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How to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff

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Abstract: in order to get a good school, improve the quality of education and teaching, teachers must strengthen the management, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers, only in this way, can realize the management goal and school, school can do better more.
Keywords: to mobilize staff enthusiasm;
Abstract: If want to do the school well, improve the quality of educational teaching, must strengthen the management of the teaching body, fully arouse The teacher 's enthusiasm, only in this way, could finish and realize the goal of the school and every management, the school could do better and better
Key words: transfer; teaching and administrative staff; enthusiasm

To the school run, improve the quality of education and teaching, teachers must strengthen the management, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers, to stimulate their enthusiasm for the work, mining teachers working potential, so that all the staff to form a resultant force, be of one heart and one mind, to achieve the school education teaching goal.For managers, in order to achieve the goals must be in the following several aspects:
The 1 managers should exhibit excellent work style and
1.1 to be persuasive -- can play an exemplary role of
As a leader how persuasive, only mouth boasting is not, is not.To be persuasive, it must make oneself an example, take the lead, carry out with drive and sweep, match word to deed, to all the staff for example.
(1) the leader should have strong business revitalize education heart and high sense of political responsibility, the sense of responsibility and dedication is fully understanding based on the management of education in the strategic position.Therefore, the leader should have the enterprising innovation and education consciousness, dare to be responsible, not afraid of setbacks and failures.As long as it is beneficial to the development of educational undertakings, you should stick to it, and fight to the end.
(2) the leader should have the quality of seek truth from facts, in decision-making, should proceed from reality, in accordance with objective laws.Therefore, the leader must be practical, respect for science, not the only, not only book, informal method, is not constrained by the old.To tell the truth, do practical things, not exaggerated not conceal.
The modern concept of leadership to emphasize the role model, that the leadership is an example.Confucius said: "my body is, no orders; has the body is not correct, although not from."This requires leaders must make oneself an example, take the lead.
1.2 have a conquest -- leading to a "common"

As a leader, in the work, everything should start from the interests of the school for faculty to work.Lastly, to open, democratic administrative work, let the staff to see the school leader impartial and honest, always for the sake of everyone, they will redouble its efforts in the work, work enthusiasm will imperceptibly be mobilized.The distribution of the work will be conscious and hard to bear.Convinced that leadership is, have conquered force.
The 1.3 to have fighting capacity -- unite
The first collective leadership must unite as one, duties.For the school, for the staff to tell the truth, do solid work, exclude the difficulty and anxiety, provide enthusiastic help.The staff just worry-free, to devote yourself to the work, the leadership group and staff group have combat force.
The 1.4 to have charm -- to strengthen leadership and
The leader should strengthen study, strengthen their self-cultivation, improve their art of leadership, the leaders are attractive in the eyes of teachers.Such leadership will be attractive.
2 to establish harmonious interpersonal relationship
The interpersonal relationship of unity is to improve the enthusiasm of teachers, school certificate realization management goal.In a relationship, especially the relationship between the cadres and the masses, leadership plays a main role.There is a saying that: "scholars scorn each other.", this sentence disparagingly, simply said, is the "literati" are mutually.In fact, there are many very admire each other, is "down" for a reason.Teachers can be said to be some intellectuals, there is a culture of the people, they have their own ideas, views and the people doing the principle, if a "Scholar" work attitude is very exaggerated, do not do or do not have the principle, is sure to be another "literati" light.In fact, the vast majority of teachers especially heavy feelings, equal weight, self-esteem is also very strong.This requires the leaders to improve management methods in the regulation of relations between cadres and the masses, pay attention to emotional management, through various channels and the teacher to achieve the harmonious emotion, in order to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.2.1 amiable and easy of approach -- is the establishment of interpersonal relationship of unity and harmony of the premise of
Leaders must set up the correct view of teachers, the teachers as their partners, is to rely on the power of a good school, only trust teachers, respect for teachers' personality, subjective initiative to mobilize teachers.
2.2 desalination role -- is the relationship between the unity and harmony of the key
In fact, the vast majority of school leaders are former teachers, past or present is still a teacher, but also has the leader status, don't always regard themselves as leaders look down from a height, insufferably arrogant.Therefore, in the contact with teachers should pay attention to dilute the role of gap, or on different occasions to carry out the role of conversion.To place oneself in others' position for the sake of staff, to promote the harmonious relationship.The teacher put the school as a warm place, the leadership as a trustworthy person, only in this way can improve the enthusiasm of teachers.
2.3 emotional investment -- is the establishment good interpersonal relationship in the pathway of
According to management psychology, emotional investment, is a management process in order to communicate thoughts and feelings for the content of the.People in their own words and deeds is largely emotional factors play a role in the.Particularly between the leadership and the LED, usually maintained a kind of imperceptible emotional balance -- you scratch my back, I also considerate of you; you respect me, I respect you; you ignore me, I will speak to you; you be neither hot nor cold, I am at a distance.This emotional balance is benign, malignant, neutral, maintain the interpersonal relationship.In school management, seize all opportunities, leader expressed feelings into the rich emotion, create emotional balance benign.This kind of emotional investment to say not good do, anyway, to achieve timely, marketable, avoid by all means is superfluous.
3, improve the management system of
Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards.The rules of the school work, is the school management system, to run schools, we should perfect the rules and regulations of the school, rule-based, otherwise the work of the school will be disorder.
3.1 in the development of these systems, should be scientific, reasonable, operational
The hand of the rules and regulations should be to encourage the staff, mobilize the enthusiasm of staff for the purpose of.On the other hand, should take into account the characteristics of different departments, post group, to harmonize the relationship between the various aspects of the duty, rights, and the three.Third, adhere to the principle of democratic centralism in the rules and regulations formulated in schools.The rules and regulations of the school is the school staff code of conduct and norms.It should be in the formulation process of develop democracy adequately, benefit by mutual discussion, be scientific and reasonable, lawful.The basic sound rules and regulations made by schools will, then promulgated.
3.2 in the implementation of these regulations, to ensure that the "law" authoritative
Every order is executed without fail., must not be waste because of something, but not because of the waste, is also the execution must be resolute.Encounter problems, leaders must have a clear maintenance of the school "method" of the position.
Interpersonal leadership style of work, the staff and the system perfect, to manage a school.In fact, the only way to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, to complete and realize the school and
The management goal, the school could be better and better.
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