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On further improve asset quality of assessments

Author: YangShouQian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-07 09:08:20 Read:
Thesis Key words: quality of asset evaluation
Abstract: In this paper, a brief introduction on the basis of the successful experience of the Ernst & Young accounting firm in Asset Appraisal drilling, a more detailed analysis of the main reasons that affect the assessment of the geological survey of industry assets dry quality, put forward the corresponding countermeasures to improve.
The asset appraisal quality is directly related to the legitimate rights and interests of asset owners, operators and users. However, the impact of the quality of the assets assessment is the evaluation of regulatory agencies and method of operation, as well as the management level of the business units. Here, the accounting firm of Ernst & Young, for example, the combination of our situation. Talk about how to further improve the quality of asset evaluation.
Ernst & Young accounting firm in asset valuation practices
Ernst & Young is one of the six world-renowned accounting firm, and its affiliates in more than 120 countries. A number of cities, hire a professional s million people and an annual turnover of more than two billion U.S. dollars. The major lines of business include: asset valuation, financial consulting the eye works, taxation, auditing, management consulting, and other services. The three main areas in the asset appraisal business is their overall assessment, the assessment of the real estate appraisal and machinery and equipment. More focused on the assessment of the company's future revenue and the level of risk, in order to provide a reference for investors. The following practices and characteristics of the assessment process.
A sound legal system. Assessment of assets in the United States one hundred years of vigorous history, and thus the national assessment of the assets and regulations supporting sound. Asset evaluation has become a conscious act of enterprises or individuals in the production and business activities. Society of Appraisers also developed a code of ethics of the evaluators, practitioners a strong sense of law, individual bears direct liability ready to court when the defendant mentally prepared. Work seriously, seeking truth from facts, and not a trace of Xun.
How unified and standardized. By the National Association of evaluators identified 42 professional definitions and operating standards, and has also developed a series of scientific and standardized, operability assessment methods. Evaluate evidence-based. Rules to follow.
3 provide the relevant data and information is detailed, accurate, wide, with the force of law, can withstand picking up the face of history. This includes a general overview of the enterprise and shareholder information, personnel management, industry market conditions, competitors, over the past five years and the next five years financial plan and operating data and forecasts. If there are five major categories of 130 kinds of data, to ensure an objective assessment of the quality of a just, comprehensive and accurate.
A comprehensive and systematic analysis. First, from the state policies and economic situation, industrial policy and industry conditions, company's overall analysis to quantitative analysis, adjustment to the financial statements, comparative analysis of more than 100 kinds of data, a true picture of the future business performance. Pre-Qin evaluation of future enterprise risk and financial risk, rate of return.
The use of modern scientific and technological means. Create a database of the National Union Kong, and apply the asset appraisal professional package, cut data operations, analysis and research by computer. And common standards, make assessment results internationalization.
Currently affecting the main problem of the quality of our asset evaluation
Asset evaluation has been developed in the United States and other Western countries for more than 100 years of history. Of asset evaluation, with the deepening of reform and opening up and develop. Has less than 10 years of history in our department in recent years developed. As China's market economy is still underdeveloped, the corresponding management mechanism is not yet complete, so there are still some question in asset valuation, mainly as follows:
Think anger cognitive bias. Put Asset Appraisal is a relatively new business, combined with the breadth and intensity of the publicity is not enough, some administrative leadership of enterprises (units) and management assessment of assets and accounting matters, "audit", "revaluation" confused. To verify the evaluation can be considered as long as the organization of the unit specialized departments and related professionals.
Rating dry legal practitioners is not strong sense of responsibility, law enforcement is not enough. Assessment by administrative intervention, in violation of the independence, impartiality and objectivity of the assessment. Than a single assessment methods, and more generally using the replacement cost method and the prevailing market price, mainly focused on the assessment of the status quo and tangible assets, intangible assets and future income and risk assessment. less involved.
The leadership of some units and statisticians legal consciousness. "Statistics Law" has been promulgated and implemented. However, to the right of the number of interference, fraud, the number of self-serving statistics violations still exist. The lack of standardized and unified statistical standards among professional departments, their own ways, some based on the purpose or intent of the leadership of the project and the preparation of the same project can be a variety of statistical results people no data from. Combined assessment inadequate law enforcement, thus affecting the quality of the assessment is not conducive to the maintenance of the owner's equity.
State-owned assets management is weak. Especially basic management not in place, in name only. Management departments are merging, effective basic management seriously weakened, the information and data required in the assessment operation nowhere to be investigated not fully reflect the whole picture of the enterprises (units), it is difficult to the full range of enterprise and future income, risk analysis and assessment.
(5) the existence of the phenomenon of administrative intervention, and some leaders of the unit assessment limit, limit, limit, thus affecting the quality of evaluations. Regional blockades, self-protection, industry monopoly, into the system, it is difficult to compete on an equal footing. Impact on the quality of the assessment.
Few suggestions to further improve the quality of asset evaluation
Further strengthen the publicity work of the assessment of the assets. Newspapers, lectures, training and other forms and means, publicity asset valuation regulations and basic knowledge of the role and significance of, and continuously improve the visibility of asset evaluation, administrative leadership and enterprises (units) and related workers understand and support the asset valuation .
Strengthen the statistical law enforcement. Develop a unified standard for the standard system, "Statistics Law" as a criterion, and enhance law-abiding awareness of statisticians, to standardize the statisticians business behavior. According to inspection and supervision of the statistical work to ensure that the source of information clear and accurate data.
3, to strengthen the basic work of asset management. In the absorption of advanced experience in the West. Combined with their actual situation, and actively explore the management system and operational mechanism of the socialist market economy, the enterprises (units) recognize the need to strengthen the basic management of the assets in the socialist market economic system, in order to provide timely and accurate information to make the right decisions, to adapt to the needs of the market transients. And in accordance with the requirements of the market economy set up agencies. Division of functions, a clear responsibility to form responsive to market changes, running freely management mechanism.
Strengthen the Asset Appraisal woo legislative work and assessment, then institutions of self-regulation. The state has promulgated the "assessment of state-owned assets management approach", asset evaluation institutions Interim Measures, "" asset evaluation practitioners self-regulatory codes, recently issued a series of relevant laws and regulations of the certified public valuer Qualification System Interim Provisions " way. Further improve the assessment of laws and regulations. Clear asset evaluators liability. Here, the evaluators should be organized for serious study, training and seminars, the majority of evaluators to further improve the level of business, professional ethics and law-abiding awareness of law enforcement.
Conscientiously implement the a certified appraiser qualification system. Evaluation institutions to promote the implementation of a partner. Assessment agencies to get rid of the part of the executive branch of government relations, to attract customers to rely on their own strength and credibility. The establishment of an open, fair market competition mechanism, according to the requirements of market economy to operate, to facilitate assessment of quality and service levels improved.
Strengthen the asset evaluation study of the theory and research. Experience exchanges, visits and other activities, and strive to improve the assessment of the theoretical level, the business level. And in accordance with our existing conditions. Maximize the use of modern science and technology to the establishment of market economy and the information about the database and communications networks, access the gradual modernization of the assessment information.
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