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Research on interactive television and local economic development in Yongzhou City

Author: ZhouPingShang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-08 15:58:59 Read:
Keywords:   the television communication; local economic development interactive
Abstract: This paper mainly studies the relationship between the as one of the means of information dissemination has the most influential TV media and local economy, analyses the present situation of TV communication and local economic development in Yongzhou city. And the interaction is proposed to strengthen the television dissemination, promotion countermeasure and measure for Yongzhou economic development. To make television can play positive role better in economic and social development in Yongzhou city.
Television as the four traditional media for the first time, in the mass of the overlord status can not be shaken, and owns the largest audience size.Mainland China in 2006 at the age of 4 years old and above the television audience size reached L1 million to 99000000 people, accounts for the population aged 4 and above 95.84%.From entertainment to financial information, TV communication with all kinds of information in every minute, shaping people's ways of thinking and behavior, affecting people's outlook on life, values.
, a television and local economic development
In the development of the society, the development degree of the development of social economy determines the TV industry, it is the quality and dissemination form decision factor to promote the television media content.The development of local economy, changes affect the television broadcasting industry development speed and scale, have a great influence in turn the television broadcasting industry and to the local social and economic development.The specific relationship of TV broadcasting and local economic development for the:
(a) the development of local economy is a catalyst and driving force of television communication
The economic base determines the superstructure, a local economic development faster, the local TV media, technology and means of higher.Since the reform and opening up, the rapid and healthy development of the local economy, especially the local industrial and commercial activity, the TV industry environment and greatly improved because of advertising revenue increase, the television broadcasting industry scale has also expanded, both ratings and advertising revenue has been substantial growth.At the same time, the local economic prosperity promoted the development of TV communication to update the concept of local economy make the information more and role in the economic life of the people become. Efficiency idea which requires people to have a stronger and more extensive information sources.In order to meet the needs of the audience, TV media industry must update the concept of communication, increase the reform strength of J should be the need of economic development.
(two) the development of TV broadcasting has greatly promoted the development of local economy
The development of local economy, changes affect the TV industry development speed and scale, has a great influence in turn the television broadcasting industry and the development of local economy. The most active factor of the influence is part of social economy, it is a realistic driving force.TV communication by transmitting economic information, focus on the economic life has made important contribution to speed up the development of local economy.With the development of globalization, information-based economy and modernization, access to effective economic information has become the key to the development of local economy.Economically developed local information resources. It is more and more developed, and the economic backwardness of the region south to grasp the information resources are relatively less, if not promptly change, economic development will slow.The local economy to develop in the competition, we must use television to strengthen the local dissemination of information, through the dissemination of information, to meet the needs of enterprise development and personal finance.The promotion of local economic development.TV propagation through the dissemination of economic concepts, improve people's awareness of the market economy, standardize the local economic behavior.In the process of economic development. The economic concept of continuously updated on local economic development has a role in promoting.New economic ideas will make the economic activity is more objective, more to promote local economic development, and the backward negative thoughts will hinder the process of economic development and other media, television deposit spread new economic ideas, improve the awareness of market economy, has played an important role for local economic behavior in the process of.TV media make full use of their advantages, timely, vivid, detailed reports on the economic system reform and social development new situation, new experience, as well as the economy, make people learn new knowledge and new economic concept of commodity exchange, market, competition in the influence character by environment, improve people's market economy consciousness, the good foundation for the local economic system reform and economic development and lay.
Analysis of two, Yongzhou TV communication and local economic development situation of interaction
At present, the city of Yongzhou TV media have the Yongzhou news comprehensive channel, channel, channel, interactive channel.The news comprehensive channel for political leading channel, public channel to highlight the characteristics of science and technology information service and local local customs and practices. City channel outstanding urban economic and cultural life characteristics, interactive channel mainly released information in 2008, integrated channels, public channel, channel three television channels income-generating tasks, a total of nearly 16000000 yuan, of which the news synthesis channel income-generating tasks for 6000000 yuan. Public channel income 5000000 yuan, income 4300000 Yuan City channel.(source: Yongzhou TV editor-in-chief) in recent years, the development speed of Yongzhou TV media industry is growing fast, rate of Yongzhou local economic growth. Television dissemination effect on economic growth is becoming more and more clear. Yongzhou TV media industry in Yongzhou to enhance the brand, expand the local image, advertising investment. Image communication on the local corporate and product brands. To play a key role to improve the market competitiveness.But the interactive television and the economic development of Yongzhou Yongzhou City, there are still many problems, mainly for:
(a) the development of Yongzhou is relatively backward economic level restricts the TV industry.
In 2008, Yongzhou GDP for 59269000000 yuan, ranking eighth in the province, the total fiscal revenue 3440000000 yuan, ranking tenth in the province but the 2008 fiscal revenue accounted for the proportion of GDP is only 5.8%. are much lower than the average level of.7%. The proportion in the penultimate L, relative to other city in Hunan Province, economic level, Yongzhou's economy is not high overall level is relatively backward in economy and city.Due to the economic underdeveloped, the geographical position is remote, finances, TV industry not to the local financial support, which has seriously affected the healthy and rapid development of TV media industry.Because of the economic idea is relatively backward, Yongzhou enterprises have not attracted enough attention in advertising. Rarely by TV brand image. The TV industry survival of the advertising revenue to continue to improve.The author has carried on the investigation to Yongzhou enterprises, found in Yongzhou, there is lack of influential large enterprises and enterprise groups with power, mainly to small and medium enterprises. Although by the end of 2008 the Yongzhou scale 1 two industry enterprises has reached 571.But the small scale enterprises, the scale of industrial added value of 18800000 yuan, 13600000 yuan lower than the umbrella province.These towels small enterprise market competitiveness is not strong, the lack of core technology, product quality is not high, deep processing of products, low added value, less well-known brands, the overall competitiveness of market is weak, the low market share.These small and medium-sized enterprises due to financial reasons, are reluctant to spend money on advertising, even if is small investment of time to do. Not Tong into a brand.This philosophy of small and medium-sized enterprises in Yongzhou led to television media advertisement income growth is slow, the enterprise cannot do it better
(two) Yongzhou TV scattered resources, low level of industrialization, in driving economic development aftereffect inadequacy.
The effect of the national "four level TV", Yongzhou TV media of Yongzhou news comprehensive channel, channel, channel, interactive channel four professional channels, within the jurisdiction of counties.Bureau of radio and television are opened at the county level TV stations.At present, many TV institutions belong to the Party committee and government jurisdiction, all kinds of small and complete the administrative division of lots of people, wealth, in a decentralized state.Separatist act of one's own free will and communication range, both shunt audience, meaning diversion of advertising, communication effect is poor, some Yongzhou county TV station has even at unsustainable levels, the county television are small scale, equipment condition is raised, production force is very thin, and with many employees lack the most basic training the show, produced relatively rough. Directly affects the television dissemination effect."Small and complete", "low and loose," channel positioning is not accurate. This is the outstanding problem existing now Yongzhou TV media industry.In addition, the Yongzhou TV station that most of his is the first Yongzhou media. Only to complete the local Party committee and government propaganda task, and ignore the function of TV industrialization.At present, Yongzhou TV media industry further development without TV, a single business model, mainly to government funding and advertising revenue.If the Yongzhou city television media not to change as soon as possible the "mouthpiece" light "management" of the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.
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