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Study on the changes of residents' consumption structure and industrial structure adjustment -- Taking Shanxi Province as an example

Author: CuiHaiYan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 14:13:27 Read:

Fifth, the construction of "digital Shanxi".The construction of "digital Shanxi" is an important strategic measure for economic and social development in our province.Informationization is the trend of the economic and social development, reform the traditional industry by information technology, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, vigorously promote the economic and social informatization, to promote our province sustained rapid and healthy development of the industry.
Sixth, protect environment, implementing the strategy of sustainable development of economy.I should force the great waste of resources, serious environmental pollution enterprises governance reform, upgrading, can cure cure, can be changed, can't cure, change is shutting down, out, change the line of production, so that not only protect the environment, the more advantage industry development room, provides the environment capacity, at the same time it provides conditions for the realization of sustainable economic development.
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