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The basic ideas and Countermeasures of cultural integration in mergers and acquisitions

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[Keywords] corporate culture integration integration idea of   integration strategy;
[Abstract] the problems with M & A, investigate its reason, mainly is the reform of cultural management system does not have the fundamental.Mergers and acquisitions in the integration of culture is the basic thought of the integration of enterprise culture and the content is divided into the concept of the integration of culture, system culture, behavior culture integration integration, culture integration.Strengthening the corporate culture integration, culture integration mechanism must be established good, refining the core values, the enhancement enterprise leader of cultural integration idea and ability.Speed up the integration of top-down process.
, mergers and acquisitions in the cultural integration of the basic ideas of
The two have different cultural traits linked enterprises mergers and acquisitions, to their mutual coordination and cooperation, in order to fully tap the potential of existing resources, to achieve the "1 l> synergistic effect of 2".According to the American anthropologist Edward Herr's point of view, culture can be divided into three levels of formal, informal norms and technical specifications.Formal specification is the basic values of people and judgement is not standard, it is resistance from external to the power to change it, therefore, a formal specification of cultural conflicts is not easy to change; the informal specification is mainly the people's customs, cultural conflict caused can be overcome through long time culture communication and exchange: technical specification can be obtained through technical knowledge learning, the easier to solve the conflict.Thus, Edward Herr is from the structure of enterprise culture itself on the analysis of the causes of conflicts size, strength and fickle, explains the different cultural norms of its cultural conflict intensity range.According to Edward Herr's analysis, the integration of enterprise culture and the content is divided into four parts:
The integration of the 1 concepts of culture.It is the company's core values, which belongs to the formal specification layer, is a more difficult to change the rules, the most difficult is the integration of corporate culture.It is in the long-term and business process unique, while the form in order to adapt to the competitive environment for the production and management behavior selection criteria, criteria and evaluation criteria, including corporate objectives, business philosophy, the spirit of enterprise, enterprise management, enterprise benefit view, enterprise service concept, enterprise quality concept and so on, is the core of enterprise culture, is the source of enterprise vitality and vigor.
The integration of 2 system culture.Also is the enterprise standard system, it is a kind of constraint of enterprise and employee behavior and cultural norms, including three aspects of leadership, organization structure, enterprise management system.It view system of enterprise value to protect and promote the role, and further converted to guide the operation of the code of conduct and norms, the informal specification of culture, the medium layer of enterprise culture, relatively easy to change.
The integration of the 3 behavior culture.Behavior culture refers to the enterprise employees in production and operation, publicity and education, cultural entertainment in the learning activities, it is a dynamic enterprise spirit, enterprise value reflects the enterprise culture, is the outermost layer, the conflict caused by the change easily, is the enterprise by a series of basic behavior pattern gradually formed in the production and business operation, such as employees dress and speech and deportment, etiquette, customs and work styles and skills.
The integration of the 4 material culture.It is created by the employees of the enterprise products and all kinds of material facilities such as material culture, in the surface layer of enterprise culture, is the external manifestation of corporate culture, the most direct, including the production and operation of enterprises, production environment, enterprise architecture, product packaging, design, etc., can cause conflict content is less, and conflict the most easily coordination and integration.
two, strengthening the corporate culture integration strategy of
Cultural good integration system 1 culture.Figuratively speaking, the problems with M & A the reason, the main cultural management system is not a fundamental reform.Many social do cultural industry, quick because the operator is not culture as an industry to develop, many drawbacks, internal management.So we must build good cultural integration mechanism, governments should be encouraged and the corresponding laws and regulations to guide, rather than to intervene and stop.The government should also improve our social security system as soon as possible, established in accordance with the requirements of the development of market economy, the moderately effective, fair social security system, to solve any menace from the "rear" laid-off workers.At the same time, through social media, in the whole society should be set up in line with the market economy and spiritual implication of democracy, equality, competition, efficiency and responsibility consciousness, create a favorable social atmosphere of entrepreneur growth, transformation of the state-owned enterprise workers ideas, especially the employment concept, and to carry out various forms of occupation skill training for them, actively create employment opportunities.
2 refining the core values.Values is the primary problem of enterprise culture, to determine the key enterprise culture integration is also values.First analyze the cultural quality of the merging parties existing value system components, to the future development of the enterprise influence degree, determine the most favorable to form the positive cultural composition of new enterprise culture.Based on these cultural elements, according to the characteristics of mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, the current business environment, the next step development strategy, design specific positioning, and then through the top-down, bottom-up repeatedly listen to the opinions of employees, carefully selected in line with the characteristics of the enterprise value.
The formation of enterprise value, the contents were summarized, with the most concise language expression appears, this is conducive to the unified thought behavior of employees.In addition, the enterprise values established to correctly, scientifically, with distinct characteristics.Can't value too high or blind imitation, copying other excellent enterprise values, without considering the specific circumstances of the enterprise, this is a very important point, corporate executives can not have differences on the issue, such as the internal three strain groups in enterprise culture setting bits have differences, to accelerate the failure of enterprises.The integration of corporate culture, is actually on the original enterprise culture of mutual penetration in the M & A enterprise, adaptation and integration, based on absorbing the outstanding enterprise culture composition, ultimately to create new and more excellent corporate culture, it is a process of cultural change, but also a cultural reconstruction and innovation process.Therefore, must experience from both cultural deconstruction to reconstruction process of new enterprise culture, management in the process of cultivation of enterprise culture and the formation of a crucial role.
As a manager must have keen powers of observation, through investigation, on both sides of the cultural comparison, on the basis of the analysis, to find out the differences between culture, found that both culture and excellent composition, through training and exchanges on both sides of the employee, observe and recognize both employees of the common culture and acceptance, looking for new business the forming of culture trend.On the basis of the enterprise culture is split, eliminate some negative, is not conducive to the new enterprise culture formation or backward cultural elements to hinder the development of the enterprise, and to inherit and absorb the outstanding composition both in the corporate culture, the mutual penetration and fusion in the both sides, find the combination point of culture, then according to the development strategy of the enterprise and the production and operation target, staff awareness of both culture and enterprise culture, to determine the ideal integration model, creating a recognition and acceptance of the new enterprise culture.
3 enhanced business leaders in the cultural integration of concepts and capabilities.Strengthen the enterprise culture integration leader consciousness and ability of significance lies in, they can realize two kinds of culture communication in the culture of the deep and surface, bridge can be used as two cultural links and integration, speed up the integration of top-down process, and through further play the model effect, so that all employees have the consciousness across their cultural barriers, the fundamental position of the consolidation of the new enterprise culture on staff in.In the M & A of the enterprise in our country, a pressing matter of the moment is to cultivate and strengthen enterprise consciousness and ability of leader of cultural integration, corporate culture integration of M & A of enterprises should become the primary task of entrepreneurs in business management.
In the sense of cultural integration, enterprise leadership to break the former only pay attention to the hard management phenomenon, should conscientiously accept and learn the corporate culture and management ideas and technology, to break the old habits of thinking and cultural ideas, the formation of the modern enterprise culture consciousness.Not only to the profound understanding of the connotation and function of enterprise culture, and should form a correct understanding of the corporate culture integration.The senior leaders of enterprises should be fully aware of the role of enterprise culture integration, to stop HISTEP, look far, to overcome the quick thinking, be anxious for success, the integration of enterprise culture as an important part of the enterprise development strategy, strengthen risk awareness, fully aware of the enterprise culture conformity is with risks, not most probably it did not actually happen.Therefore, it is necessary to establish the whole process of the main party leaders in command of the leading group is responsible for the integration of enterprise culture enterprise culture integration.This not only can make the work in various fields to form a joint force, but also from the organization mechanism to strengthen the leader on the sense of urgency, the cultural integration of responsibility and the bull by the horns of the corporate culture integration are determined.
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