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On the mechanism of China's consumption structure upgrading and Development Trend

Author: WangWei GuoPeng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-07 19:01:38 Read:
Paper Keywords: consumption structure upgrading of consumption structure Engel coefficient
Abstract: Gan Chinese residents' consumption structure upgraded to study the mechanism to expand domestic demand and promote sustained economic growth is of great significance. This paper first describes the residents 'consumption structure, meaning and motivation of the upgrading of the consumption structure of residents pointed out that the upgrading of consumption structure in China has begun; Secondly, we discussed the main stages of our residents' consumption structure upgrading, and discusses the main features of each stage; Last pointed out that the structural upgrading of China's consumer trends - the future of China's people's consumption activities will further active, the rate of consumption will continue to increase, the total consumption will continue to grow.
The beginning of the 21st century, China's economic development into the middle stage of industrialization in this period Chinese residents' consumption structure will change dramatically as the industrial structure, the structure of income distribution. Population structure and a series of changes in the structure, especially the deepening of economic restructuring.
Keynesian pointed out that the lack of aggregate demand is an important reason for the recession but the resulting theory to infer the total demand increased to a level equal to the total supply will be able to restore the economic equilibrium is , because economic equilibrium depends not only on the supply and demand equal to the total, but also depends on the structure consistent. Therefore, to study the movements of residents' consumption structure to expand domestic demand and promote sustained economic growth has a very important significance.
First, the mechanism of residents' consumption structure upgrading
Residents' consumption structure upgrading of the structure of the domestic social spending will trigger consumer savings structure and the unity of the structure of consumption expenditure in accordance with international experience per capita GDP more than 1000 U.S. dollars. 2003, China's per capita GDP reached 109. The accumulation of wealth of the U.S. domestic residents reached the critical point of the consumer for the consumer to upgrade significant structural upgrading, along with consumer structured upgrade consumer spending will increase significantly. The development of social productivity and scientific and technological progress is the fundamental cause of residents' consumption structure. The one hand with the economic development of residents' income will continue to increase. Theory of Consumption Function income determinants of consumption, household income is the basis of consumer demand. Upgrading of consumer spending is due to the continuous improvement of residents 'income and the improvement of residents' income depends on the economic development. Under the premise of rising incomes due to the consistency of the direction of changes in residents' income and changes in consumer direction will inevitably lead to the increase in the total consumption and consumption structure upgrade. On the other hand, the continuous development of social productive forces, science and technology, resulting in total social supply and its structure escalating growth in consumer demand and consumption structure upgrading provide possibilities and Conditions. General social aggregate supply can be divided into basic consumer goods, enjoy consumer goods and the development of consumer goods. Primary stage in the development of the productive forces total social supply of basic consumer goods, mainly residents' consumption structure corresponding to this basic and essential consumer goods accounted for a large proportion of the consumption structure is lower. With the continuous development of the productive forces of various enjoy and development products increasing the quality of the product continue to improve, and enjoy the total social supply structure and development of products continued to increase, the upgrading of the structure with the corresponding consumer enjoy the structure and development of consumer goods has gradually increased the proportion of the consumption structure will gradually upgrade (table). According to the World Bank survey showed that daily consumption into the shelter, and other major consumer upgrades generally occurs in the per capita GDP reached 1,000 U.S. dollars more than the consumption of more than 40 countries development. When a country's per capita GDP reached 1,000 U.S. dollars, the housing consumption has begun to enter a period of rapid growth; when per capita GDP reached 300. The dollar will enter a period of rapid growth of automobile consumption. China's current per capita GDP has more than 1000 U.S. dollars and one-third of the provinces and cities in per capita GDP more than 1500 U.S. dollars in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and other major cities per capita GDP has more than 300. Dollars. Million level for the level of consumption from 100,000 yuan level or several hundred thousand dollars to upgrade the accumulation and preparation, can be said that the upgrading of consumption structure in China has started to take shape.
Second, China's consumption structure of international comparison
$ GDP1000 with major national and regional per capita consumption structure comparison of consumer expenditure structure has the following characteristics
One of our national life and consumption than the international level high. 2003, China's per capita GDP reached 109. Dollar in urban residents only middle-income households, upper-middle income households and high-income households, 60% of households reached per capita GDP1000 of U.S. dollars Engel coefficient of 41% below the international average of 76% of the population Engel coefficient does not achieve the desired level.
The high proportion of rural residents live of expenditure. 2003 China's urban residents living consumption expenditure accounted for 11% of basic and major countries comparable residents live in rural areas of expenditure accounted for up to 16% is well above average, especially the residents of high-income groups in rural areas in 2003 Engel coefficient of 38% basically the equivalent of major countries and regions $ GDP1000 per capita consumption level of living of expenditure accounted for up to 19% and the major developed countries, per capita housing consumption expenditure proportion comparable for $ GDP20000 about their level of real income and consumption level of severe match the start of the other categories of consumption of rural residents has the serious crowding-out effect is not conducive to the rural consumer market.
3 other developments enjoyment and consumption. Our residents Furniture, household equipment proportion of consumer spending are insufficient: in 2003, China's urban and rural residents furniture, household equipment and services consumption expenditure proportion of 6% and 4%, respectively, much lower than the average level of the major countries and regions shows that our household appliance market, there is still room for development, especially in the rural market, color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other day-to-day level of popularity of home appliances to be improved.
Education and health care spending high. Education, Culture and Entertainment proportion of the expenditure up to 14% in the urban residents in China, including expenditure on education accounted for 50% of urban and rural residents, and these accounted for 20% of the general state. The world's most developed countries or regions to mainly China should also take measures to gradually reduce the burden of resident education and create conditions for the expansion of other consumer financial investment in education. Third, China's consumption structure change of trend forecasting
With China's rapid economic growth, the steady improvement of the income of urban and rural residents (Table) makes the structure of consumption in China has entered a new consumption hot spots to speed up the upgrade phase started. The future of China's people's consumption activities will further the active consumption rate will continue to improve, the total consumption will continue to grow.

Development trend of China's consumption structure upgrade is mainly reflected in the following aspects
1 residents' consumption structure into of upgrading upheaval. According to the experience of developed countries, per capita GDP reached 100. Dollars, accelerate the upgrading of consumption structure of each stage of economic development has a different consumption hot spots continue to switch. At this stage, China's per capita GDP has reached 130. Dollars, so residents' consumption structure change from the previous phase plane expansion slowly varying period Upgrading of consumer spending to further accelerate into the upgrading of the drastic changes in the lead.
Residents' consumption structure by the Survival of the consumption of food and clothing to the enjoyment and development of modern consumer change. The development of the world experience shows that the per capita GDP reached 100. A $ 3,000 U.S. dollars, the consumer from the consumption of food and clothing to the modern consumption. Throughout the recent years changes in the structure of China's consumer consumption content to eat, dress, live well and play one of the most prominent is the Engel coefficient will be further reduced, non-Engel coefficient, such as medical, insurance, entertainment, educational, cultural service development and even enjoyment and consumption coefficient is rising, consumption structure will be a healthy change.
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