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On rural urbanization and upgrade of industrial structure

Author: GuoZhen LiHui From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 10:23:50 Read:
Keywords: the process of upgrading the industrial structure of Rural Urbanization
Abstract: to speed up the process of urbanization in rural areas, must be based on the upgrading of the agricultural industry structure, and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure must be based on the construction of rural towns, two coordination, mutual promotion.Through the in-depth analysis of the existing problems of rural industrial structure of China's current, proposed that only setting up the new pattern of rural industrial structure, in order to speed up the transfer of rural population, alleviate the population of agriculture, increase farmer income, better development of the rural economy, and speed up the urbanization of rural areas.
, rural urbanization and rural industrial structure adjustment and upgrade of
The rural urbanization is an important strategic measure to solve the three rural problems in China, an important premise and urbanization is the development of urban industry.The full development of urban industry should rely on the rational industrial structure, only the establishment of rural industrial structure reasonable, in order to speed up the urbanization of rural areas, in order to better the development of rural economy.Rural urbanization hand can accelerate agriculture and rural population to non-agricultural transfer of agricultural population, ease the pressure; on the other hand, the rural urbanization can increase the proportion of non-agricultural industries, realize the upgrading of industrial structure, to accelerate the development of the rural economy and increasing farmers' income.Rural urbanization, created the conditions for the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in rural areas, optimize and upgrade industrial structure in rural areas is to accelerate the rural urbanization development.
First of all, the rural urbanization and promote the upgrading of industrial structure in rural areas.Urbanization can guide the agricultural structure upgrade, from the low level to the high level transformation, promote the benign development of agriculture.To speed up the development of rural urbanization, can create more employment opportunities, effectively absorb the rural labor force, reducing agricultural employment pressure, improves the quality of farmers, pulling the adjustment of agricultural structure; rural urbanization can accelerate the process of agricultural industrialization, promote the direction of agricultural structure to integrated, professional, scientific, ecological development; can to change the traditional pattern of farmers fundamentally to agriculture, promote agricultural scale, intensive management; speed up rural urbanization development of the two or three industry, can create the external economic environment, rural urbanization is conducive to the expansion of rural industrial scale, optimize resources, improve the quality of county industry industry and promote the development of urban and rural two or three industry grow, thus a centralized management for the upgrading of the industrial structure, the intensive use of resources and the environment, but also can provide a good living environment, the service life and more public goods for residents (such as education, health, water supply and drainage system, distribution power system 1, fundamentally improve the lives of rural residents, and from this point say, urbanization and rural industrial development is to realize the modernization of the rootThis choice.
Secondly, the adjustment of rural industrial structure is to promote the foundation and core of rural urbanization.Industrial upgrading and industrial structure level is the basis for accelerating the process of urbanization, the rural industrial structure adjustment and upgrade to promote agricultural industrialization, rural industrialization, and promote the process of rural urbanization.Agricultural industrialization is the organic combination of agricultural production, and _ D and sales, structure formed a set of breeding and production, supply and marketing, trade workers and peasants as one mode of operation, promote the specialization of production transformation and service socialization reform, promote the development of agricultural product processing industry cluster and the concentration of absorbing rural service industry, can further promote the development of rural two or three industry, promote economic exchanges between urban and rural areas, can make part of farmers out of agricultural production, engaged in non-agricultural production, provides the material basis for the development of rural urbanization; the rural industrial structure optimization, select the development prospects of the industry as the leading industry, leading industry lead and radiation, the scale economy, will promote the development of rural economy to a large extent, is conducive to speed up the process of rural urbanization.Urbanization construction must rely on science and technology and talent, focus on industrial upgrading and functional upgrading, helps to improve the small town construction level and grade, enhanced functions of small towns in the area of urban and rural economic and social development.
The presence of two, urbanization of rural industrial structure adjustment and the problem of
(a) the development of the rural second, three industrial structural mismatch
The development of rural second, the three industry is the main way since the reform and opening up the rural economy revitalize in the round, the development of agricultural economy and rural urbanization has important practical significance.However, from the concrete analysis, the two problems are evident.One is the development of the rural second industry the main Township, private enterprises, although in recent years fast development, but the township, private enterprises in the production and operation of different degrees exist very Datong structural characteristics and the city of traditional industry, resulting in the township, private enterprises and city industrial raw materials, markets, competition for capital investment situation; two is the development of the tertiary industry lags behind the development of rural township industries, the tertiary industry accounted for the rural economy of the low proportion of the tertiary industry, especially some of the main industry and sector belongs to the social service system, such as the popularization of science and Technology Service system, information service system and so many productive service industry is still blank; three is from the rural non-agricultural industry absorbing capacity of rural surplus labor force, according to statistics, the tertiary industry and the second industry in rural areas than in the rural industry, the labor force ability to absorb the advantage.
2002 - 2005, rural industrial output value accounted for the proportion of rural social output value increased by 33%, but the proportion of the labor force in the same period increased only 41.3%, while the tertiary industry in the period of rural output only increased by 31.1%, but the proportion of employment up to 60%.The development of rural industrial development and rural the tertiary industry structure is not coordinated, which hinders the agricultural labor force transfer speed increase.Therefore, in the process to develop and promote the industrialization of agriculture rural non-agricultural industry development strategy, should pay attention to the development of structural adjustment of rural second, three industries, in order to promote the transfer of rural surplus labor force.
(two) the rural urbanization development level is low
With the development of modernization of agriculture, liberate a large number of agricultural population from the agricultural production, but due to the lag of rural urbanization level, affect the agriculture surplus labor transfer to cities speed, also affects the further promotion of agricultural scale operation, hindered the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of agriculture and rural areas, because of farmer income is low, the low level of productive forces make the rural industrial structure to upgrade, therefore, the shackles of the agricultural labor reform and the improvement of agricultural productivity, tied second, rural three industry development, the integration of urban and rural economic and social development process, at the same time, the formation of the urban and rural consumption fault, impede the orderly development of domestic demand and upgrade.
(three) the lag of rural infrastructure construction
Public infrastructure and public service facilities construction and development of small towns is a basic and important content, directly related to the Nd, the development of urban economy, the society and the improvement of people's living standard.At present, due to various reasons, in the rural areas generally exists in road traffic, public health, water conservancy, water, electricity, communication, education, culture, entertainment and other infrastructure construction is insufficient or incomplete, the overall environmental quality is poor, severely reducing the quality of life of farmers, restricting the rural economic development, has hindered the rural town in the process, to adjust and optimize industrial structure in rural areas.
three, to establish a new pattern of rural industry structure, accelerating the urbanization process
Rural urbanization is a complicated system engineering, really promote the smoothly, we must adjust and optimize the industrial structure in rural areas, the establishment of a new pattern of rural industrial structure and its supporting system.The adjustment and optimization of rural industrial structure, to get out of agriculture, agricultural development will narrow circle of rural development in rural areas, expand the rural economy development channels, to take the agriculture as the foundation, developing the two or three industry planning, establishment of a new pattern of rural industry structure first, two or three coordinated development of the industry, promote each other.
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