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Explore the international composite information talent cultivation

Author: ZhaoYanZhi MengZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 15:03:29 Read:
Abstract: with the rapid rise and development of software and information service outsourcing industry in the global range, the market demand for both talent internationalization combined computer technology and information management to the growing.In this paper, with the internationalization of compound talents cultivation model as the basis, based on the development of Dalian city software and information service outsourcing industry, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics International Institute of international computer information management training experience based on the proposed composite information internationalization, idea of talent cultivation and training program.
Keywords: International compound training information talents; talents training mode;

Strategies for cultivating compound talents internationalization of information, to the internationalization of talents training pattern as the basis, follow the global software and information service outsourcing industry rapid pace of development, is a under the background of economic globalization, to meet the market of both computer technology and information long-term strategic tube composite information internationalization talent demand theory to the.Dongbei University of Finance and Economics International Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Surrey International Institute) is the international insight into the field of information talents demand forecast to Dalian, broad prospects for development of software and information service outsourcing industry, the introduction of high-quality professional resources of University of Surrey in the UK, according to Dongbei University of Finance and Economics academic advantage, set up the computer information management professional, international training compound talent, contribute to the Dalian software and information service outsourcing industry development.

The 1 international compound talents training mode of
Disadvantages of the training model based on our current compound talents, such as the imbalance in the allocation of educational resources, professional setting, curriculum setting simple superposition of scattered isolated, cultivating disjointed, in order to promote the teaching reform as its mission, in 2004, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and University of Surrey to cultivate internationalized talents as the goal, to carry out substantial cooperation the formation of Surrey, cooperation projects, construction of the internationalization of compound teaching mode characteristic, the pattern in the Surrey International Institute to be popularized in use.Construction of the mode of curriculum system to cluster as the core, through the development and the establishment of basic subgroups, subgroup, core, auxiliary subgroups associated subgroups of interrelated courses, and strive in the professional setting, curriculum and teaching methods, teaching support system to carry out reform and innovation.This new teaching mode can not only training with international vision, the sense of competition and international competitiveness of high-end talent, but also can ensure that these people not only have a complete and systematic interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary knowledge and ability, but also has a comprehensive knowledge of many subjects and many types of comprehensive ability.This pattern of development can make up the traditional compound training pattern malpractice in the greatest degree, provides training mode the best implementation of complex information personnel training strategy for the country.
> the development situation of
In recent years, with the development of software and information service industry in the rapid development of the growing surface, radiation, its role in promoting the national economy unceasing enhancement, the status of the industry upgrade.In its continuous development process, process outsourcing and offshore service business has become the mainstream of development.At present our country has been recognized as one of the emerging global outsourcing center.And Dalian is the vanguard of China's software outsourcing business development.Long-term since, the city of Dalian software and information service industry as a pillar industry of the future development of the city, to build up northeast Asia "software and information service center" for the development goals.Dalian has been committed to build a business for the day, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and North Asia, North America and Europe focused radiation and other related areas of international, domestic software outsourcing and information service enterprises, and strive to build China's largest software export base, China's largest software talent training base.According to the development of Dalian city at present software and information service industry, is expected to 2012, Dalian city software and information service industry output will reach 80000000000 ~1000 billion yuan, of which software exports $3500000000, total output accounted for Dalian City, GDP 1/6, development prospect is broad, the compound information talents on the international demand will continue to increase.

Scheme of
International Training Compound Talent 3 Surrey International Institute of information
Based in Dalian city software and information service industry talent demand, in Surrey International College of computer information management personnel training experience as an example, the feasibility of cultivating talents strategy international complex information.
(1) the introduction of foreign high-quality educational resources and professional advantages of our combined.Surrey international institute introduction has won the British Computer Society (BCS) Bachelor's and master's degree course information systems professional qualification at University of Surrey, work closely with the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics the advantage of discipline, set up information management and information system (computer information management direction) professional, to master computer hardware and software, a solid theoretical knowledge, has the strong system maintenance, programming and solve the problems of information management practice of enterprise capability, and has a wide range of economic and management knowledge, with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship awareness, to become a competent entrepreneurship and management, research and development, maintenance and management of Post International composite IT elite.(2) construct cluster curriculum system.International Institute for curriculum setting system in accordance with international compound teaching model of innovation, combined with the professional training goal setting and talent, build a cluster of curriculum knowledge structure and comprehensive ability of optimizing and form "".The overall architecture of cluster formation course.Construction of follow the lead of enterprise cluster, International Institute of cluster curriculum system composed of a core curriculum group and many supporting courses.The system fully embodies the harmony between the integrated curriculum system, curriculum subgroups of the diversity of curriculum subgroups, as shown in figure 1.The prominent position in the whole center core subgroup in the course system, emphasizes the professional requirements, emphasis on and to master the basic knowledge of professional understanding of information management and information system, taking into account the international curriculum and management application to improve the curriculum.The transformation of traditional courses, according to the knowledge structure of core subgroup set associated subgroups.Such as courses in after transformation, is no longer a polytechnic courses purely, but with the new curriculum internationalization composite information personnel training objectives, and design to the IT business as background, emphasizing the application of IT in industry and business activities in the.The construction of basic subgroups to internationalization.The English lesson from the traditional "English" and "English", "English" refinement "listening" and "speaking" "English writing" and "business English", Zhou hours increased from 6 hours to 14 hours.Among them, "English" and "English writing" course to hire foreign teacher professor.In construction of the auxiliary subgroup, emphasize the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality.One is adding experiment subgroup.According to the professional characteristics, set up "4 experimental curriculum system modeling and simulation"; "entrepreneurship theory and practice", 6 training courses, and cultivate students' professional skills and management skills.Two is the addition of the extracurricular teaching subgroup, require students to complete the number of extra-curricular teaching classes corresponding, and at the end of the semester to some form of the learning condition assessment.The three is to invite foreign experts report.Each semester to invite 3~5 University of Surrey computer related professional teachers, Dalian software and information industry enterprises managers do lectures on the current IT issues, strengthen students' understanding of industry dynamics.Four is to carry out the skills competition, including the organization of computer programming contest, to cultivate the ability of students majoring in computer science; organization of information system modeling contest, to cultivate the comprehensive application ability of the students.

(3) the construction of the complete teaching support system.International compound teaching model depends on the experience with reference to establish a set of strict involved in teaching, teaching, after before the whole support system, guarantee and supervision of teaching quality.The establishment of the examination committee.From the British experience, the organization established by the 7 teachers in the examination committee.The main responsibilities of the committee to determine the form of exam evaluation; review exam content, form and review standards; treatment of cheating and students on the results of the objection of the distribution performance; review.The establishment of teaching quality supervision committee.The committee consists of students, teachers, teaching management and so on behalf of 10 members, each semester by the person responsible for the project organization held its 2 meeting.Student representatives should be responsible for their own contact classmates together to form the written materials in advance; teaching staff responsible for the implementation of opinions and answer students' questions.The establishment of the Advisory committee.Hire Dalian Software Park, 6 senior management personnel and government Dalian information related to enterprise staff and advisory committee.The members of the Committee on the project, talent training curriculum, teaching methods
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