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Discussion on our country commercial bank risk management culture

Author: ZhangMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-08 23:45:00 Read:
Keywords: the     of commercial bank; risk management; risk management culture
Abstract: the with the development of the financial industry, bank risk management culture plays a more and more important role in advanced bank risk management culture not only helps to promote efficient operation of the bank risk management system, is also our country commercial banks to adapt to the development of market economy and the need to enhance the market competitiveness.How to develop our country commercial bank risk management culture has become a big problem must be paid attention to in front of the banks.
Commercial bank is a special financial enterprise operating currency, the degree of risk of its business is bound to be much greater than the other!.With China's accession to the WTO, China's banking sector is facing the huge impact of foreign advanced banks, Chinese banking industry to not be defeated in this game, even in the upper hand, must improve the comprehensive capacity of themselves in various management etc..Raise the level of the risk management of commercial banks in Yan, and cultivation, the development of China's commercial banks risk management culture will be the first to bear the brunt:
, meaning and the importance of a risk management culture
The 1 risk management culture meaning.In the risk management culture. Culture is a collection of modern commercial bank management concept, the concept of risk management, risk management and risk factors such as moral standards in one, is the core content of the enterprise culture construction bank.Commercial banks through four levels of concept, system, material culture, behavior culture develop risk. The risk management concept in the banking business of the entire process, and internalizes for all staff's consciousness and behavior habits, make risk management mechanism to effectively play.Risk management culture is an important part of the financial corporate culture of commercial bank, occupies a very important position, is the basis and prerequisite for bank risk management.
The importance of the 2 risk management culture.Because the permeability, consistency, incentive and continuity characteristics such as risk management culture, profoundly influenced the risk attitude, bank staff response to risk (risk information feedback mode), behavior patterns, thus affecting the risk management of commercial bank's operating performance.Can say, if not for all member widely recognized and are willing to abide by the culture of risk management. Then all risk management technology in commercial banks no matter how advanced, risk management, internal control system and how to perfect. Will prove futile.
With the development of global finance, we must recognize that establish a scientific risk management concepts and importance of a risk culture to the development of China's commercial banks.The core idea of modern commercial bank risk management culture is the only control the risk, reduce risk to increase revenue.Risk management justice can not only make the bank staff with the goal of common behavior consistent, but also related to the survival and development of commercial banks and long-term.Advanced risk management culture is helpful to improve the bank's corporate governance, enhance the awareness of risk management department, improve risk control capability of all staff, so as to promote the efficient operation of the bank risk management system.
problems of two, the banking industry
With the new Basel Capital Accord promulgated, the global banking industry entering the era of comprehensive risk management, risk management culture play important role gradually increase, but at present our country banking industry in the culture of risk management should be improved, mainly face the following problems:
Relationship between the 1 can not be a correct view of bank, business development and risk management.In the past a very long period of time, the expansion of business development has become an important standard to measure a bank management quality.So. The rapid development of some of the leading commercial banks one-sided Xuan, the blind pursuit of banking business, as his job in the performance. Risk control seriously neglect of related business, as happened after the risk events and buried R potential.Also some of the banks too much emphasis on the control and management of the risk. Fear fear hands feet, mistakenly believe that to avoid risks through small business development, in order to reduce the risk of objective: did not understand the meaning of risk management, seriously hindered the development of commercial banks of the foot step:
2 employees of the weak risk awareness, too formal.At present, most of China's commercial banks just some slogans, leader of the quotations, slogans, and the regulation of posted on the bank's internal obvious local or require employees to learn, think this is to create a culture of risk management, is entirely in order to cope with the higher authorities to check, to complete the culture of risk management to become a form of.This has seriously affected the enthusiasm of the staff involved in risk management, and the staff of the risk management culture understanding is not deep, cannot make all employees have agreed not to risk management culture, risk management culture has become a habit, can not make the risk management culture influence character by environment in all members to take root.
The 3 risk management culture "software" backward, the lack of high-quality risk management personnel.Compared with foreign banks in developed countries, the initial risk management of commercial banks in China relatively late, China's commercial banks in risk management and other related aspects are still relatively backward.Our study on the method of risk management is still in qualitative methods are backward, lack of scientific, systematic analysis method.At present, China's commercial banks in risk management in the technical means are difficult to adapt to the high-speed development of the modern financial industry, can not prevent relevant risks effectively the occurrence.At the same time, risk management personnel quantity is less professional, can't really take advanced risk management techniques are applied to the actual business development.
three, risk management culture measures
Advocate and risk management culture is the precondition for commercial bank to guard against financial risks, but to the commercial banks to implement advanced risk management culture is not an easy thing.Construction of risk management culture is a long process, must according to the bank's own actual situation, according to the existing problems in the commercial banks of our country, we should accelerate the development of bank risk management culture, let the entire banking industry to update the concept and understanding, only in this way can we have a rapid development of commercial banks in the new economic conditions the banking of our country, in order to enhance the overall competitive strength.
1 a correct view of risk management, risk management and business development organically.We should properly treat the problem of risk, any business there are risks.The commercial bank will face greatly small risks in the operation of the process.To some extent the commercial bank is relying on business risk to obtain the proceeds, if our commercial banks through the business risk, excessive control of moderate development affect the business, is not conducive to the development of China's commercial banks, so the Commercial Bank of our country can not have larger development space.At the same time, we also can not simply emphasize the rapid development of business, regardless of the size and business risk, resulting in high risk incidents continue to occur, the excessive behavior is wrong, unreasonable.Risk management is through risk identification, risk assessment and risk control in advance, in purpose, to reach the management process to reduce the risk of.We should find the risk control risk, so as to effectively control the risk of any event, obtain profits at the same time, to avoid risk reduction, this is the modern commercial bank risk management of the real purpose, essence.It is the art of the risk management of commercial banks to find a point of balance risks and profits, the risk management and business development organically, to create more profits for the bank.
2 to build a comprehensive risk management system culture culture of risk management requires a comprehensive, perfect system as support.At present, China's commercial banks risk control management system is not perfect, we should gradually establish perfect risk control and management system on the one hand, to improve the business rules but also comprehensive all the organization department regulations system linked, forming, development of risk on linkage control and management system, the only way to strengthen the internal control, strengthen comprehensive risk management, don't make the rules and regulations to become a mere formality, so that the practical measures for the healthy development of the business to provide strong, powerful guarantee, really play a role.In addition to the incentive, evaluation system, we should establish scientific and reasonable incentives and business assessment methods.The long-term effects of risk management, try to avoid making short-term incentives.If only because incentives linked to business income of short-term, short-term behavior will encourage excessive risk-taking, inevitably produce business risk, is likely to lead to the occurrence of risk events.So risk management and incentive measures should be combined with the performance evaluation of a certain period of time length, give full consideration to the actual implementation of the effect of risk factors and risk management.Through the system formed a comprehensive, unified, do "rewards and punishment, reward" completely transparent service system, so as to gradually let the bank every employee can consciously follow the rules, reduce business risks, improve work efficiency.
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