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Of Analysis of financial crisis on the the the the impact of of the China commercial banks risk management and corresponding countermeasures

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Paper Keywords: financial crisis commercial banks risk management
Thesis Abstract: financial crisis spread to the the world, China has also the tree can not be spared.. Article in the the the the on the the the basis of of the to the financial crisis to analyze the, pointed out that the the the its on the the the impact of of the commercial Bank of China interest rate risk, liquidity risk and Credit risk management, and to put forward three countermeasures.
1. The financial the circumstances leading to the crisis of the surrounding the
Of the financial crisis is mainly by the of the subordinated bonds caused by, while the the the Positive True reason for of the of its behind the is the a derivative tool for lenient policy scenarios, under the, excessive, unreasonable credit, as well as credit risk swaps and other the abuse of. The risk should In other words, it that is, there is no in a timely manner of the find that, the reasonable control of the risk thereby lead to the outbreak of the a comprehensive range of the economic crisis.
Subprime loans generate a, the same as As with other all goods - consumers have the put forward to demand, Producers' Supplying products. However, the the the needs of of the subprime loans is by the the credit status is poor, no the repayment ability of for the the closing and the to prove, the applications for housing loans proposed by by the the and the heavier consumers of other liabilities, the the temptation of of the face of the interests of, and a great on the risk management negligence, bank but also provides the unreasonable loans. The the next most an important step is also a is This the impact of the crisis is The reason why such a-ridden only reason is these loans to be securitization - a series of financial derivatives was created out, present in the the a on the and a hundred times manner in the under the action of of "leverage effect" expanded the, the of these dangerous loans band the risk of of the come to. And all this prior to in the each of the financial institutions realized that has been operatively is such as out like fire tea. Originally the and impartial bands as they relate to the rating as the in the eyes of the Volkswagen institutions are flush with became the "accomplices of", to secretly improve the of certain products is a registered's credit risk and, misled by the many investors. How finally have the a the yao is accompanied by forward to the the collapse of an aggregate of the two rooms in the United States, how the burst of the Real Estate foam have made, the crisis full-blown, not only makes the to the United States's economy trap the paralysis of the people, more spread to the various countries of the world, China is also the tree can not be spared..
Pina brought about by by the a 2 of China commercial banks risk management the status quo as well as financial crisis to the the
The economic operators environment in which the by the commercial Bank of China is is rather special, commercial Bank of China long-term state-owned, policies to protect makes the its lack of the the experience of of the risk management. In the the the such as interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and exposure to credit risk aspects of are exist the problem to be solved of the a lot of sub-.
A more prominent
of the a 2.1 of interest rates risks
In order to to adapt to the the the objective requirements of of the economic Market and Integration of and internationalization of, the our country has been actively to carry out the the reform of the interest rates market-oriented, This gives commercial banks to increase the to risks and challenges uncertain by the the interest income with the floating interest rate and the interest people, And this challenges With the the United States financial crisis will be even more severe. From the an overall to see, in the the the process of of the interest rate market-oriented, commercial banks interest rate risk will show a an upward trend in. The the causes of risk can be divided into the external factors with the internal factors. Of the external factors of the interest rate risk is mainly include the deteriorating economic situation, the fluctuations in of the financial markets, international interest rates and changes in exchange rates, and so on, these macro-variables will affect the the level of interest rates in the market, and ultimately on commercial banks generated directly or indirectly, the impact of. The the emergence of of the financial crisis serious affect the a the our country has just start-ups interest rate market-oriented reforms, in China in in particular, is commercial long-term bank affected by the interest rate control, awareness is weak of interest rate risk, lack of experience, the relevant the grave shortage of, making it difficult to established a the interest rates of with-phase to adapt to of the the risk management institutional. With the the the impact of of the financial crisis, the the market-oriented path of received interest rates are more difficult, the risk factors, which may a more prominent from, the risk control is more difficult.

Of the 2.2 exposure to credit risk matter of great urgency
Non-performing has always been banks actively preventing their leak the the object of of regulation, the the outbreak of of the financial crisis The number of locations in has sounded the the of the Qu in central Guizhou in the major commercial banks of the China, which greatly improved the the the degree of attention of of various banks for the risk management , makes the China at the same time facial dark the a More of non-performing loans of the the form of {Imperial wheat. The capital adequacy ratio is is not high, in our country in the larger is of commercial banks of the the scale of risk assets Remuneration dogs,, while the metrics of exposure to credit risk in China, management the lower 7 owe flat the big problem of the is the credit risk management of the. China's commercial banks are currently can not be achieved the of the internal rating of the the Basel protocol method, the use of the the "one more than two stay, 'loan classification method, method is also has only just Trial Implementation. Secondly, the the the the basis of data of the risk required for the management is imperfect. The history of data of the banks time span of is short, enterprise data is do not complete, the various banks data is not t in a uniform format, poor the authenticity of, so as to the credit wind! gold Tsai blight, planted a hidden danger. Furthermore, the subject to the the impact of of the financial crisis,, the the export-oriented enterprises of the China suffered a one after another setback, especially in the textile the export of industry and the force mouth-industrial enterprises has suffered serious setbacks, capital that the gold not be able to in a timely manner be collectible, making the that this part of the enterprises are unable to Elam but the-inch repayment greatly increases the risk for repayment by, but also makes the bank In this regard risk flat estimates that the only degrees force bark. In addition, China in the room Yuan flat the degrees of the estimated to the public letter of is lower, The the corresponding a higher risk of is a do not an indisputable fact that. the real-estate transaction market is imperfect, the degree of market development of the second-hand housing is low, as well as the sexual of life essential live Pina of charges on the assets of's the and so become the in the legal issues in the the in the the Housing the implementation of mortgage risk is not available have to avoid to a number of the factors. 2.3 liquidity risk strengthen the
Liquidity risk is refers to the to the commercial banks unable to provide a in full and funds to to cope with an of increasing demand of the asset, or to the risks associated with of its debt obligations as they fall due of implementation. Liquidity risk mainly by the on the the the difference between the of the of assets and liabilities and any term of does not match the caused by. The liquidity in China is faced with the are as follows the problem of: The first is the investment and financing channels broaden the, inter-bank borrowing the the market increasingly developed, bond repurchase agreements, hybrid capital bonds, etc. trading volume increases. Secondly, the the enterprise funds Changes of the Source. The affected by of the the impact of of the improvements of the management mode, the enterprise internal the financing capacity of enhancement (in Chinese), such a to of enterprise funds concentrated in the the a small number of several banks liquidity position of the, the bank's exposed to direct impact. Also, the the fluidity difference in the the inter-bank is to expand. The the introduction of of the With the the the central bank the deposit reserve ratio and the the benchmark interest rate raised the, issue orientation of the central notes as well as to start the special deposits and other measures to, part of the of small and medium banks has been began to face the the the pressure of capital.
The The Countermeasure
of the 3 Commercial Bank risk management
3.1 establish and improve of the risk management systems
The face of such a vast the financial crisis in, the the China's commercial bank as a result of draw a lesson from, speed up the the the risk management can be established system, to improve the the the level and consciousness of the risk management. The including the establishment of be able to to measure this precisely the the the model of the the level of risk and the risk management information system, to collect accurate and reliable data, and put forward practical, maneuverability is strong approach to risk management, as well as great efforts to train the professionals of the the corresponding risk management. Accompanied by FOR financial, Statistics AND the continuous development of, the use of ten methods to identify, to measure and the the technical of the supervisory-side financial risks has become increasingly mature. The the the However, if the there is no of a state-of-the-art risk management information system not, they the it would be not be able to the development of to to belong to their own is measured as the the risk of model and and that it would, thereby affecting the to the the upgrading of the level of market risk management. In addition, the the development of a state-of-the-art Journal of Computer Applications system, the establishment of the the the the supervision of and communication of of the commercial bank risk feedback mechanism is also very necessary.
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