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Upgrading technology innovation of China's manufacturing industry structure based on

Author: ZhaoHuiFang NiuZuoZuo XuZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-08 23:59:51 Read:
Keywords: the     of technology innovation; the upgrading of the industrial structure; the technology level of grey relational
Abstract: this paper constructed the technical innovation on the transmission mechanism of the upgrading of the industrial structure, input, output and design evaluation index system from the angle of technology innovation; grey relational model, discusses the relationship between the upgrade of manufacturing technology innovation and industry structure; proposed the technical innovation of manufacturing enterprises inputs to the upgrading of industrial structure is different, should also pay attention to different technical levels of industry technology innovation of industrial structure.
0 Introduction
The traditional theory of comparative advantage in labour-intensive, too much emphasis on non high-tech development, along with the proposed the strategy of independent innovation, appear too dependent on high technology to promote industrial structure upgrade tendency.In fact, no matter is the high-tech industry capital intensive, low technology industry is labor-intensive, as long as have the corresponding technical innovation ability in the open conditions, it will bring to the adjustment of industrial structure.
Taking into account China's national conditions, should also pay attention to the conduction effect of industry technology innovation and upgrading of the industrial structure.At present our country is in the key period of the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, how to use different technology level of industry technology innovation research, to promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, become an urgent problem to be solved.
1 transmission mechanism of technology innovation to upgrade the industrial structure
Shows that the process of industrialization, the upgrading of the industrial structure is to the enterprise technology innovation is the premise and the main motivation.Technology innovation of enterprise innovation system is the key, as the microstructure of the industry, the enterprise technological innovation has effect on the upgrading of the industrial structure.Generally, from the micro level, the technological innovation is the enterprise in a certain resources on the basis of the 3 kinds of resources, technology innovation ability as human resources, financial resources and material resources (refers to the process equipment).Industry technology innovation is effective accumulation of industry technology innovation, is the main reason for promoting the development of the industry and the optimization of the structure.Study on the industrial structure, the literature thought, and upgrading of the industrial structure contains the rationalization and advancement of the industrial structure 2 aspects, the two are intertwined, interdependence and interaction, resulting in the formation of the industrial structure optimization process of a bond.Mainly solves the problem of quality of organic connection and coupling between every industry rationalization of industrial structure, and industrial structure upgrading is to solve how to promote the development of industrial structure from the low level to the high level problem.The main factors influencing the evolution of industrial structure is the technical structure, demand structure, supply structure and trade structure, in many factors, play a key role in the technological structure, because the development or decline an industry, fundamentally speaking due to technological progress or backwardness (technological innovation), and the industrial structure changes resulting from technological change of structure.Therefore, the main approaches to upgrading industrial structure should rely on technical innovation and accordingly, to promote the innovation is the core of the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.On the one hand, technological innovation by the factor of production flows in the industry directly asked, the formation of the transformation of traditional industries and new industries; on the other hand, the technological innovation will indirectly achieve the upgrading of the industrial structure through the effect on the demand structure, supply structure and trade structure.
Based on the literature to construct technological innovation on the transmission mechanism of the upgrading of the industrial structure, as shown in figure 1.Characteristics of the process of technology innovation, technology innovation can not measure determines the quality and quantity, directly so, can only use some alternative indicators, such as equipment, funds and personnel to reflect the technological innovation activities.Graph technique innovation 1 gridlines inside, through direct and indirect action to promote the process of upgrading the industrial structure in the black box.In this paper, according to the characteristics of incomplete information, using grey theory, establish model between technology innovation and upgrading of the industrial structure, quantitative analysis of effects of different technology levels of industry technology innovation input factors on the upgrading of the industrial structure.

2 technical levels and index design
The manufacturing level determines a country's international competitiveness and status in the international division of labor.Large and medium-sized enterprises of manufacturing industry is the main force of technology innovation, whether new product sales revenue or number of employees have absolute advantage, technological innovation status are directly related to the level of technology innovation in manufacturing industry in general, data is broadly representative.On the basis of OECD (1996) technical standards, combined with our definition of high technology industry, manufacturing industry is divided into 4 levels: high technology in technology, high technology, low technology and low technology, the investigation of the technology innovation of China's 1996-2005 manufacturing industry.As part of the industry of raw data is incomplete, plus individual different technical levels industry together statistics, data is not easy to separate, here to eliminate "petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing", "instrumentation and culture, office machinery manufacturing industry" and "transportation equipment manufacturing industry, the original" data of 29 industries in large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in these industries were obtained, according to the level of division of the listed in table 1.

Technology innovation ability directly determines the level of the technology to the industrial structure adjustment.Because of the technical innovation process is related to many factors, has not yet formed a unified measure method, researchers at home and abroad respectively from the enterprise level, industry level and national level, put forward a variety of indirect measure.In this paper, the results from previous studies, considering the data availability, the establishment of index and output of technology innovation index technology innovation investment, the industry technical innovation ability on the upgrading of the industrial structure.From the input-output angle of technological innovation evaluation system, embodies the chain process of technology innovation, the technology innovation is considered as input a innovation resources to the integration process output, the index system is a description of the process optimization system from input to output configuration and operation of the level of technological innovation resources.
Set up technology innovation input indicators for X;.Z for microelectronic control equipment for production use original equipment cost proportion; ZZ for practitioners to science and technology personnel proportion.As the science and technology activities funds accounted for the proportion of sales revenue; technology innovation output indicators for Z., including the amount of patent applications and new product sales revenue.
The 3 most important technical innovation input index such as equipment, personnel and funds.Technology innovation investment in both R& D investment also includes non - R& D R& input, D input is a measure of technology innovation investment of the main index, it is the basis of independent innovation, but also the success of digestion and absorption of advanced technology requirements.Limited to the "China Statistical Yearbook on science and technology" large and medium-sized manufacturing R& D, R& D funds only 20O3 - 2005 3A data, the selection of personnel in scientific and technological activities instead of R & D personnel, and funds to replace the R& D funds.By comparison, activities of science and technology personnel and technology activities funds in the amount of more than R& D and R& on D, but not R& D and R& D funds that simple reflect the corresponding input, basic and applied research therefore, select more reasonable.Technology innovation input the original equipment for production equipment price ratio reflects the equipment in microelectronic control indicators for scientific and technological activities, personnel practitioners reflects technology development strength, science and technology activities within the budget expenditure accounted for product sales revenue proportion reflects the scientific and Technological Development (due to statistical reasons, high technology industry "at the end of the year, original value of fixed assets" instead of "production equipment price"; high technology industry "sales" and "practitioners" 1995 data caliber of independent accounting industrial enterprises, data from 1999 to 2004 calibre of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size).
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