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The role of new media in the culture industry.

Author: YangLiYan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 13:39:11 Read:
Keywords paper: new media; structure; plant body traits; profit model
Abstract: new media forms and traditional cultural industries combined, has changed the traditional cultural industry production and transmission platform, has played an important role in the cultural industry in the emerging industry category leading cultural industry towards the globalization of the information superhighway, and become a catalyst to promote the integration of cultural industry restructuring and upgrading.Given the new connotation of culture industry in the digital age.Role of new media in the culture industry is omni-directional, the only role of new media in the cultural industry in the two aspects.
A new media, has important category in culture industry
The birth of 1 new culture industry
Nineteen ninties, information technology gave birth to the computer, network and mobile phone and other news media forms, the continuous emergence of new media for the culture industry is the most direct role in the media industry internal and related fields was born many new industries.
The main countries of the world will also be new media industry into the the country's cultural industry category.Like the web publishing and dissemination including copyright industry classification in the United States, Internet services.Other such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and other countries will also be the new media industry in the country of the cultural industry.
From a global scale of the industry point of view, some of the new media industry is still at the starting stage.The first half of 2006, such as China mobile data service, customized ringing tone and WAP income reached 2640000000 yuan and 3042000000 yuan.Although the total quantity is not large, but the year-on-year growth rate of more than 90%.Some of the new media industry has formed a considerable scale, like the British wireless music industry, South Korea's game industry, Japan's animation industry.This shows great potential of new media industry.Predictably, the new media form an important category will occupy more important position in the cultural industries in general.
2 old and new media to create new industry type and the profit pattern
The emergence of new media, the new media fusion, creating a new industry type and the profit pattern.For example, occupies an important share in the cultural industry in the traditional newspapers, radio and television three big media industry, through the integration of mobile phone and the new media forms, the mobile phone, mobile phone industry newspaper radio and mobile phone TV and other new.
Only to China as an example, in the newspapers, since the launch of the first mobile phone newspaper from July 18, 2007 China Women's news, to build mobile phone carriers can listen, can see the newspaper becomes the traditional newspaper media tour.Broadcasting, launched in July 11, 2005, the interactive voice response mode of the mobile phone broadcast in the media group.Then in 2005 September, the Central People's broadcasting station opened in CDMA's mobile phone broadcast.Television, mobile phone TV service by the end of 2007, Chinese users will reach 5050000.The business income can reach L8 billion yuan, to the end of 2010 mobile phone TV development will be more complete and mature, the user can be increased to about 30800000 households.The mobile phone television business income will reach 11000000000 yuan.The visible, new media added a new member to the cultural industry camp.
3 new media has become an important carrier and means of cultural industry technology upgrade and update the means of communication
Take the case of television, except we are familiar with the building through virtual reality computer stunt scenes and big production, film distribution can also be directly by the satellite digital transmission to the user terminal, the user can watch at home.You don't have to put the film at the cinema, and duplicate copy.It can save a lot of manpower and material resources.In the cultural industry exhibition industry, tourism culture, culture protection and cultural facilities and other service industries, the new media to produce a new display.Marketing, design and feedback method into the experience of economy and attention economy, breaking the original exhibition time, space constraints.In the United States Library of Congress as an example, with the opening of the Internet, the Library of Congress became the Internet information service provider in North America and even the world's largest Internet access, daily readers reached 30000 person-time.The network database service's annual income reached more than $3.The cultural products from the original book film development, website, database and other forms of CD, the largest enterprise become the world literature information service.New media as a new form of media, born with the media carrier of culture industry characteristics, a new media is the construction of the requirements of the information society and the inevitable choice.
two, new media is the catalyst of prompted the reconstructing and upgrading of the structure of cultural industry
1 new media is the catalyst to promote culture industry integration reconstruction
With the media tells the development and the advent of the information age, along with the rapidly approaching the globalization, the cultural industry has increasingly become a part of the contemporary economic life, become a part of the modernization of production.In such a context, the linkage between internal industry culture industry as well as the integration of cultural industry and other industries outside became prominent and closely.Has the characteristics of penetrating cultural industry chain in which the new media, and is the link of the development of related industries, to promote the integration and reconstruction of the cultural industry.
In the cultural industry creativity, design, production, distribution, consumption and use of the chain, the new media plays an important role.At present, the world's leading industrial companies, such as AOL Time Warner in one one, Tasman, Viacom, will business from a single media to multimedia and to the field of new media change.At the same time, will also extend to the entertainment business, clothing, toys, resorts and other industries.In the aspect of drive relevant industry linkage, new media is the embodiment of great potential and rapid momentum.According to the 2005 January published (2004 annual China Game Industry Report "showed in 2004, industry of Chinese network game on the communication business income of 15070000000 yuan in direct contribution to the IT industry, the direct contribution of 6370000000 yuan.Over the same period, the game industry's output value is 2470000000 yuan.That is the game industry to promote telecommunications, IT industry output growth is nearly 9 times the value of the game industry.
2 of the media industry culture industry structure upgrade
This is not a negligible change.The cultural industry to create even as the source, content is fundamental, knowledge economy as the core to the copyright.As the development of the current digital media technology has formed a strong cultural industry production, dissemination, distribution capacity, on demand, interactive means to easily meet.In the smooth communication platform, to express a variety of media and plenty of free choice conditions, the cultural industry in content production has isolated control of media technology, its importance is becoming more and more important.
The new media to promote culture industry upgrade and adjustment of industrial structure is reflected in the content and creative and production highlights more and important role.For example, in 2005 China's color diamond this business income reached 25 million 3000000000 Yuan, implementation of business tax of 75000000 yuan to 90000000 yuan.In addition, there are many new value-added business there.Such as the mobile phone wallet, mobile phone TV, mobile phone game, mobile phone positioning.This can be seen as a kind of media, mobile phone is acceptable to the majority of users, it is a basic phone functions, has gradually become the end of life, entertainment, business consulting demand of consumer satisfaction.When the mobile phone content production has become an important industry.The new media to promote culture industry will focus shifted to the content creation and production transformation, transformation of industrial structure of the original.
To make a long story short, the new media become the catalyst for the upgrading of culture industry restructuring and industrial structure.Change it for culture industry is brought about by the chemical change deeply, instead of simple physical changes.It is the culture industry ecological system update.
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