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Thinking about how to make the highway construction enterprise talent team

Author: GuoZhiYing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-07 12:27:05 Read:
Abstract: the construction of talent team is the main aspects of the competitiveness of the enterprise market.This paper through the selection and recruitment, training and analysis to keep people in various strategies and practices, the highway construction enterprise puts forward ideas and exploration in various aspects of human resource development and management, establish talent base for highway construction to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Keywords: highway; construction enterprise; talent team construction;

Abstract: The article through is electing the human, the personnel, to nurture the human and to detain the human and so on each aspect the strategy and the procedure analysis, on the highway construction enterprise in the human resources development and management each stratification plane proposed that the exploration and the tentative plan, enhance the core competitiveness for the highway construction enterprise to lay the talented person foundation.

Key words: road; construction enterprise; talented person team; construction

Human resources have become the most important strategic resources of enterprise development, the highway construction enterprise wants to be in the future competition of domestic and international to seize the commanding heights, to win the initiative, implementation spans type develops, must take the development of enterprises to rely on scientific and technological progress and development of human resources.Only to establish the "talent resources are the first resources of the new concept of", the establishment of the market economy and the modern enterprise system in the overall human resource development mechanism, in order to effectively attract talents, training talents, making good use of talents, thus providing students source not rest for the long-term development of the highway construction enterprise.However, at present China highway construction enterprises from planned economy condition followed the view mode of personnel management to narrow, concept lag, lack of foresight and forward-looking, far can not meet the need of market economy development.Therefore, consideration and study of highway enterprises established in accordance with the actual mechanism of talent resource development, has become a very important topic.At present, the country to vigorously develop infrastructure construction, highway construction enterprises are faced with hitherto unknown development opportunity, but any development is inseparable from the support of talent.Construction enterprise task quantity to quality, comprehensive factors depends largely on the talent team integrity, construction experience and construction operation capability.Therefore, in the fierce competitive environment, how to attract talents, retain talents, making good use of talents, the talent to provide strong intellectual support for the development of enterprises, improve the efficiency of allocation of talent, has become a key problem for the survival and development of enterprises.The author has long been engaged in economic and financial work in highway traffic department personnel, from the enterprise survival development the reality, to be from the following aspects: analysis and discussion.
1 good talent selection, use, education, leaving each link of
The survival talent not only stay on the outside of the enterprise, also exists in the enterprise.Therefore, to implement the scientific concept of talent, by optimizing the allocation of human resources, improve the degree of sharing resources enterprise interior each unit personnel, adhere to enter and exit, improve staff quality, will effectively promote the enterprise competition ability and survival ability.Specifically, to institutional innovation talents, in selecting, must broaden channels, ability to adhere to appropriate principle; in the use of the people, to encourage the free airing of views, not to stick to one pattern principles of the people.Recommended by the organization and implementation of the open recruitment of combination, the establishment of internal talent market enterprises, talent flow, using mode innovation, adhere to the position can be reduced.In education, in order to achieve the overall development as the goal, to provide job rotation and promotion opportunity, firmly opposed to using without training.Talent cultivation index development and enterprise performance indicators are equally important, should be incorporated into the enterprise managers at all levels of the evaluation index system, adhere to the training and educating of hundred years principle.Stay in the people, adhere to the environment to keep people, keep people, keep people culture system, treatment to keep people, keep people, keep people feeling development principles.In general, by insisting on not only education, not only the title, not seniority, not only identity, not to stick to one pattern selection of talent, encourage people to do business, support you do business, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises of all kinds of talents.To create a new situation of talent, give full scope to the talents.We should strive to create a large number of adapting and promoting the development of enterprises, to build a harmonious enterprise party work personnel, high-quality management personnel and professional and technical personnel.We must continue to improve the talent evaluation mechanism, the ability and performance as the main content and standard of evaluation of talents.To further improve the mechanism of selecting talents, truly reflects the open, equal, competition, preferred requirement.In the talent selection mechanism, implement the open recruitment and competition system, let people have the opportunity to work, able to work people have jobs, do a good job people have jobs, make people get material benefit.Actively create conditions to display their talent, build a platform for the workers.2 to establish competitive compensation system of
Establishment of incentive and constraint mechanism of salary system, so that the wages of workers can be reduced.The spirit of "based on the long-term development of enterprises, focusing on the fundamental interests of workers", make the development of the highway construction enterprises benefit of all staff of the principle, according to the Shanxi provincial government "on the strengthening of macro-control to promote the enterprise wages, wages income reasonable growth of opinions", combined with the actual, according to the enterprise staff's post is different, the skill difference, contribution to determine the distribution of grades and standards, make the income embody more pay for more work, post salary changes.By adjusting the wage structure, excellent backbone personnel make the income of employees to contribute large tilt, to the modern management idea, to use modern management methods, means, management personnel, particularly the need for long-term development of enterprises and technical personnel and management personnel to tilt, in enterprise production and services, familiar with in the process, technical operation, has a high skill level, can solve the practical problem of the technicians tilt.In order to retain talent, attract talent, so that enterprises of all types of personnel to gradually develop a higher proportion, to create "the simple and refined, and the public, capable, responsible" management personnel, "business skill, fine management, love enterprises, diligent" professional and technical personnel and skilled "hard work, love, job, can bear hardships" three skills talent team construction, thus formed to adapt to the rapid development of enterprise staff overall quality on the best configuration, in order to create talents competition in the enterprise.
3 adhere to the people-oriented, strengthening education and training efforts
To improve the professional quality as the focus, strengthen the education and training of workers, vigorously implement the highway construction enterprise talent strategy.The knowledge structure and the level of knowledge in different positions of the workers, to carry out targeted training.Focus on the enterprise leadership training is the idea, strategy, vision and courage; professional and technical personnel of the focus is based, frontier, application and innovation ability; is, attitude, system and method of the grass-roots level managers focus on front-line workers; focus on the responsibilities, skills, planning and literacy; for special operations personnel to professional training.Through training, make the talents team changed gradually from the physical to the intellectual, win the initiative in future competition in the market for enterprises based on.
4 adhering to correct guidance in selecting cadres of the performance of
Should pay attention to in promoting the scientific development of the enterprise, to promote the harmonious development of enterprises the main battlefield and construction first-line investigation and identification of cadres.In the selection and appointment of cadres in heavy conduct, heavy, heavy, heavy public knowledge level, contribution.Pay attention to optimizing the age, sex structure of cadres.Should correctly guide to open selection of leading cadres, must find and bold use of young cadres in practice, and the implementation of evaluation and elimination.Through the strict examination system, to those who work in the presence of small market, socialize, in-depth the actual reception, departments, global view of consciousness, less arrangements, and inspection of the implementation of small, quick, long-term, follow the beaten track, much less innovation, less fear of difficulty, work less. Incompetent cadre eliminated
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