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On Customers' perceived value on the the the the impact of of the communications operators era of full-service the competitiveness of

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Abstract: articles expounded the perception of the value of Introduction to with the of the the the difference between of the customer satisfaction to customers, and on the the the role of of the the modern communications industry.
Key words (s): Customer; perceived value; with a satisfaction degrees of; operators operators' under-
Abstract: This paper describes the theory of customer perceived value of composition, with the difference between customer satisfaction and the role of modern communications industry
Key words: customer; perceived value; satisfaction; operators

The "customer perceived value" In China is still belong to the the field of run a new research, through the It can be on the the customers or potential customers How do we perceive the of the research of the some kind of products or services value of to to provide a reference come to the right the of the strategic decision-making of the enterprise, such as of the market positioning of the product, development,, pricing ,, the market segmentation,, the marketing channels management, the market communication and products the operation of management, and and so on.
With the the the strategic restructuring of the a new round of communications industry, the the China Telecom industry there has been mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom three full-service communication operators. So far as the operators are concerned, the the entire business operations means that the the the past, of the industry monopolistic advantages will is not in, it is worth mentioning that yes, that the the National Industry and Information Technology industry the Ministry of learn from foreign advanced the experience of, the will implementation of the user to can be the policy of the switch to other networks of the number portability, how to conduct Client retains title to, and incremental work is the the primary task of placed in the the in front of of the by each of the operating supplier were.
With the the the majority of users on the the the the the continuous growth of of the mobile data business needs, the future 3G business is bound to become the main battlefield of of the competition, while the the the competition in the 3G of the business of the in the the a very considerable extent on the the depends on the user the basis of. Due to the the is not balanced development of the the pre-, the the user of the China Mobile is we still need more than the the telecommunications and the is added to Unicom, and the customer the wastage rate of is lower. In order to cope with the user to compete for, the mobile will continue to strengthen the the customers to tied up and retain work, Telecom and China Unicom also bound to in the on the basis of of retain the the existing network the user's through the implementation of the business which it is bundled, a variety of ways of the join the subsidies, tariff packages adjustment, etc. expanding the number of internet users the scale of. In the other hand, the the user will has a the the right to choose, the upcoming launch of the switch to other networks of the number portability policy makes the the user to do not need to in the when the operators has been replaced longer have to worry about number change the inconvenience of the bring.
The customer satisfaction is a relative concept, is a refers to the the the matching degree between in the our customers' expectations with the ultimate to obtain the values. Customers satisfaction survey results enable the enterprises to to understanding of customer For the the cognitive of the products and services, and for the improvements and the direction of the to enhance the to provide a reference. Relying solely on to upgrade the of customer satisfaction of enterprises to to achieve that the customer retention and expand the has been not suited to the the current situation.
Customer satisfaction is then the is the customer For the experienced the perception of in the past, this perception does not have the the inheritance sexual; the The Customer Loyalty means that will continue to use the were recommended to the or even others to the use of the product, is the the the performance of on the the kind of future behavioral and emotional, customer satisfaction is not equal to Customer Loyalty . Customers in the the when the the homogenization of Product selection in A larger number of of the is faced with the, the of its thinking is not just of the experience feelings of the past, more will be the expectations for the future and judgments. Customers on the current the products or services satisfied with the and it is no substitute for to could not explain the these products or services, as long as there is better products or services can provide, it is very likely is no longer continue to use the the original products or services in while the to make new choice.
Customer satisfaction does not is equal to Customer Loyalty, which determines the communication operators can not be to the extent that and then is simple to an customer satisfaction was through the to enhance the of to get the customer retention, more can not be used to to to achieve the the the expansion of of the new market, while the need to explore the the outside of Customer Loyalty in the customer satisfaction greater impact on of the factors, which is taken to be the point in time when the customer has perceived value.
The perceived value of the customers by the many researchers and managers people known as the "that the Customer Loyalty's prophecy home" It is concerned with is the the the the standards and preliminary assessment of the of of the customers in the the follow-up decision-making when. By the three aspects consists of: the "as customer perception in the Characteristics", "weight" and "Relative Performance". "As customer perception in the Characteristics" including the future customers be used to as products or provides services in all the elements of of comparison, covers the products and services brand image, performance and quality the the environment and services of of the, sales institutions are attitude, the purchase of the the the convenience of, the follow-up to protect of the the interests of customers, follow-up to the costs, of the quality of services, and and so on on. To successfully to the use of the customers to perceived value, it is most important thing is be able to confirm the the the elements of reference in the future customers when making their decisions, To this end is enterprises must extensive use of third-party customer surveys, customers of the deep interviews and and other means to in order to is recognized in the an customers in art-aware the value measurement, select the suitable for land of the characteristics of.
"Weight" is to refers to the the the different elements of of the customers perceived value generated For the customers the the priority of of the willingness to buy or the implementation of the buying behavior of the the degree of the relative importance. When the customers to choose the products, you may will take into account are several, the the different elements of of twelve are several or even to dozens of kinds of. While the As an enterprise impossible to take into account the to the all the elements of, so it is necessary arranged in the the priority of the of the elements of to be taken into account. The weight of may be to obtain by are two ways to, the First, the speculation is, that is, the use of statistical and data analysis, through the modeling to to obtain the the different elements of For the the the degree of association of the customer behavior results; Second, is through the on client-interviews and surveys-results to determine the the customer perception value of the different elements of to customers the degree of association of the behavioral outcomes.
The "Relative Performance" is then the is the the of the comparative of the customers to other select the. This comparison in the the all affect the the the elements of of the customer behavior inter-, expand the, the most effective access to way is to direct investigation into the the potential customers, in because to "Relative Performance" in the a large extent depends on the customer 's own.
Through the above analysis, it can be seen that "customer perceived value" a very big impact on the customer behavior there are, on the customer retention as well as market to expand will have important significance, whether the it marks the operators can to attract more customers, of for the enterprise management provide the basis for , so as to to make the right decision-making. By each of the operating suppliers were should be focus on customer to perceived value, by improved our customer perception value of to do a good job the the work of the customer of tenure and add.
Operators can through the the following manner to will be to reasonable enhance the the customers of perceived value. First of all, through process traversal, carding enterprise to provide customers with of the the entire processes and steps, of the products and services find out the as much as possible multi-of the currencies in the affect the customer behavioral and psychological of the, customers-aware elements of. These elements to be covered by the customers from the the to to the place of purchase the use of on the products and services cognitive after the-primary services for all aspects of, for example, the the media advertising, sales agencies to better serve the the attitudes and the professional quality of the of marketing staff, the product price, and function of, business the opening of and the purchase of the the convenience of , as well as as the the after-sales service's in a timely manner, with the quality of, and so on. Through the to the the-depth investigation into of of the on these elements are, to strengthen the about customers' buying the of research and analysis of the behavioral and psychological, so as the guidance of the Customer of tenure and add work, and to achieve the the effect of of Customer Loyalty. In Secondly, the the requiring a on the customer perception elements of the the right to is re-carried out in evaluation, For operators,, the simple and effective method is to to hire a third-party consulting research company on the the the right to of a customer-perceived value to re-carried out of the interviews and investigation and research, through the be in to to assess on the a the the analysis of of the research data each the the right to of the items customer perception elements of the is weight. Finally, the through the customer perceived value survey questionnaire way, to carry out an investigation the the existing network customers and in the future potential customers, with a view to found that the current in the the of different customers-aware the Advantage and Disadvantage of of compared to by the elements of the aspects of the same the competitors. This advantage and gap between the from the views of customers, For to the the whether the customer loyalty, whether to continue using the the company's products and the services is vital. Through the to continue to expand advantages, narrow the gap, in order to achieve the the to customer retention and new enterprise the purpose of.
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