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On the improvement of state-owned assets "Exit" into "mechanism to strengthen the asset appraisal quality

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Author: Zhang Xiaoguang Zhang Liming Zhangyue Ling

Paper Keywords: state-owned assets to exit into the mechanism of asset appraisal quality
Abstract: In this stage, to prevent the loss of state assets, to strengthen the operation and management of state-owned assets is particularly important, therefore, from the establishment of state-owned assets "Exit" start into the mechanism of establishing State-owned Assets'' exit "and" enter "mechanism is an inevitable requirement for China's economic structural transformation L finished Bodhisattva the mechanism must Shuo according to shame the national conditions of China's, and put forward the management of state-owned assets should be the basis of theoretical tomb of public finance, and illustrates that the state-owned assets "Exit" and enter the 'mechanisms play a role in an important part of strengthening the quality of the assets assessment f management.
With the conversion of China's economic system, we must establish and improve the state-owned assets "Exit" and "into" mechanism, public ownership as the main body to adapt to a variety of economic sectors and common development of the socialist market economic goals mode, so as to promote the optimal combination of state-owned assets to accelerate the upgrading of the industrial structure. Make an inventory of state-owned assets, in accordance with the theory of public finance, reasonable definition of the scope of activities of the government and the market, government investment and to gradually withdraw from the "private" areas of general business, competition, and to augment the infrastructure, science and technology education ' the principle of'' public goods "such as Social Security, the field up, changing the functions of state-owned assets" Exit "and" into "perfect the mechanism of the need to adhere advance and retreat, do something. assessment of the assets quality management, to prevent the loss of state assets.
First, the establishment of state-owned assets "exit" and "entry" mechanism is the inevitable requirement of the economic system and mode conversion
Our original highly centralized planned economic system, the pursuit of the production nationwide concentration of ownership by the whole people, trying to achieve a unified plan of management of the administrative instructions. Thus, over an extended period after the founding of New China, the implementation of the advanced form of ownership is lower than the rigid enforcement excessive way, not only beyond the level of productivity of reality, but also violated the laws of economic development, greatly dampened the enthusiasm of workers.
Socialist market economy based on public ownership is dominant variety of sectors of the economy development-based economy is in a dominant position in the national economy as a whole structure. Therefore, the structural transformation is the adjustment of economic structure. To play the leading role of the state-owned economy, but also through the positive development of the non-state-owned economy, increase the proportion of private economy in the national economy as a whole, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects of resource elements, launched a comprehensive market allocation of resources from the The basic role of the various operational mechanism, to achieve economic efficiency.
State-owned assets of the reality of state-owned enterprise restructuring, transformation, the guiding ideology must be clear "retreat" in order to better "progress", "back" means "into" the purpose . Control over the entire national economy, the state-owned economy should be reflected in important industries and key areas of the relationship between the national economy, still dominant. For general business, competitive fields, the state-owned assets should plan to withdraw, give way to the collective, private, individual engaged in the production and management, which is conducive to the Abstract live the national economy as a whole, is more conducive to the state-owned economy to play a leading role. "Exit" and "into" mechanism cultivation, both to correct the Government of the planned economy with where there is a unity of the drawbacks of resources, rely on market allocation of resources but also to prevent deviation prone to neglect of public goods provided.
Second, improve the "Exit" and "enter" the foothold of the mechanism is China's basic national conditions
Of directly across from the semi-feudal, semi-colonial poor social person socialism, which is facilitated by the special historical conditions for international and domestic, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the National People's hard work, after the national economy recovery and planned large-scale economic construction, has formed a relatively complete industrial system and national economic system. However, due to long-standing system too much, the pipe system defects too dead, state-owned and state-owned economic composition and centralized management system occupied the absolute grid position, limiting the development of other sectors of the economy. Combined with the constraints of the national shortage of financial resources and technology level is not high, the addition of state-owned assets focused on general processing and manufacturing. Especially after the reform and opening up, to mobilize the enthusiasm of local governments and enterprises, the national implementation of the decentralization policy measures by the none other place for the interests of the region, "eating in separate kitchens" financial system, redundant construction even Uncooperative economic varying degrees prominent contradictions, thus exacerbating the resource allocation unreasonable tilt, resulting in industrial structure.
Optimize the combination of state-owned assets, you must identify the inlet and which to retire. First, we must comply with the laws of the socialist market economy, state-owned economy to dominate the important industries and key areas of the national economy; practical contradictions of the structure of supply and demand structure of dislocation, added international market considering the allocation of resources, The state-owned economy implementation of the strategic reorganization. To accelerate the development of some key must be run by the state monopoly industries, the country still have to support their development and growth of the market economy functions; have a certain strength in the competition, and the development of promising industries, to attract much investment ; of operating competitive products, although the products market, but the burden is too heavy, operational difficulties, through mergers, alliances and other forms of restructuring of assets and revitalize the stock of assets; product market, heavy losses and layout unreasonable assets of state-owned enterprises, we must resolutely back. The disadvantages of the enterprise's economic resources, as well as some of the idle state-owned assets, concentrated economic and technological strength of competitive enterprises and key industries, the resulting joint enterprise groups based on domestic and foreign markets, to solve the state-owned assets into too many competitive fields, duplication and low efficiency problem. "Exit" and "enter" the specific implementation, should not engage across the board, in a manner flexible. Some exit-level step-by-step, and some can also be one step. Large-scale state-owned enterprise assets can step through the joint-stock form, to become the country holding or not holding enterprises for small SMEs can take a one-time sale of way, exit of state-owned assets into the control of national economy important industries and key areas, or the preservation of macroeconomic performance the Du Kuaigong services, welfare system.
Third, public finance is an important theoretical basis of the state-owned asset management
Public finances based on market mechanisms to compensate for market failure, the provision of public goods, to meet the public needs a fiscal system. The socialist market economic system is a basic role in the allocation of resources from the national macro-control market economies turn. Market allocation of resources is efficient, but there are a lot of problems the market alone is unable to resolve market failures such as the monopoly of public goods, externalities, unfair distribution and fluctuations in the economic cycle, it requires the help of another force - the government to overcome and correction. Financial operation to maintain the government to exercise the functions of the government services. The government correcting market failures, the provision of public goods, must dominate certain resources; should redefine the scope of activities and the relationship between government and the market in accordance with the theory of public finance. Any market can offer and can only be provided by the market in order to ensure efficiency priority the private into product areas, the Government does not intervene, the market is unable to manage and market tube bad failure fields. Government must circles. Government as a political organizer and socio-economic managers, the organization of public income. Perform in public decision-making, provision of public facilities and public services for the market, reflecting the functions of the public finances, the purpose is to increase the common interests of all members of society. Public finances as a government resource allocation behavior, but also state-owned economic macro-control, through investment in state-owned capital, recovery and restructuring and asset financial management, Social existing human material and financial resources and other economic resources rational allocation , cultivate financial resources. Get the maximum economic and social benefits to achieve the financial functions of a real shift.
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