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Problems and Countermeasures of information technology to promote the development of traditional industries

Author: SuYuJuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-08 01:35:39 Read:
Abstract: In the age of high technology, information technology to promote the development of traditional industries is a priority. We can through information technology transformation of traditional industries, penetration and alternative way to promote the development of traditional industries.
Keywords: information technology; traditional industries; promotion; countermeasures
Abstract: The high-tech time, the information technology promotion tradition industry's development is an urgent matter. We may through the information technology to traditional ways and so on industry transformation, seepage and substitution, the promotion traditional industry development.
Key words: information technology; traditional industry; promotion; countermeasure

The new road to industrialization is to insist on information technology to stimulate industrialization, promotion of information technology, out of a high technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and human resource advantages into full play the new industrialization road. Take a new road to industrialization and must resolve the relationship between new and old, information technology and industrialization. Articles on issues of information technology to stimulate industrialization.
1 information technology to promote the development of traditional industries features
Information technology as the main areas of contemporary high-tech, it is not only penetration and transformation of the role of high-tech fields, and also has an important role in traditional industries.
(1) information technology to promote the development of traditional industries that make full use of the latest science and technology and scientific and technological progress of industrialization. Developed countries in the industrialized after the implementation of information technology, new industrialization process combination of information technology and industrialization, promotion of information technology industrialization, upgrading traditional industries, technological content, in order to achieve the advantage to achieve productivity by leaps and bounds. For China, we need not only to the development of information technology, and the need to promote the development of traditional industries through information technology to speed up the development of the information technology of traditional manufacturing industries, the chemical industry and other. IT penetration, transformation and substitution to promote the development of traditional industries.
(2) the use of information technology can achieve the scientific development of traditional industries. Most of the developed countries to achieve industrialization at the expense of energy consumption, at the expense of the environment, develop first, treatment later. Ecological construction and environmental protection can be achieved through new technology, the relationship between economic development and population, resources, environment. IT tools and instruments for the scientific development of traditional industries. Traditional industries are high energy consumption, high production, high investment, inefficient industry, and information technology as a high-tech, high-efficiency, low pollution, is an important basis of the scientific development of traditional industries.
(3) make full use of human resources, information technology to stimulate a new road of industrialization. Capital-intensive industries and labor-intensive industry, high-tech industries and traditional industries, promote industrialization, expanding employment. Efforts to achieve the displacement of human resources, human army of industrial production to high-tech, human transformation of information construction, information technology to stimulate industrialization success ultimately depends on the talent.
(4) information technology to promote the development of traditional industries is a country the necessary means to achieve the improvement of material life. Contemporary, traditional industries have an irreplaceable role in the social development process. Any country can not be separated from the traditional manufacturing industry, chemical industry, resources sector. With the development of information technology, information technology, the role of the traditional industry has a lot of space. Only traditional industries and high-tech role it may have a greater potential for development. A high level of industrialization to improve the people's material living standards have an important role. "China Industry Development Report 2000" the new industry-standard measure. Such as per capita GDP, the agricultural added value as a proportion of GDP, industrial added value proportion.
(5) information, energy and materials have become the three pillars of social development. Information and energy and materials are equally important. Through information technology, we need to provide more information resources for traditional industries. Especially for the traditional and backward industries in terms of relatively closed, and better social services. The possible acquisition related industries in the world information resources.
2 information technology to promote the development of traditional industrial problems analysis
Information technology as a new technology typically caused by some mistakes in the information technology, due to technology and human factors. Enterprises as the main form of modern society organizations, there are some deficiencies in the information technology to transform traditional industries; government as the main perpetrators of the macro-control, the construction of its information there are some problems.
2.1 Information technology penetration of traditional industries and transform the force and alternative force is relatively low
IT to achieve the penetration of traditional industries, renovation and replacement. At present, although the information technology in terms of penetration, and promote the information construction of the traditional industries, but the overall level is still relatively low; role in the transformation of the information technology needs to be further improved; IT an alternative to the traditional industries need to continuously upgrade . Mode of production, especially under the guidance of scientific concept of development of traditional industries with high energy consumption, low efficiency through information technology to transform continuously improve efficiency.
The 2.2 traditional industrial level of technological innovation relatively low
Traditional industries as technology updates slow, low level of technological innovation reasons, information technology to promote the development of traditional industries impeded. Therefore, we need to raise the level of innovation in traditional industries, to increase product variety, improve quality, prevent pollution and improve labor productivity, innovation and a number of upgrade common technology to promote enterprise structure, key technologies, and supporting technology, and actively develop new products to extend the industrial chain, and improving technological innovation capability, transform and elevate the chemical industry, metallurgy, mechanical and electrical, coal, building materials and other traditional industries.
The 2.3 traditional industries talents lack of
Talent is an important guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Traditional industries personnel problems: First, the overall talent level is low, especially in research and development personnel and senior management, marketing planning staff shortages; recruitment difficulties have become increasingly prominent, companies need skilled personnel is hard to find; existing serious brain drain; enterprise there are many difficulties in recruitment, job classification process, affecting the stability of the staff; enterprises to hire and retain qualified personnel is very difficult.
2.4 enterprise information construction problem analysis
As a representative of the modern form of organization, long-term industrial system lag, low technological content of products, extensive human resources and other reasons, so that enterprises in the technical equipment, personnel structure, the level of bottlenecks, seriously affect the information construction speed, and even some companies in order to hardware index or individual performance, Information Technology and Information Engineering building simply as a symbolic sign of no value in use. On the other hand, the lack of business knowledge on the role of information technology, the concept behind the slow, too little investment, little network operators, corporate Internet access is low.
3 information technology to promote the development of traditional industries Countermeasures
In order to better promote the information technology transformation of traditional industries, penetration and alternative, we need to do the following aspects of the work.
3.1 lies in the extensive application of information technology to speed up the process of industrial information,
Important areas of information technology as a high-tech development, the role of its traditional industries, the need to vigorously promote the upgrading of industrial structure, the full development of information industry, high-tech industry and equipment manufacturing, guide enterprises to use information technology to transform technology and equipment, process and production conditions. Such as the use of information technology JW-CIMS, MIS, CAD, CAPP / CAM transformation of traditional production management, design and other aspects, to improve the overall operational efficiency.
3.2 Government as a macro managers, we must accelerate the development of e-government
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