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Study on the changes of residents' consumption structure and industrial structure adjustment -- Taking Shanxi Province as an example

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Abstract: the with the income level of the development of the national economy, the improvement of residents, great changes have taken place in Shanxi people's consumption idea, consumption structure, consumption of residents from the survival model to enjoy change and development, the Shanxi industrial structure adjustment has brought forward the urgent request.This paper focuses on the analysis of relationship between Shanxi residents consumption structure change and industrial structure optimization, discusses the prominent contradictions and problems existing in the current industrial structure in Shanxi, then put forward to adapt to changes in consumption structure, the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure in Shanxi countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords: paper consumption; consumption structure; industrial structure; structure adjustment; the upgrading of the structure of

In the development of the social economy, the consumption structure and industrial structure are closely related.Changes in the consumption structure is an important power to lead the change of the industrial structure, the upgrading of consumption structure as the industrial upgrading, the adjustment of industrial structure and economic growth to provide a strong driving force, the upgrading of the industrial structure to provide a powerful guarantee for the upgrading of the consumption structure.Industrial structure determines the direction of change of consumption structure, in turn, associated changes in consumption structure will be through the industry asked the conduction mechanism of diffusion and the adjustment of industrial structure in the industry.Since the reform and opening up, the consumption structure upgrading in successive, industrial structure upgrade.At present, Shanxi province residents consumption structure is to "live", "line" as the main consumption characteristics of the stage, we must seize this historic opportunity, seize the opportunity to promote the upgrading of the consumption structure, industrial structure is strategical adjust, it has the positive practical significance to promote the economic development of Shanxi Province sustainable, rapid, healthy.
Historical evolution process of
, a Shanxi resident consumption structure.
At present, the consumption structure of residents in Shanxi province has experienced three times of consumption structure upgrading, the step to the progressive development and upgrading.
The first is the beginning of reform and opening up, due to the influences of planned economy, the potential energy of Shanxi market economy rapidly released in the beginning of reform and opening up, the long-term supply of urban residents consumption ability is bound to rapid expansion.To dress as a representative of the textile industry and the "three rings" "four", consumption of light industrial products of bicycles, sewing machines, watches and radio as the representative of the rapid growth, occupy the important position in the residents of consumption.Changes in the consumption structure has caused the change of industrial structure, in which, first, second, the tertiary industry added value by 1820000000 yuan of 1978, 5150000000 yuan, 1830000000 yuan to 4230000000 yuan, 12010000000 yuan in 1985, 5670000000 yuan, three industries in the national economy by 1978 the proportion of 20.68%:58.52%:20.79%, change for the 1985 19.31%:58.84%:21.89%.The residents consumption structure upgrade marks the province Shanxi residents into the hunger period.
The second is the late 80's to the late 90's, with color TV, washing machine, refrigerator, the recorder as the main representative of the "new" become a hot consumer focus, and the rapid spread of.In 1981 our province per 100 Urban Households there are 0.6 color TV sets, washing machine 6 sets, 0.2 refrigerators, 13 tape-recorders, just began to enter the budding period; by 1998, have color TV sets 107 sets, washing machine more than 91 units, refrigerators increased to 76, has been basically reached saturation period.To drive this change, is the income growth, from 1978 to 1985, the Shanxi province of urban residents per capita disposable income only increased from 301.4 yuan to 595.3 yuan, while in 1999, this number has increased to 4342.6 yuan.The rapid growth of consumption, greatly promoted the economic development of Shanxi, the industrial structure also will have a greater change, Shanxi first, second, the tertiary industry in the national economy in the proportion has changed from 18.82%:48.92%:32.23% in 1990, 2000 10.94%: 50.34%:38.71%.Second the upgrading of the consumption structure of urban residents in Shanxi province life marks the further improve, begin to enter the well-off society.
The third is what we experience with "live", "line" as the main consumption characteristics of the consumption structure upgrade phase, the Engel coefficient of urban residents and rural residents decreased from 34.9% in 2000 to 32.4% in 2005, 48.6%, 44.2%.Urban residents to eat, wear, use and other goods and services, consumer spending has declined, for housing, medical care, transportation and communication, education and entertainment services consumption increased, which by 2000 10.93%, 7.63%, 8.45%, 13.94% respectively in 2005 rose to 11.48%, 8.49%, 9.53%, 14.70%, one of the most significant change the rapid increase of medical care and transportation and communication consumption.The improvement of the people life level, people pay more attention to health, medical care expenditure increases rapidly, traffic communication and information consumption in recent years become the highlights of the consumption of urban residents.At the same time, with the income level of farmers continue to improve, the consumption structure of rural residents has changed dramatically, the traditional food and clothing live mainly in subsistence consumption tendency to change, showing a diversification of consumption and the new trend of life to enjoy the type of change.Rural residents to eat, wear, live, with the decline in the proportion of the expenditure for health care, transportation and communication, education and entertainment, the proportion rose, the most significant changes are rapidly increasing traffic communication and cultural and educational entertainment consumption.The per capita expenditure of rural residents in 2005 traffic accounted for 8.54%, 4.29 percentage points higher than in 2000, per capita expenditure on education and entertainment the proportion accounted for 14.89%, 3.11 percentage points higher than in 2000.This shows that Shanxi farmers in themselves are greatly improved after the life consumption mainly to enjoy and development direction.The residents' consumption structure upgrading marks the Shanxi residents started moving toward a well-off society in an all-round way.
Look on the whole, Shanxi household consumption has escaped from the pursuit of food and clothing and living consumption level, consumption structure in the accelerated upgrading, from the past to meet the basic survival consumption to development, to enjoy the type of consumer level transformation.
The two upgrade, the consumption structure upgrading opportunities for industrial structure
According to the experience of developed countries, a national consumer once upgraded to "live" and "line" as the main content of the stage, the upgrading of the consumption structure of energy produced by the adjustment of the industrial structure and economic growth is strong and lasting, because the industrial structure is decided by three aspects of demand, technology supply and comparative advantage factors, and consumer demand determines the direction of industrial structure adjustment, the adjustment of industrial structure is the mandatory power.At present, Shanxi consumption structure upgrade is to develop in depth, this brings rare development opportunity for the adjustment of industrial structure in Shanxi province.If homeopathy guide, can bring prosperity and prosperity of long-term to the economy of Shanxi province.The consumption structure upgrading to industrial structure adjustment brings the following opportunities:
First, the levels and stages of consumption structure upgrading bring opportunities for the optimization of industrial structure.Shanxi residents with income levels increase, the demand structure will change, this change is accumulated to a certain extent it contributed to the upgrading of consumption structure upgrading, which directly affect the change of industrial structure.In the primary stage of the upgrading of consumption structure, food, clothing categories of consumer spending accounts for a large proportion in the residents' consumption, which drives the rapid development of light, textile industry upgrade stage; in the second consumption structure, refrigerator, washing machine and other household durables began to enter the resident family, the electron, iron and steel, machinery manufacturing. Industry has a strong driving force; at the present stage is third times the consumption structure upgrading period, people pay more attention to the "live" and "line", expenditure greatly used in the "live" and "line" and other aspects of the increase, directly promoting the rapid development of the construction, automotive and related industries, and because of the influence of industry chain effect, the necessities of life consumption scope of people is also changing, this change not only affects the composition of production and consumption, but also affects the province's industrial structure.
Second, bring the opportunity of industrial chain effect hot consumer goods for the adjustment of industrial structure.The main symbol of consumption structure upgrade third ongoing is the commercial housing and private cars as the representative of the commodities to the family.Housing, cars and other goods relatively long industry chain, their consumption can promote the rapid development of related industries.According to the statistical data calculation, because the automobile industry chain is very long, radiation wide, can drive the development of iron and steel, machinery, electronics, rubber, glass, chemical, construction, service and 56 other related industry; the development of housing industry can
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