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Staffs training mechanism and effective way of coal enterprises

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Abstract: the training activities of coal mining enterprises, is an important part of human resource management, is a necessary means to maintain the efficient operation of the entire organization.Timely, continuous, training and development of the organization's human resources, is a feasible, effective way to maintain and enhance the vitality of the organization.Datong Coal Mine Group, training all the staff of the cultural connotation and job knowledge, their job responsibilities, work standards, skilled various skills, improve performance, so as to lay the foundation for the company's strategy of talent.
Keywords: enterprise; staff training; effective way of
Abstract: Staffs training activity of coal mining enterprise, it is the important component of manpower resources management, keep being organized and operated effectively entirely essential means.Organize the inside human resources in prompt, continuous, planned training and development, keep and promote organize the feasible, effective way of vigor.Cultural intension and post knowledge that TongMei group company trains the staff post, each duty, working standard, skilled many kinds of skills, improve the performance, thus establish talent's foundation for the development of the company.

Key words: enterprises; staffs training; effective way

1 coal mining enterprises staff training and the importance of
Training to achieve organizational goals.From the relationship between training and development and organizational objectives, the training process should be conducive to the realization of organizational goals.Training is not a fad, cannot receive a good effect for training and training, we must proceed from the organization's function, find out the specific objectives for staff training.At the same time, from the ideologically attached great importance to the training work, according to the group's management features, focusing on enterprise development present situation, in-depth research, strengthen practical teaching, the teaching method, to select the appropriate practical teaching content, improving case teaching, through vivid case discussions and analysis, change teaching for heuristic teaching, make the students will be able to remember, to link theory with practice, the purpose of warning education.According to the new and old mine coal enterprises personnel demand, combined with different levels, different levels of demand, identify the training direction, strengthen the pertinence, cultivate professional, high technology, high-quality personnel, alleviate the present professional, group technology talents shortage, to "love and dedication, innovation the development of" the spirit of enterprise training, into teaching practice, so that the majority of students into the heart to the brain, lay a good foundation for the harmonious and healthy development of Datong Coal Mine Group company.
2 the establishment of the company, subordinate branch and workshop level three training and education system of
A training group is the group responsible for the fundamental policy, development strategy, corporate culture, staff attitude, rules and regulations, management skills, new technology, new knowledge: education and training.Training for the group, middle management and group management staff, by the human resources department of the organization, once a month, each time not less than 90 min.
Level two training is the company responsible for the unit supervisors and management personnel training, the main contents of culture education, corporate units of the regulations and the rules for safe operation; general manager responsible for the branch.Once a month, each time not less than 90 min.
Level three training is each workshop is responsible for all the staff under the jurisdiction of the training, the main content is the job responsibilities, procedures, safety operation procedures, work processes and technology skills, professional knowledge, work instructions, person in charge is responsible for each workshop.Training time is not less than once a week, each time not less than 1 h.Utilization of after class every day before class, repeated learning the responsibilities and the rules for safe operation.
3 coal mining enterprises training content
Datong Coal Mine Group, training employees can generally be divided into training and on-the-job training.

3.1 on-the-job training
Training is to provide the necessary guidance to new employees, help them with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete the work.The new worker quality is an important factor which directly affects the safety in production, therefore, the new mine personnel need systematic safety knowledge, safety and other aspects of the training experience.So that each employee to post the job responsibilities, the post should know, should be, should be done; the work standards, operation procedures and rules for safe operation.New employees in the mount guard after 2 months must have the written examination, examination results into the assessment and appraisal of probation period.Usually added to recruit new staff human resources department once a month pre-job training posts, such centralized training and its aim is to solve the common problems, let new employees understand and familiar with the basic situation of the company as soon as possible, for future work to lay a good foundation.

3.2 on-the-job training
Coal mining enterprises employee training should do the following several aspects:
(1) coal enterprises "five post mine" security certificate training and above of secondary division level of safety production management personnel safety qualification training, without affecting the coal mine safety production, and actively organize management personnel carried out off-the-job training.
(2) according to the actual needs of production safety and the district team manages the card case, the special operations personnel training, retraining of mine to increase strength, actively organize the new staff and transfer to participate in corporate training certification training class, the certified rate of 100% special operations personnel.
(3) to increase the production of mine quality standardization and the fine refinement management training, management personnel and the main job to study the quality standard and fine management process, quality standard and fine management process to drive the work to improve the quality of.Has the plan, to arrange the production management personnel to participate in the subsequent academic learning, combined with the social various forms to improve management of basic level cadre culture knowledge level.
(4) coal mine enterprise training in job skills: 1. According to the actual situation of mine safety production, the roof, gas, coal dust, water, fire and other disasters, organized special "One-ventilation and three-prevention", "top management", "water control" special learning. skills identification is to identify the national and enterprise staff technology level, to cooperate with the company staff training, occupation skill appraisal training school to work, to improve the skill levels of workers, better services for the coal mine enterprises.In order to further strengthen the emergency rescue work of production safety accidents, improve the strain and the control ability of major accidents, disasters, to minimize casualties and property losses, mine rescue, the miners organized self-help and the use of self-rescuer learning.In the basis of existing work, continue to build special types of practice base, vigorously carry out training activities.
(5) to carry out "everybody ventilation member" training: to strengthen publicity and education, improve ventilation and safety awareness.Through publicity and education, let the staff fully understand to earnestly carry out the importance of training for ventilation safety in coal mine production safety. the teaching plan, strengthening teaching management, pay attention to the quality of training.Earnestly carry out the ventilation safety training to "one ventilation and three prevention" as the focus, focus is to grasp the quality of training, in the training of the quality of work on.The three quarter of 2009, held a total of 22 "everybody ventilation member" amateur training courses, training personnel 3800 person-time.Through the full-time and amateur training, improve ventilation and safety consciousness of coal mine staff to a new level, and laid a solid foundation for mine ventilation and safety management system construction firm.
(6) to the coal mine special types of work and five members of the training.The Datong Coal Mine Group Company from 20
09 year in March 1st in a planned, step by step to carry out occupation health training, combined with the safety technology training, focus on the special types of work.July on the underground electric clamp, underground explosion, gas inspection, coal machine driver, a total of 5 types of security, 500 people had a special job training for 15 days.Hired group company university teachers, teaching effects and the students responses were very good, qualified rate reached 100%.In addition, yearly plan respectively district leader, quality of various units of the tube to carry out occupation health training, training class held a total of 6 period, training staff of 320 people.After training, safety awareness, employee occupation health consciousness, disaster prevention capacity has been significantly improved.The five commissioners training: in 2009, the Organization Department of the Communist Youth League, labor union of the company, armed part pin for a period of 5 days of training to the monitoring group members, group member, Party supervisor, supervisor, youth militia sentry, training staff up to 970 people.The training staff, training effect is good, in the production process and give full play to the role of supervision.The visual demonstration of the laboratory is (mining, mining, machine, transportation, communication, geological survey of security technology) should know the biggest bright spot should be training class.The workers into the newly built laboratory, respectively, to observe the visual presentation, wind disaster demonstration and ventilation system, the gas explosion safety locking demo demo.The experimental apparatus for reproducing scenes of gas explosion, the wind electricity closed-cycle, ventilation system, safety and disaster prevention, the workers working on the underground system, the disaster has an intuitive understanding, to improve the safety of knowledge workers, safety awareness is of great help.Especially in gas explosion power and escape route choice for underground staff shocked deeply.After off-job training learning, each underground staff all through the examination, qualification.Graduate training courses, organized the students wrote a personal learning experience.In order to ensure the quality of training, make training a a, a is not a case of violation behavior.The employees to participate in training for each employee school established by tracking survey, the grass-roots staff school investigation Mopai, underground staff training are not illegal behavior, to achieve the training effect.
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