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Research on Mechanism of technology innovation and upgrading of generalized regional industrial structure

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[Abstract] analysis of regional innovation capability formation process, this technology is to enhance regional innovation capability based and technology innovation is the power to improve regional innovation competence perspective, points out that the regional industrial structure upgrading is essentially regional technical structure from one equilibrium to another equilibrium transition, and discusses the mechanism of regional innovation technology the ability to achieve the upgrading of the industrial structure.
Mechanism of
[the regional innovation ability of high-tech industry structure

O introduction

Tsinghua University professor Fu Jiaji think, the technological innovation is the entrepreneurs to seize the market potential profit opportunities, access to commercial interests as the goal, to organize the production conditions and factors, build stronger, higher efficiency and lower the cost of production and management system, and the introduction of new products, new production methods (process), opening up new markets, access to new materials supply system or the establishment of a new enterprise organization, a comprehensive process includes a series of activities, the organization of science and technology, business and finance....Professor Fu Jiaji of technology innovation is defined as a generalized definition of technology innovation, technology innovation is the innovation.On Professor Fu Jiaji's definition of technology innovation as the foundation, this article believes that, the regional innovation ability refers to regional innovation subjects in the creation of new technology (including new products and new technology, the same below), with the new market, new materials and new enterprise organization and other aspects of the quality and ability of the regional technology innovation; ability as the core part of regional innovation ability, refers to the area in the creation of new technology, that is the new products and new technology in the quality and skill.
The improvement of regional innovation ability is a process, its regional laborers as the main body, through the dynamic conversion of input factors of production, create new innovation output (see Table 1).

Among them, the factor of production including natural resources, human resources, capital, technology, market, organization, regional innovation output includes new material sources, by the transformation of human resources into the new human capital, new technologies, new markets, new organization.Domestic and foreign scholars on the regional innovation capacity and regional industrial structure upgrading has been a lot of research, these studies have strongly promoted the development of region economy.But upgrading in regional innovation ability from the angle of technology research of the regional industrial structure of literature is not much.Regional industrial structure upgrading in China today, from the perspective of research on regional industrial structure upgrading has profound practical significance.In this paper, through the analysis of forming process of regional innovation capability of technology innovation ability, promote regional industrial structure upgrading mechanism.

1 technology is the foundation of to improve regional innovation ability
Technology is the application of science, is the intermediary of science and production, it combined with the actual production of new methods, research and development of the new materials, new technology, new varieties, new products etc..Regional innovation capability is based on the original regional labor factor of production, through the dynamic conversion of factor of production.In the input factors of regional innovation, technology innovation is the foundation and core structure.

1.1 determine the degree of
use the innovation resources
Technology innovation is not only can create natural resources for change, use of natural resources, but also can save natural resources on the transformation of production tool utilization, improve the utilization efficiency of natural resources.If the total factor productivity of Jiangsu province in 19992005 were 57605 yuan, 6325 yuan, 72%5 yuan, 86261 yuan, 204676 yuan, 120796 yuan, while the main industrial enterprises of coal and crude oil output consumption rate was 0.9r7 million tons / billion yuan, 9200 tons / billion yuan, 8700 tons / billion yuan, 8300 tons / billion element 7300 tons / billion yuan, 6800 tons / billion yuan.Thus, the total factor productivity of Jiangsu province coal, crude oil production and consumption are obvious negative correlation.This shows that the development of Jiangsu province technology improves the efficiency of utilization of natural resources.
Technical decision labor utilization.Hicks according to the technical progress on the capital marginal product and marginal product of labor will affect the technical progress is divided into three categories of "saving the capital", "labor saving", "neutral".Different types of technological progress will lead to different changes in the overall level of employment, labor saving technological progress will lead to declining employment levels, technical progress capital saving will lead to increased levels of employment, and neutral technical progress will not change the level of employment.
Technology capital utilization.Capital entered production in the form of currency, into two parts, one part is fixed capital, mainly exists in plant and machinery, equipment and other forms, the other part of the performance of raw materials, fuels and other capital flows.The technology can create a new product, process to reduce the use of raw materials, fuel, thereby reducing the amount of capital the entire production process.Technological progress has a positive feedback effect on Capital: (1) the adoption of new technology can not only reduce the average cost of production, the economic theory research discovery, every new technology, will bring obvious increasing returns, so that the average cost is reduced; (2) the new technology to produce new products, compared with the original products, improve the technological content, added value is high in the market more competitive; (3) technology can make the production function upward increase production scale will bring capital stock growth accelerated; (4) technology can improve the marginal productivity of capital, to relax the capital growth and accelerated the growth of capital constraints.
1.2 technology determines the realization degree
human needs
Human needs are conditions of a certain historical period of the restriction of technology.In agricultural economy times, the production technology is very backward, even people who have to travel into space, desire, but also because of the lack of aircraft and can only be a dream.The era of industrial economy, the invention of the steam engine and its wide use, stimulate people to the new requirements of basic necessities of life.The era of information economy, the rapid development of information technology provides the possibility for the needs of people in communication etc..Technology development history shows, it is technology that builds a bridge between the ideal and the reality of human needs.
The 1.3 technique determines the enterprise organization form
The transmission speed of information technology enterprise decision information, so as to determine the enterprise organization form.In the enterprise organization in the early stage, the information transmission speed is slow, the management of the enterprise organization range is narrow, therefore, higher level of enterprise organization.With the development of information technology, enterprise information transmission speed faster and faster, the span of management in the expanding, makes organization gradually to the development of flat.Application of modern management of information technology to make enterprise managers can know the development status of each part within the organization.At the same time, the information technology has brought a virtual manufacturing, virtual design, virtual sales organization in the middle to improve business efficiency of production at the same time, also in the changing of enterprise organization form.
To sum up, in the investment structure of regional innovation, technology determines the degree of utilization of natural resources, human resources, capital, decides the realization degree of market demand, determines the regional enterprise organization form.So, technology is the core structure of regional innovation input, is the basis of improving the regional innovation capability.Such as Jiangsu province from 2000 to 2005 R& D capital is 7300000000 yuan respectively, 2930000000 yuan, 11726000000 yuan, 15046000000 yuan, 26983000000 yuan, and the correlation coefficient of the incidence of Jiangsu province from 2000 to 2005 total factor is 0.7352%, which shows that technical progress of Jiangsu Province on the regional innovation capability plays a fundamental role.
2 technology innovation is the driving force of to improve regional innovation ability
As mentioned before, the regional innovation output includes new material sources, by the transformation of human resources into the new human capital, new technologies, new markets and new business organization.In the structure of regional innovation, technology innovation is the core of regional innovation output, is the fundamental driving force to enhance regional innovation capability.
2.1 new materials appear to be the result of technological innovation
Material is the indispensable material basis for human life and production, is an important milepost of human social civilization and progress.From the beginning of the second half of the twentieth Century, the new material will become a breakthrough in the development of high and new technology, and affects the development of emerging industries in the very great degree.A lot of problems in the development of high technology, are in fact related, and materials can say, the development and application of new materials, there is no development material base of high-tech, no new technology products and industrial progress.Therefore, to master the new material is a country in science and technology
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