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Discussion on cluster competitiveness of high-tech industry in China to enhance

Author: NaiDongYan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-08 11:09:42 Read:

[Abstract] under the background of economic globalization, the development of high-tech industry is the inevitable choice of China's industrial structure upgrade and important guarantee.Facing the opportunities and challenges after entering WTO, the key of the development of High-tech Zone in China is to enhance the competitiveness of high-tech industry cluster.This article proposes some suggestions on the strategic choice of promoting high-tech industry cluster competitiveness.
Upgrade the [key] industrial structure; high-tech industrial clusters; competitiveness

Under the background of economic globalization, the technological level of China's industry compared with the industrialized countries there is still a considerable gap: the increase in China's high-tech industries in the proportion of industrial added value accounted for only 12.7%, far below the average of 30% the level of the developed countries; the scientific and technological progress contribution rate to economic growth is only 10%, far below the average of 68% in developed countries.Vertical specialization in international trade and international division of labor system, we are in a disadvantageous position.Although China has a great advantage in the manufacture of some traditional industries such as steel, textile, etc., but due to backward technology and equipment, the industry in the quality of some products must be imported, technological level of traditional industries in the still relatively low.If not reasonable and timely application of high and new technology, will reduce our these the competitiveness of traditional industries, but also affect the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.Therefore, to accelerate the development of high-tech industries and make full use of advanced and applicable technologies to transform traditional industry, is the inevitable choice for China's economic development and the important guarantee.
opportunity and challenge of high-tech Industrial Development Zone of our country facing , after entering the WTO
The world, further opening up of China, provided more opportunities for the development of high-tech industrial zone.We can further and developed countries carry out technology exchange, absorb the advanced technology, the introduction of high-level talent, expand the introduction of funds, accelerate the development of high-tech industries.
However, the US and other countries in the world with a development platform, the development of China's high-tech industry zone is also faced with many challenges.Since January 1, 2005, China formally step "WTO post-transition period", high-tech zone after losing the transitional policy to protect the original, will face many countries and China to absorb international high-tech technology industry fierce competition for capital.In China there are a variety of challenges: retire Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone preferential policy challenges; rapid development has brought the challenge of knowledge economy in the world; the mutual competition between the high and New Technology Industrial Development Zone pressure; between many Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone enterprises low trust.
China's high-tech zones to further exploit the comparative advantage of foreign direct investment and the improvement of international competitiveness, accelerate the global high-tech industry transnational group to our country high-tech zone transfer process, to make our country high-tech zone has become the commanding height of the high-tech industry to seize the world front position as soon as possible.
Strategic choice of two, cluster competitiveness of China's high-tech industry upgrading
To continue to maintain the domestic development advantages, especially for the international development of high and new technology industry advantage, choose some with strong economic and social foundation of the high-tech industrial development zones should be in China, from three aspects of hard environment, conducive to industrial cluster technology innovation and industrial development of the soft environment and culture atmosphere of promotion, efforts to form an internationally competitive industrial cluster.
(a) to actively create a regional innovation environment, promote the rapid growth of
The 1 innovation of local government's public service functions, standardize government behavior.Most companies feel that the government sector is important for the development of enterprises.But the government set up more and more, enterprises need to have "checkpoint" increased, the working efficiency is low, poor service attitude.Therefore, the future development of the high-tech zones, the key is to introduce a series of measures, and the transformation of government functions, change the administrative department of work style, to keep up with the pace of business innovation.
System innovation of industrial cluster development environment 2.Factors affecting the development of high-tech industrial clusters in the same country, is "the institution is more" (Wu Jinglian, 1999).The regional innovation ability and the rapid development of content, there are mainly two aspects:
(1) the reform of property right system of enterprises.The future development of domestic high-tech zones, must through the reform of property right system as soon as possible, in accordance with the norms of corporate governance structure of diversity of investment main body, the principle, the technical enterprises into Limited by Share Ltd or limited liability company, and establish effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, introduction of equity participation, profit sharing, system innovation.
(2) the system innovation reform in Department of internal medicine teaching.Future university and research institution system reform direction is to establish a close relationship between how with the enterprise, improve the research and development of technology achievements industrialization and commercialization success rate as soon as possible, the shortening product life cycle.
The 3 innovation of industrial cluster development policy environment.In the aspect of improving regional development policy environment, the current focus is the implementation of active personnel policy and continue to implement preferential policies for the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises.
(1) to implement active personnel policy, actively attract talent to the area of concentration.The development of advanced manufacturing industry especially the high-tech industry, talent is the key.At present, we should focus on three aspects: one is to strengthen the cultivation of talents.Through cooperation, practical training, continuing education, study abroad, adult education, tutor "mentoring" and other forms, focusing on the training of all types of academic technology leaders, senior specialized talents, management talents.Two to increase the talents, develop more relaxed talents policy.Removing hukou restrictions on some special contribution and high efficiency technology of high-tech talent, and actively introducing much-needed innovation of high-tech talent, to help carry the technological achievements into innovative talents.Three to create a good employment environment.Strengthen the incentive mechanism of the talent, the reform of the distribution system, fully recognized the value of knowledge and technology, in distribution according to work at the same time, according to the intelligence distribution, benefit distribution according to achievements transformation, allotment, let a part of science and technology personnel with high and new technology achievements and organizational innovation activities of entrepreneurs get rich.
(2) the implementation of preferential tax policies, and vigorously support the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises.Based on the original tax cuts for some high technology enterprise, in the limit cases, increased for the innovation and development of the cost for the small scale enterprises, the implementation of preferential policies to extend its income tax, encouraging enterprises to research and development of new products, new technology, new technology.
The 4 innovation of industrial cluster development market environment.Competition in the market society, to encourage innovation main body to exchanges and cooperation between, there must be the standardization of the market system, to protect the interests of balance, thereby reducing the communication barrier.However, due to China's intellectual property rights protection is not enough, the entire social and intellectual property rights consciousness is not strong, one aspect of innovation enterprise bear the high patent fees, on the other hand, it is difficult to be effectively protected, innovation enthusiasm hit.The local government must speed up the perfection of the legal system, intensify efforts to crack down on infringement, piracy, and create a good market environment for enterprise innovation and development.
5 the development of innovative industrial clusters social environment.Due to the influence of our traditional culture, high-tech zone the willing cooperation and tolerate failure atmosphere did not form, regional hierarchical concept in "".But research shows that, innovation requires the equality between people the freedom to communicate, not only the only authority.In addition, the needs of the development of high-tech industrial clusters in the enterprises of the trust degree is reduced, to realize the frequent exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, is bound to lead to opportunism continuously produce area.In recent years, high-tech zone enterprises especially the enterprises in the same industry interaction "spoilers", "fight in the nest" phenomenon.Although the building regional social and cultural environment is a long process, but it ignores the construction and building, the high-tech zone is very difficult to form the Marshall said, "the new industrial air".So, the government and the public sector should play a role, the unfair competition behavior between enterprises, support and encourage close cooperation between enterprises, and through publicity and guidance to actively create a good social atmosphere conducive to industrial development, promoting high-tech industries and enterprises to enhance competitiveness.
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