from studies the Shanxi Province state-owned coal enterprise human resources management present situation to obtain, analysis the human resources management existence question, and proposes own some views on these questions. < br >
Key words: state-owned coal mine; human resources management; question; countermeasure

Coal, commonly known as black, is one of the main energy in China, the role of coal industry in China's national economic development is a long-term and far-reaching irreplaceable, although the future of coal in the energy in the proportion will decline, but not necessarily decrease yield.From a long-term perspective, the coal industry also will develop continuously, high demand for coal and its continued growth, means a lot of talent, regardless of is personnel quantity or the quality of talent should be greatly improved.
Shanxi province is rich in coal resources, coal resources in the province is the province in China, has proven coal reserves of up to 261200000000 T, the total reserves of 1/3, it is called "village".Shanxi province has a large state-owned coal enterprises 5, export volume and export volume of coal for coal production, inter-provincial ranks first in the country, the coal industry is a pillar industry in Shanxi Province, has a strong role in promoting the economic development of Shanxi Province, the Chinese coal enterprises are holding a good momentum of development, made outstanding contributions as the development of the coal industry.
The present situation and the reason analysis of
1 coal enterprise human resources management
1.1 the lack of human resources, the serious loss of
At present, the lack of coal enterprises talent, not in conformity with the requirements of sustainable development of coal enterprises.The main problems are:

(1) science and technology personnel or larger, the brain drain is serious.As the years, Shanxi province overall salary level is low, the state-owned coal enterprises in Shanxi province's salary is low overall, and because of the coal industry, the work environment is relatively poor, and high risk makes the coal industry is widespread brain drain, lack of technical personnel, lack of science and technology power.Preliminary investigation on the existing scientific and technical personnel of Shanxi coking coal Xishan coal electricity group company and the results are shown in table 1.

Visible, scientific and technical personnel engaged in the production of very serious shortage situation, technical personnel 50 years engaged in production to basically no, 30 years old of the following young talent shortage.The main reason is the historical archives, so far, was born in twentieth Century thirty or forty years who are retired, and technical personnel in twentieth Century fifty or sixty students most have been in leading positions or have been relegated to second-line, the real work in the forefront of the so-called very rare.Born in twentieth Century seventy or eighty time are due to the working environment of the very few people adhere to the line of work, make a scientific and technological personnel existence suspended phenomenon is very serious.In addition because the enterprise to increase efficiency and the policy of state-owned coal enterprises is low salary and welfare is the cause of the lack of talent.
(2) new force added difficulties, lack of successors.From the employment situation of Xishan coal electricity group company present situation, the production of front-line employees is mainly composed of rural contract workers and was born in the nineteen sixties long-term contract workers, staff in the 20~40 age group the proportion is not big, but these workers generally low cultural level, high school graduates and technical professional counterparts due to work conditions, remuneration and other reasons are not engaged in production, caused the enterprise to the introduction of talent but no talent source, want to employment but no work available phenomenon.If we allow this situation to develop, is expected there will definitely be the production line personnel archives phenomenon in a few years.
(3) the allocation of human resources is not reasonable, can not give full scope to the talents.Structure is not rational allocation of unscientific lack the necessary flow is the main problem at present Shanxi province state-owned coal enterprises exist in human resources, mainly in the following two aspects: human resource allocation is unreasonable, bitter dirty tired danger job vacancy, aided more jobs, most of the ground, organ positions.As of the end of 2007, Xishan coal electricity group company employees 64115 people, which engaged in mining production line of 14300 people, accounting for 22.3%, engaged in the production of auxiliary 29200 people, accounted for 45.5%, the ground and the office staff of 20615 people, accounting for 32.2%.The personnel structure is not reasonable.From the professional structure, mechanical ventilation more coal geological exploration engineering and technical personnel, and there is an urgent need to trade finance marketing professionals less.From the cultural structure, number of staff and workers had more than a high-school education accounted for only 27.7% of the total number of employees, junior high school and below education level of workers accounted for 70.3%, low workers overall culture quality.
1.2 enterprise management problems more
1.2.1 lack of scientific long-term effective human resource strategic planning of
The success of business strategies by making, two by the executive.Execution is the key person.However, for a long time, the management of human resources of Shanxi province state-owned coal enterprises to implement most of the traditional personnel management, the working mode is around the transactional work specific to human resources management, the work is mainly by the group of cadres and the labor department according to the job, don't assume the class.The current situation of coal enterprise human resources and the future without clear aims, and development of human resources in enterprises lack of long-term planning and co-ordination, resulting in coal enterprise brain drain, lack of market competition ability.Therefore, how to integrate the human resource management point of view to coal enterprises and the strategy, becomes the "tactical" human resources management "strategic management", has become an important topic in the current China's coal enterprises to continuously improve and consolidate the management performance, to seek strategic development.
1.2.2 lack of scientific and reasonable salary incentive mechanism of
An important task of human resource management is to establish a set of effective incentive mechanism, stimulate and arouse the enthusiasm of staff, but due to the long-term influence of the planned economy and the traditional management theory, human resources management system of state-owned coal enterprises there are many problems: lack of strategic thinking of salary management, seldom consider the goal of enterprise development, no compensation strategy and enterprise strategy and human resource strategy matching or integration; distribution is not reasonable, to the line posts and not enough intensity and the tilt to the high skill, high technology and the important position of management lack; length of service and administrative level determines wages situation has not been improved; disconnection of salary design and market, compensation and performance appraisal is not matching, long time has been in use in the same system, the same method of compensation, the existing staff and new entrants talents are not properly incentive.
1.2.3 lack of human resources management personnel
The process of human resources management professional system of.Because the "ingrained traditional concept of light production management" in the coal industry, the management level of recognition of human resources management is not enough, the human resources management and development process was still extensive, stay in personnel management, without the establishment of specialized human resources management departments of many enterprises, even if some enterprises in the organizational structure on the establishment of the human resources department, but the staff are professional level of other professional staff is not human resources professional talents in the human resources management is not high.At the same time, most of the state-owned coal enterprise human resources management system is not perfect, there exists the problem of enterprises in staff recruitment, training, performance appraisal process
, did not meet the requirements of institutionalization.
Human resource management mode of 1.2.4 loose
Shanxi province state-owned coal enterprises in human resources recruitment, salary and welfare, performance management, training form to function independently, specific recruitment, training and development, performance management, compensation and other operations are grouped by sector block, the block management mode blunt the human resource management overall segmentation into several large pieces, cause the process of human resources management of loosely connected, can not play the role of human resources management, affecting the long-term planning of enterprise human resources management.
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