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On the upgrading of industrial structure and independent innovation

Author: ShiWeiMin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 10:27:57 Read:
Paper Keywords: upgrading of the structure of the introduction of innovative technologies
Abstract: resource-based model of economic development has long been practiced in China, can not support the growth of the Chinese economy, the Central People's Government decided innovative China must follow the path of economic development, we must strive to enhance the industrial level and a technical level, strengthen macro-strategic innovation, strengthen the innovative practice of independent innovation to promote economic growth, promote industrial restructuring and optimization and upgrading
First, upgrade the industrial structure to promote independent innovation
First, from a macro point of resource-based economic development model, has long been practiced in China, far from being able to meet to the 2020 economic growth target of quadrupling the overall national economy. In addition, as a big country, only to rely on foreign technology and the transfer of funds can not be long-term support China's economic growth. Therefore, the Central People's Government China must follow the path of development of innovation-oriented country, to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, promote independent innovation. From the 1980s, science and technology is increasingly becoming the most important factor in international competition, and intellectual property rights as the most important strategic assets by the governments of developed countries, the more and more attention. Into this century, many of the world's developed countries have developed national intellectual property strategy, intellectual property laws and regulations from the original macro height raised to the national development strategies, strengthen intellectual property rights in the field of science and technology, economic seize and hold an important strategic competitive advantage. In recent years, especially after China's accession to the WTO, many multinational companies have started to use intellectual property rights "minefield laid in the market, and frequent intellectual property litigation initiated on Chinese enterprises. Developed countries and multinational companies to deal with these changes, it requires our business to pay full attention to independent innovation, to master their own intellectual property rights. At present, China's independent innovation in all sectors, especially in the field of IT strategic breakthrough proved the thesis of the countries on strengthening independent innovation and independent intellectual property rights and the indication is based on China's economic and social development practice to make a scientific judgment.
Secondly, from the microscopic point of view, Chinese enterprises lack the core technology, most of the core technology by foreign multinational companies to master, so that the growth of domestic enterprises to be bound by technical factors, technology, standards and controlled by others, but also makes the domestic middle and lower reaches of the position of the majority of enterprises in the industrial, business shrinking profit margins. Innovation capacity factors restricting the development of enterprises is critical, Therefore, we need independent innovation to enhance the specialized business innovation and the ability to integrate, to win the position of enterprises in the market to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise products, technology, brand, consolidate the target market segments. From the development of the industry as a whole, individual enterprises innovation can drive more business innovation in the industry chain, to achieve a win-win strategic situation is bound to promote all aspects of the industry chain.
, An effective way to achieve self-innovation
(A) to strengthen macro-strategic innovation
The independent innovation fundamental purpose is to prevent the economy, security, trade controlled by others, the key is to master the core technology and an important part of the industry chain system controlling. We want to establish the strategy of independent innovation, and strive to have ownership in the international competition to promote economic development and improve their international competitiveness. Embodied in:
1. Improve the functions of the government. First, improve the functions of government services, form a group with independent intellectual property rights of technology, products and standards. A whole, the developed countries is a technology leader, Chinese enterprises is technically a follower. Developed countries have their own technical track, he developed technical standards reflect the technological trajectory, as latecomers to catch up, to achieve catch-up should have their own technology-led track. From the macro point of view, the Chinese market capacity sufficient to support independent innovation and independent standard-setting, the production capacity of Chinese enterprises has become the world's most influential force. Therefore, we should improve the government's leading role in the standard-setting, to pave the way for China's technology into the market, so the understanding of Chinese enterprises on their own markets, and to make their products in the Chinese market gained popularity. The core technology in China and a series of things will be driven up, out of their own track, and the emergence of dominant technology track will mark the formation of the capability of independent innovation in the industry and national levels. Second, improve the coordination functions of the government, from the independent innovation of enterprises also need to have a good environment for the development of an appropriate corporate need all aspects, including the government and users in all aspects of mutual cooperation, the harmonious development space. Third improve the government's guidance functions, the implementation of fiscal, tax, financial and government procurement policies to support independent innovation, the development of venture capital to support SMEs to enhance the capability of independent innovation. Institutions reform, the establishment of a national innovation system. (2) improve the competitiveness of intellectual property rights. In order to cope with the competition in the international intellectual property rights, domestic enterprises should develop the right strategies should also be a fundamental ability to compete cultivate their own intellectual property, you must have a sufficient number of independent intellectual property rights, as demonstrated by: strengthening enterprises in independent innovation in the dominant position, establish a market-oriented research that combines technological innovation system; vigorously implement the brand strategy, to encourage the development of well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights; improve independent innovation incentives. I believe that we are able to control intellectual property rights is the independent intellectual property rights. Innovative, regardless of the introduction, digestion, absorption re-innovation or completely independent innovation, integrated innovation, as long as the innovation of intellectual property rests in our hands or in our hands is the independent innovation .
Adjustment in the field of innovation. Should the particularity focus of China's economic and cultural development of the field of scientific and technological innovation, the limited scientific research efforts are focused on the upgrading of industrial structure and updating the most competitive and influential areas or areas of strength in China, to promote the innovation process comparative advantage. Such as manufacturing for a long period of time, is still the most technical innovation rapid labor productivity to enhance the field of the fastest growing industries in the field of biotechnology; China after the United States has a comparative advantage. In addition, the inside of the IT industry should be found which is China's comparative advantage, and then the diffusion of the advantages to form a more complete industrial chain, to enhance the overall competitive advantage of our country's IT industry. Note also that, from the enterprises themselves, depending on the life cycle of the product in which to select a different field of innovation.
(B) strengthening the practice of corporate innovation
(1) the concept of innovation. The concept of innovation involved in all aspects of the business: user service model should abandon the concept of unreasonable, innovation and user service mode, depending on the market environment and user needs change promptly adjust business development strategy. The second is the management concept of innovation, enterprises should change the personnel system, increase the investment of human resources. Third, the brand concept, focus on brand promotion and training, to enhance the brand influence. Fourth, the concept of product innovation, we can according to market demand, product upgrading, speed up product update frequency. Market needs innovative products on the market will do innovative companies. Enterprises should increase R & D investment, focus on independent technology and related technologies. Application of the concept of innovation, enterprises should pay attention to the target market segments, in line with the development of user demand, to achieve the transition to a solutions provider from the product provider. Such as management practices adopted by China in the telecommunications, banking, company management and abroad too different software in the United States is not suited to the needs of China. Aimed at this point, companies can meet the specific needs of these industries to obtain market space. Market demand-driven innovation is a valuable innovation. Innovation, should be bottom-up, by market demand to stimulate innovation, not for innovation and innovative. Is to promote the concept of continuous innovation, continuous innovation also need a very good corporate culture, the people inside the company innovation as very matter of pride. Innovation should be allowed to fail, if the company does not allow employees fail, there can be a culture of innovation. Enterprises should pay attention to develop their own talent, only trained people will unswervingly comes the temptation of the outside world. Companies need to have a good market, good management, good culture, so as to maintain continuous innovation ability. Seven to promote the integration of the concept of innovation, integrated innovation by the individual technological innovation.
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