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Analysis of the upgrading of consumption structure and industrial structure change

Author: LeiJingPing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-07 21:01:29 Read:
Paper Keywords: consumption structure upgrading of industrial structure
Abstract: changes in industrial structure and upgrading of consumption is closely related to the constraints of industrial structure adjustment and upgrading of consumption structure changes. Changes in the structure of China's consumer has and will continue to promote the upgrading of industrial structure. This paper analyzes the upgrading of consumption structure and industrial structure changes the relationship, and put forward policy recommendations to promote China's consumption structure and industrial structure adjustment.
Industrial structure and consumption structure in two basic areas of economics, two important components of the general structure of the national economy, both interrelated and interdependent. The industrial structure is the relationship between the proportion of the three major industries in the national economy as a whole system or specific industry. Consumption structure refers to all types of consumer spending in the share of total consumption expenditure proportion between quality and quantity of the relationship, it directly reflects the level of consumption, consumer characteristics and consumer trends, and to some extent determines the changes in consumer law. Closely related to changes in the industrial structure and upgrading of consumption, consumption structure will largely affect a country's industrial structure adjustment and upgrading; development of the industry must adapt to changes in consumer demand trends, and be good at discovering the potential demand, can develop growth.
First, the upgrading of consumption structure and industrial structure change
1, the relationship between changes in consumption structure and industrial structure change
(1) The consumer demand is the basis for the formation of new industries, and is the direct cause of industrial upgrading. The consumer demand is the premise of social production, is the most important factor to affect the changes in the industrial structure. With the economic and social development, the needs of the community level and structure will change accordingly, the potential new demand will gradually form and expand and new supply to create a strong pull. The role of the demand pull, the production of new products will gradually appear and develop, under certain conditions, these new business groups may develop into new industries. With the increase in per capita income levels, people's consumption structure will change accordingly, it is used for clothing, food, shelter, expenditure structure will change. With the development of society, people's hierarchy of needs will gradually upgrade, new industry substantially continuous development along this path, light industrial structure stage, the stage of heavy industrialization and high processing stages and different levels of human needs to adapt.
(2) changes in consumption structure determines the direction of the adjustment of industrial structure, economic growth also determines the space. Before a country into the stage of food and clothing, the elasticity of demand for agriculture and light industry. In non-agricultural industries, textile, food, paper and furniture mainly light industry the fastest growing in strong demand, and this is the early stages of industrialization. As income levels rise, the purchasing power of the people are turning to consumer durables, especially on cars as the representative of the high-end consumer durables. With the increasing levels of personal income, basic needs are met for material goods, turning to the needs of the service sector, the elasticity of demand for life of service began to rapidly increase the rapid development and market driven. With the further improvement of the level of income, the people's spiritual needs are expanding their pursuit of material goods beyond the spiritual and cultural products, and promote the vigorous development of cultural and creative industries.
2, the consumption structure evolution driven by China's industrial structure upgrade
Industrial structure evolution and changes in consumption patterns are closely related. Since the reform and opening up, China has appeared three times a consumer upgrade, to promote rapid economic growth, the evolution of the consumption structure has led to the upgrading of industrial structure in China.
(1) the first upgrade of consumption structure in the beginning of reform and opening up. In this case, the decline in food consumption, higher consumption of light industrial products. This shift had a strong pull of China's light industry, textile production, led to the rapid development of related industries, and led the first round of economic growth.
(2) The second upgrade of consumption structure in the late 1980s to the late 1990s. Early at this stage, "the youngest parts' (bicycles, watches, radios) and" new three "(refrigerators, color TVs, washing machines) are iconic consumer goods for food and clothing and a well-off period, as a fashion by consumer of all ages, and led to the rapid development of related industries, with the further development of the economy, the later stages of consumption: a rapid increase in household appliances consumption, consumer durables to the gentrification direction development, large-screen high-definition TV, high-capacity refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, DVD players, camcorders consumption of urban residents, to further improve coverage. changes in electronics, iron and steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries to produce a powerful driving force, led the second round of economic growth
(3) the ongoing upgrading of consumption structure transformation is driven by the growth of related industries. In this process, the fastest growing educational, recreational, cultural, transportation, communications, health care, housing, tourism and other aspects of the consumer, especially the most rapid growth in consumption associated with the IT industry, the automobile industry and real estate .
Second, the trend of China's consumption structure and the upgrading of industrial structure
1, the information needs of expansion at home and abroad and become mainstream consumer, to promote the development of information industry power
Along with GDP growth, people's consumption will inevitably shift the direction of the non-material and material economy will gradually give way to the information economy, experience economy. Community information technology, online shopping, tele-medicine, tele-education and other forms of consumption are popular around the world, the development of the digital industry is adapted to the shift in the direction of social consumption. In developed countries, people in culture and entertainment, communication services expenses already exceeded expenditures for clothing. After 30 years of reform and opening up, the overall strength greatly enhanced people's living standard has been greatly improved, the proportion of consumption in household consumption expenditure also rapidly increased. At this point, people need to be more refined life, need more high-quality cultural entertainment and digital information services will also become more and more effectively the needs of the majority of consumers. The information needs of the enormous market pull, will pull the information industry, especially the rapid development of digital content services.
2, the new cultural consumption is increasingly becoming a consumer fashion, and promote the rapid development of the cultural and creative industries
With the increase of residents' income, the proportion of expenditure as a percentage of total household expenditure spent on food decreased gradually, and for cultural and educational entertainment spending accounts for the proportion of household spending will gradually rise. Experience has shown that in developed countries, per capita GDP in 1000-5000 dollars, pulling the main driving force of urban economic growth is manufacturing, processing and service industries; when GDP per capita at $ 5000-10000, pulling the main driving force of urban economic growth is scientific and technological innovation is the development of creative industries, high-tech industries and service industries. With the improvement of people's consumption level, China's cultural consumption also showed a rising trend, increasing residents' consumption structure for part of the cultural and educational consumption, the rise of China's cultural industry intrinsic motivation. 3, a sharp rise in the level of health spending, and promote the development of bio-medicine, the health care industry
With the improvement of living standards, the medical model and the concepts of health changes, the rapid growth in health care spending, the health needs of increasingly diverse, high-class, bio-medicine to further expand the market space. China, as a developing country, the level of consumption of drugs is still very low, less than $ 10 per capita consumption of drugs, and the annual per capita consumption of drugs of moderately developed countries amounted to $ 40-50, $ 160 in Europe, USA and Japan are more than 200 U.S. dollars. With China's economic development and people's living standards improve, people turn to the concept of disease prevention focuses on prevention, health care, focusing on timely adjustment of the sub-health state, the medical model from a simple disease treatment to prevention, care and treatment model combining rehabilitation, drug consumption market development space. According to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the 21st century, China may overtake the U.S. as the world's largest medical supplies market. With China's rapid economic development in recent years, has been the emergence of a number of high-income groups, their demand for better quality of pharmaceutical products will start the field of medicine, high-end market, the expansion of the pharmaceutical market consumption level, the high-tech field of medicine product development to provide greater market space.
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