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Situation and Development Strategy of modern service industry in Jinan

Author: XuNingBo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 11:26:41 Read:
Abstract: The world economy is actually dominated the production of goods from the service into the "service economy" era, modern services to large-scale development in the whole service industry gradually dominate. From the connotation of modern service industry, analyze the existing problems of the development of modern service industry in Jinan, explore the development of modern service industry to study the significance of the economic and social development in Jinan, Jinan effective way to the development of modern service industry and relevant policies and measures.
Paper Keywords: modern service industry; Jinan; accelerate the development; upgrading of industrial structure

The contemporary economy, the level of development of modern service industry, reflecting a national and regional economic development level, the level of prosperity of the modern service industry has become one of the measure of urban modernization, internationalization and competitiveness of an important symbol. The congress report made it clear that accelerate the transformation of economic development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the development of modern service industry, increase the proportion of the service sector and level. Jinan City to speed up the development of modern service industry as an important measure to enhance the competitiveness of the city, the prosperity and development of the services sector in a more prominent position, accelerate the construction of the industrial system of the service economy. The face of the new situation of building a harmonious society, in the face of more intense international and domestic competition, the face of the international service industry background, give full play to the advantages of the capital city, seize the opportunity to raise the overall level of modern service industry in Jinan, we facing an important task.
, The basic connotation of the modern service industry
Modern service industry is generated in industrialized highly developed stage by relying mainly on information technology and modern management concepts developed service sector.
(A) The services sector is becoming an important engine of economic growth is the main driving force behind the sustained and rapid development of modern economy. The history of economic development in the evolution of the industrial structure presents certain regularity. Overall, the evolution of industrial structure is demand-driven and fueled by technological progress. On the one hand, the industrial structure and the level of economic development are closely related. With economic development, rising income levels needs inevitably change accordingly, changes in demand will inevitably bring about changes in investment and production, and thus boost the industrial structure adjustment. On the other hand, with the development of productive forces and social progress, the continuous improvement of the technical level, changes in the industrial structure showing trends continue the evolution from junior to senior. Primary and secondary industry dropped, the proportion of tertiary industry is rising. Becoming a major force for economic growth.
(B) the nature of the development of modern service industry is an inevitable requirement of the market and the new-type industrialization, modern service industry, there is no new road to industrialization. Industrial economic theory and international experience shows that accelerate the development of modern service industry of generally occurs in a period of a country's overall economic transformation from low-income to middle and upper income levels. Gradually developed modern service industry can provide an entrepreneurial climate for the development of high-tech industries, the formation mechanism of interaction with modern manufacturing, strong pull of economic development. In a certain sense, the new road to industrialization, is developed on the basis of the modern service industry, using information technology to stimulate industrialization, thus achieving high scientific and technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and human resource advantages into full play the path of development, the service sector has highlighted the important position in the new road to industrialization. Without the support of the development of the service industry, industrialization can only stay in a relatively early stage. With the development of industrialization, the composition of the added value of the industrial products. Increasing the proportion of pure manufacturing sector, the service industry, especially the modern service industry, logistics and marketing, research and development, human resources development, software and information services, financial services, accounting and auditing, lawyers and other professional production services and intermediary services had a share higher and higher, to become the dominant factor for enterprises to improve the effectiveness of competition.
(C) modern service industry is a major force in modern trade and economic growth, the World Economic transfer of new areas. After the 1990s, the proportion of modern service industries in the tertiary industry tends to go up, to optimize the internal structure of the service sector, especially in developed countries, the growth rate of the modern service industry generally beyond the average level of services. In recent years. With the growth of trade in services, the outsourcing of services in developing countries, including China, have sprung up everywhere, the rapid development of modern service industry a new economic growth point. Some developing countries from the "world factory" to become a "world office", part of the regional centers in developing countries and gradually form a "headquarters economy" effect. The data show that the global service outsourcing market size to 20% to 30% of the rate of the rapid expansion of the nation's more than 26 million enterprises, project outsourcing more than 2/3. Especially in the IT industry, the 2006 Global Outsourcing total of 346.5 billion yuan. In recent years, it has benefited from the rapid growth of China's software and information services exports.
Second, Jinan development of modern service industry necessity
Jinan, capital of Shandong Province, has a unique resource endowments and the unique advantages of the development of modern service industry, vigorously develop modern service industry is one of the priorities of the economic development of the provincial capital of Jinan.
1. Accelerate the development of modern service industry, is an urgent need to improve the urban functions, to build the metropolitan area of ??Jinan. With the acceleration of the process of regional integration and market-orientation, the increasingly prominent role of cities in economic development, to become the dominant force in regional economic development. Shandong Province, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" proposed to continue to promote the urbanization development strategy on the layout of urban space, clear to focus on the development of the metropolitan area of ??Jinan, and developed a seven prefecture-level city of Jinan, Zibo, Tai'an, Jinan metropolitan area planning. " Jinan, as the region's economic contact centers in the metropolitan area, charged with the task of provide production services and development opportunities for other cities in the metropolitan area of ??Jinan, led the development of the metropolitan area integration, charged with a positive commitment to the metropolitan area of ??Jinan attract external economic factors, external radiation the economic function of the window and the hub functions. Jinan metropolitan planning "made it clear to Jinan into a" modern service industry and Headquarters economy led to machinery and equipment and transportation equipment manufacturing, two industrial chain of high-tech industries as the core manufacturing developed a comprehensive provincial capital city. " The next period of time, modern service industry as the greatest potential for the industry whether the rapid development of Jinan and the entire metropolitan area economy will largely determine the growth rate.
2. Accelerate the development of modern service industry, is to optimize the Jinan City economic structure, transform the mode of economic development needs. International experience shows that the development of modern service industry has not improved, traditional service industries is difficult to achieve sustainable development, which requires the development of modern service industry as a long-term strategy to consider. Especially in recent years, with the Jinan City, Jiangsu strategy proposed, taking a new road to industrialization become the mainstream of economic development in Jinan. To take a new road to industrialization, modern service industry must have the support of, at a higher level to promote the strategic economic restructuring of Jinan guarantee. The one hand, modern service allows enterprises to enhance research and development, marketing and management level, improve value-added products, is conducive to the rapid development of industrialization. The new road to industrialization, on the other hand, the development of modern service industry based on new-type industrialization for the development of "hardware", the modern service industry as the new industrialization "software", both simultaneous development is conducive to information technology to stimulate industrialization.
3. The development of modern service industry, is to ease the employment pressure in Jinan City, an important way to promote social harmony. Current employment issues both industrial society to information society changes and optimize the layout of state-owned assets caused by structural labor transfer of rural labor force, there are "three rural" brought way out. This double shift caused by the employment problem will be facing a major employment pressure in Jinan.
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