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Combined with the construction of enterprise culture and human resource management

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Abstract: the good enterprise culture and human resource management is a kind of mutual promotion, mutual restraint relationship.Enterprises should be combined with their own actual situation, to play the advantages of human resources management.
Keywords: corporate culture; human resource; employee recognition; innovative
Abstract: The good enterprise culture and human resources management are the relations which one kind impels, to restrict mutually. The enterprise should unify own actual situation, the display human resources management superiority.

Key words: enterprise culture; human resources; staff approval; innovation

Along with our country market economy and integration of world economy, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition.Enterprises should realize: advanced enterprises are able to overcome the backward enterprises, because of advanced enterprise culture can adapt to the competitive ratio of backward enterprises culture requirements, have more vitality.Enterprise culture refers to all the team members to share and inheritance: for a new member of a set of values, shared vision, mission and way of thinking.It represents the criterion has been widely accepted way of thinking, moral concept and behavior in organizations.If the "corporate culture" can not bear the corporate strategy, business objectives, sustainable development that it is necessary to build strong, "enterprise culture".Fierce competition in the economic environment requirement of human resource become change agents and partners, human resources management under the enterprise culture guidance will make human resources management more efficient, the two promote each other, forming a harmonious and progressive, full of vigor and vitality of the organization's goals and employees self-fulfillment, consistent with the interests of cultural, spiritual community.The author through access to a variety of data, combined with several years of work, draw some experience of human resource management and enterprise culture construction.
1 enterprises according to their own situation the construction of enterprise culture, to play the advantages of human resources management and
This requires the enterprise human resources workers, must understand the situation in China and find out the characteristics of the enterprises themselves, the construction according to represent the orientation of China's advanced culture requirements.Specifically, is to "give priority to with me, the optimal picking all the long, refines, strike out a new line for oneself" policy.In the process of enterprise culture construction in China in the past 20 years, is worth us to draw lessons from Chinese enterprises has little experience, our enterprises can only cross the river by feeling the stones, too much emphasis on the introduction of the western theory of enterprise culture for reference, while the Chinese traditional culture, especially the culture of the enterprise mining, refining is not enough.But this simple "use doctrine", our enterprises need not.Of course, we do not exclude the foreign advanced culture, but not "apply mechanically", should be combined with the excellent culture of the enterprise, I used, cannot be replaced.
In 50 years, the Taiyuan municipal engineering company always adhere to the "honesty, dedication, dare be a person first" enterprise character, and strive to achieve the "practice of infinite, the pursuit of unlimited" business goals, to "run the city municipal people government, do a good job" as a symbol of the city of faith, is the principle of doing things, a standard of Municipal People's specification, provide awareness, understanding and evaluation of the scale of construction of municipal culture.Relying on the Municipal Cultural indoctrination of ideological culture, values, identity, emotional interaction and good ethos edification, and constantly enrich Municipal People's spiritual world, constantly enhance the municipal power of the human spirit, and continuously meet the Municipal People's spiritual and cultural needs.Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation to respect people, care about people, cultivate people, inspire people, development of human potential as the core content management, give a person with thought, spirit, knowledge and skills, play on cohesion, guide, inspire, normative role, meet the workers' participation in management enthusiasm and pride, guide understanding the significance and value of its own staff, cultivate people-oriented, to Germany for the soul, to the letter for the root, with the industry's core values.Through the formulation and implementation of cultural construction, the ideological work to achieve long-term strategy, condense force inside, external image, the construction of three civilizations together, form a kind of management mode, constructing the harmonious Municipal Justice, honesty and friendship, full of vitality, stability and order.2 to build employee recognition of the enterprise culture, to reduce the brain drain of
The establishment of enterprise culture has become an important means of modern enterprise spirit incentive.Practice shows that, with good cultural enterprises, the brain drain is significantly lower than those who do not pay attention to the enterprise culture of the enterprise.When the corporate culture and employee values, when the enterprise culture to fully reflect the respect for employees, employees and enterprise com.Staff will be proud of their own business, willing to devote their wisdom for the enterprise.Any enterprise culture, especially for Taiyuan municipal engineering company, such as the large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, after so many years of ups and downs, employees have many of their views on culture.Many people think that the enterprise culture is the boss culture, high culture, it is one-sided, enterprise culture is not only the top personal view, but the whole enterprise values and behavior, only to get everybody approval of the enterprise culture, is the value of the enterprise culture.
To get the recognition, human resources management department can provide effective help for each employee.The employees have to know their own corporate social significance and its significance as a member enterprises, resulting in the sense of mission and sense of responsibility.Taiyuan municipal engineering company's human resources department as builders and advocates of corporate culture, the establishment and improvement of the corporate culture, and give better play to the initiative of employees, help the enterprise to realize its strategic target.First of all, the enterprise human resources management in the recruitment stage through to public relations and advertising, let potential employees understand the enterprise culture, especially the basic values, the basic principles and purposes; and the testing means reasonable analysis of value orientation and the enterprises to determine candidate values are consistent.Corporate culture training for staff recruitment to the new enterprise, namely inbound Education (education regulations and discipline and the development history of Enterprise Education), accept the enterprise good traditions.The pre-job training, into the guide factory education for the values of new employees is very important.Train employees the spirit of enterprise human resources in the use process, product and service good business environment and advantage plays influence character by environment effects on employees.
3 shape with enterprise culture, establish the concept of continuous innovation and
A successful enterprise must have a very strong and excellent enterprise culture, and this kind of enterprise culture should not be immutable and frozen or put things right once and for all, as people on social consensus on the development, changes in the market as, corporate culture should also be advancing with the times.A development of the enterprise, will experience different stages, and the enterprise at different stages under the market and the need for the strategy is also different, therefore, enterprise culture should also must make the corresponding change, only the times of the enterprise culture is the vitality of.We say that the corporate culture should keep pace with the times, is not to change the fundamental values.The process of shaping the corporate culture, is virtually the process of enterprise innovation.The innovation process is: (thinking) from concept to system innovation and technology innovation, system innovation and employee behavior by the process of technological innovation to the enterprise.Many enterprises tend to business success, stop in the successful experiences and modes of thinking, think to want to hold to these experiences and thinking mode, can obtain the success of the new.However, in the face of changing market, experience and thinking mode can only prove past, but no guarantee of success in the future.If the operator timely according to the changes in the business environment, adjust some specific guidance staff concept, it can make the excellent enterprise culture to keep pace with the times, after a few years, ten years, or even longer time, will form a "very strong" enterprise culture.
To sum up, the enterprise culture has a strong force.Some material resources might dry up, only the cultural life and growth in nature.The enterprise culture is an intangible productivity, a potential productivity, intangible assets and wealth.Enterprise culture should be closely integrated with the enterprise human resources management, always make the infiltration process of corporate culture through human resource management.Good corporate culture will greatly promote the development of enterprises, so as to achieve mutual coordination of enterprise and enterprise culture,
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