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About generalized technological innovation and regional industrial structure upgrade mechanism to explore

Author: KongShuGuang ChenYuChuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 23:58:10 Read:
[Abstract] analysis of regional innovation capability formation process of technology is to enhance the basis of regional innovation capability and technological innovation is the point of view of the power of regional innovation capability, pointed out that the upgrading of the regional industrial structure is essentially a regional technical structure from one equilibrium to the other a balanced transition, and upgrade the industrial structure of the mechanism, and discusses the technology-driven regional innovation capability.
[Paper Keywords] Technical regional innovation capability upgrading of industrial structure mechanism

O Introduction
Tsinghua University, Professor Fujia Ji, think, technological innovation is the potential profit opportunities for entrepreneurs to seize the market for commercial gain as the goal, re-organization of production conditions and elements, and establish a stronger performance, more efficient and lower cost of production and management system , the introduction of new products, new production methods (process), open up new markets, access to new material supply system or the establishment of a new organization, including integrated process technology, organization, business and finance a range of activities ... Professor Fu Jiaji defined broad definition of technological innovation, technological innovation, technological innovation is innovation. This paper argues that regional innovation capability is the the regional main innovation in the creation of new technologies (including new products and new technology, the same below), new markets, new sources of material and to Professor Fujia Ji on the definition of technological innovation, corporate organizations have the qualities and skills; regional technical innovation capability as a core component of the regional innovation capability is the area has the quality and ability to create new technologies, new products and new technology.
The regional innovation capability is a process, it is to the region's workers as active subjects, dynamic conversion of input factors of production, creating new and innovative output (see Table 1).

Which input factors of production, including natural resources, human resources, capital, technology, market, business organizations, regional innovation outputs include new sources of material, formed by the human resources into human capital, new technologies, new market new business organization. Domestic and foreign scholars on regional innovation capacity and regional industrial structure upgrade has been a lot of research, these studies effectively promoted the development of regional economy. But from the perspective of the study area of ??technology-driven regional innovation capability upgrade the industrial structure is not more. Chinese regional industrial structure is being upgraded, upgrade the industrial structure from this point of the study area has a profound practical significance. In this paper, through the analysis of regional innovation capability formation process, to research technology-driven regional innovation capability upgrade the industrial structure.

1 of the regional innovation capability
The technology is the practical application of science, science and the production of intermediaries, which includes the actual production on research and development of new methods, new materials, new processes, new varieties, new products. The regional innovation capability is the region's workers on the basis of the original factors of production, formed by dynamic conversion of input factors of production. Regional innovation input factors, technology is the foundation and core of the whole innovation investment structure.

1.1 degree of utilization of technological determinism innovative resources
Technological innovation can not only create a substitute for natural resources, changing the use of the natural resources, but also through the transformation of the instruments of production, conserve natural resources utilization, improve the efficiency of the use of natural resources. Jiangsu Province 1999 2005 TFP were 57,605 yuan, 6,325 yuan, 72% 5 yuan, 86,261 yuan, 204,676 yuan, 120,796 yuan, while the output value of coal and crude oil consumption rate of major industrial enterprises 0.9r7 tons / million, 0.92 million tons / million yuan, 0.87 million tons / million yuan, 0.83 million tons / $ 0.73 tons / million, 0.68 million tons / billion. Thus, Jiangsu Province, total factor productivity and coal, crude oil output value of consumption was a significant negative correlation. This shows that technology development in Jiangsu Province to improve the efficiency of the use of natural resources.
Technology determines the degree of labor utilization. Hicks under the impact of technological progress on the marginal product of capital and labor marginal product of technological progress are three types of "capital conservation", "labor-saving", "neutral." Different types of technological progress will lead to a different variation of the overall level of employment, labor-saving technological progress will lead to the decline in the level of employment, capital-saving technological progress will lead to the increase in the level of employment, and neutral technical progress does not change the level of employment.
Technology determines the degree of capital utilization. Capital into production in monetary terms, into two parts, part of the performance of fixed capital, plant, machinery, equipment and other forms of existence of another part of the performance for the raw materials, fuel and other working capital. The technology can create new products, processes, reduce the use of raw materials, fuel and other, thereby reducing the entire production process of capital utilization. Technological progress on capital has positive feedback effects: (1) adoption of new technology can not only reduce the average cost of production, economic theory study found that each of the emergence of new technologies, will bring significant increasing returns, so that the average cost ; (2) new technologies to produce new products, compared with the original product, improve technical content and high added value in the market more competitive; (3) Technical progress in the production function can shift production scale increases will bring capital stock growth acceleration; (4) technological progress but also improve the marginal productivity of capital, and relaxation of capital growth constraints and thus accelerate the growth of the capital.
1.2 Technical determines the degree of realization of human needs
Human needs is limited by the technical conditions of a certain historical period. In the agricultural economy era, the production technology is extremely backward people even if there is the desire to space travel, and also because of the lack of aircraft, but only a dream. Industrial economy, the invention of the steam engine and its widely used to stimulate new demand of the basic necessities of life. Information economy, the rapid development of information technology offers the possibility to meet the communications needs. The history of technological development show that it is the gap between the ideal and the reality of human needs bridge beam.
1.3 of deciding the form of organization
IT determines the transmission speed of the enterprise information to determine the form of business organization. In the early days of the business organization, the information transmission speed is relatively slow, the layers of the business organization managed by the relatively narrow margin, so the more the level of the business organization. With the continuous development of information technology, enterprise information transmission speed faster and faster, and all levels of management in the range of expanding the business organizations gradually flattened. Modern management of information technology widely used business executives can keep abreast of the development of various parts of the organization. The same time, improve the efficiency of production and operation, the IT virtual intermediate forms of organization of production, virtual design, virtual sales are constantly changing the form of business organization.
In summary, the in regional innovation investment structure, technology determines the degree of utilization of natural resources, human resources, capital, and to determine the degree of realization of market demand, determine the form of regional business organizations. So, the technology is the core of the regional innovation investment structure is the basis of regional innovation capabilities. Jiangsu Province, 2000-2005 R & D capital of 73 billion yuan, 29.3 billion yuan, 11.726 billion yuan, 15.046 billion yuan, 26.983 billion yuan, Jiangsu Province, 2000-2005 full The correlation coefficient of the elements birth rate of 0.7352%, which plays a fundamental role in regional innovation capability to enhance the technological progress of Jiangsu Province.
2 Technological innovation is the power of regional innovation capability
As mentioned earlier, the regional innovation outputs include new sources of material, formed by the human resources into human capital, new technologies, new markets and new business organization. Innovative output structure, technological innovation is the core of the regional innovation output is the fundamental driving force of regional innovation capabilities.
2.1 new materials of technological innovation results
The material is the material basis of human production and life indispensable, is an important milestone of human civilization and progress. From the 20th century, the beginning of the second half, new materials will become a breakthrough in high-tech development, and to a large extent influence the process of development of new industries. Many problems encountered in the development of high-tech, in fact, are relevant and material issues, can be said that the development and application of new materials, there is no material basis for the development of high-tech, there is no new technology products and industrial progress. Thus, taking advantage of the new material is one of the symbols of a country in science and technology in a leading position. Industrial countries of the world today regarded as a priority development areas. However, a new material instead of the old materials are the result of technological innovation. For example, if the material bronze instead of stone, iron replaced bronze smelting technology innovation; the cement materials technology innovation.; Semiconductor, the emergence of highly integrated chip is the result of innovation in electronic technology.
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