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On the constructivism teaching on marketing theory of learning

Author: YangYiMiao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-07 09:33:05 Read:
Keywords: the learning theory of Constructivism marketing
Abstract: the main content of constructivist learning theory can be refined into: view of knowledge, learning, the relationship between teachers and students and learning environment view.Based on this the important implications of the theory teaching of marketing, in the marketing teaching, with the students as the center, to carry out research study, achieve teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, to create a good learning environment.
The main contents of , constructivism learning theory
(a) knowledge view
Constructivism knowledge view: knowledge from books is a certain social phenomenon and the phenomenon of nature or science and technology and production: some rules of technology, the laws of science is a relatively reliable explanation or hypothesis, hypothesis.At the same time, knowledge can not be divorced from the cognitive subject solely exists in the real world, it must rely on the subject of knowledge, and understanding the interaction between the subject.Constructivism also holds that knowledge is not hard to fill to the students. Can only be found by them, to understand.Because of the scientific knowledge (books, teachers to impart knowledge) uncertainty and development, the teacher is not the absolute authority. Allow the students to book knowledge, can doubt of teacher teaching content, even questioning.The teacher will only use the fact to convince students, to encourage students to explore, to encourage students to innovation in learning.
(two) learning theory
The main views of learning Constructivism: first, learning is a process for learners to construct internal mental representation and new meaning actively.Learners with long-term memory contents and information processing strategy as the basis, and new information received by the interaction of current, positive selection, attention, perception, organization, storage and activation information, and actively construct new meaning.Second, learning to construct mental representations are bidirectional.One is the construction of learning and understanding the process of towel to new information, the two is to reconstruct the existing knowledge is extracted from the memory in the system when.Third, construction activity, individual learning is a learning, is learning community cooperation construction process.Construction activity of individual should be carried out in a certain social and cultural background, construction and must be combined with the learning community, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a reasonable explanation of things.Therefore, the scientific learning must through dialogue, communication, put forward different views in order to stimulate the individual reflection, in the interactive question the dialectical process, using various methods to solve the problem, clarify the doubts, gradually complete the construction of knowledge.
(three) teachers
Constructivism holds that, on the one hand, the learners are not empty head into the classroom, in the previous study, they have formed the rich experience, teachers can not ignore the students the experience and existing skills, blindly from external into new knowledge, and to students prior knowledge and experience as a growth point new knowledge, guide the students from the original knowledge experience towel "growth" new knowledge and experience; at the same time, with the development of information technology, knowledge source, knowledge transfer as a teacher's role was replaced by various teaching media to a large extent, gradually stepped down from the altar of knowledge authority.On the other hand, teachers should not and can not be directly impart knowledge to students, but to guide and help students to construct their own experience in the specific situation, the teacher is no longer a student ruler, but the play multiple roles.Its role includes teaching environment designer, organizer and planner of learning, curriculum developers, meaning construction cooperation and facilitator, learning consultant.Students are not the passive recipients of knowledge, the authority of the blind followers, but the true meaning of the learner, the active construction of knowledge, self development main body.
(four) learning environment
"Situation", "cooperation", "conversation" and "meaning construction" is the constructivist learning environment concept of four elements."Situation" refers to the students to learn the content of constructivist learning environment, constructivism holds that learning environment, for students to create a good learning environment is very conducive to learning for meaning construction on the knowledge.Therefore, in the process of teaching, teachers must create real, concrete, vivid, vivid learning environment for students to learn."Collaboration" and "conversation" is communication, discussion and cooperation between human and machine learning.According to constructivism, now the school learning and lifelong learning in the future, collaboration is a main way to obtain knowledge."Meaning construction" refers to the reflection of the learning content, and the law of the nature of things and things it between things and master the inner link of understanding, and form their own cognitive structure.Students' knowledge construction significance, both their learning starting point, but also their learning goal.
two, to marketing teaching experiences of
(a) "student centered"
The traditional market marketing classroom cramming method are adopted, constructivism emphasizes "taking students as the center", the students are learning process owner.In the design of teaching based on students, teachers as a participant, and students have equal status, teachers actively guide the use of various data, the media to obtain more knowledge of students, increase students' knowledge sources by collaborative learning mode.Design and marketing of classroom teaching, including the choice of teaching methods, teaching arrangement, teaching media choice should be from the perspective of students, so that students from the "listen" to inquiry and cooperation, from "want me to learn" to "I want to learn".For teachers, it means the role transformation, from the "indoctrination authority" to "partners, a leader, facilitator".In order to fully reflect the students' self construction, teachers must do the analysis of materials before class, clear teaching objectives; to strengthen the understanding of students, students understand the knowledge structure of the original, to ensure they understand the students' previous ideas and provide guidance to students; in the teaching, flexible, comprehensive use of discussion, case analysis, scenario simulation method, COSPLAY method and other teaching methods, and strive to create the "Scene" platform.The need to stimulate students' interest in learning, to cultivate students' scientific attitude in the knowledge of the formation, connection, application process, to obtain the scientific method, gradually formed the sense and capability of lifelong learning.
(two) carrying out research learning
constructivism holds that research study is under the guidance of teachers, students find problems, to choose the subject, design in a certain situation, through the study on the subject, study and solve the problems, experience and understanding of scientific inquiry process, develop self exploration, innovation awareness and habits, and the formation of to improve the ability of creation, the growth of knowledge, accumulated rich experience and direct the process of learning to the students' subjectivity research activities, pay attention to problem solving process, emphasizes the importance of the students learning experience, and to cultivate the students' innovation spirit and practice ability.In the marketing teaching, according to the teaching content, combined with the specific circumstances, in accordance with the student's strengths, interests, learning the appropriate topic, research study, not only helps students understand the market and marketing knowledge, and help students to master scientific learning methods.Research learning marketing mainly has two forms: one is the topic from the professional.This topic can be provided by the teachers, can also be determined by the students themselves.Identified by the faculty, teachers can be based on their own about the content and schedule, consciously set aside some subject.The general topic of not too big, that can be a problem.The time arrangement, roughly the course arrangement, the next class to be the result of.This is mainly to let the students usually have specific things to do after class, the class can participate, has something to say.At the same time, in the process of doing topic, not only to mobilize students to study independently, is more important is to let students get knowledge from the experience of emotion.The two is from the life of this research topic is open, no restraint of professional restrictions, subject two this subject in general do a semester can be one.Students can find guidance teachers according to their own choice, teachers should guide students as their responsibility, willing to accept.In addition, marketing research learning organization form has three types: group cooperation study, personal independence, personal study and research group discussion combined.
(three) to achieve teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction
according to constructivism, learner autonomy is one of the main ways to construct their knowledge of their own, now the school learning and lifelong learning in the future, cooperation is always one of the main ways to obtain knowledge, emphasis on "individual and groups must interact, to charge
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