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Analysis of several suggestions to improve the quality of our asset evaluation

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Author: Jinghong, Shu-Jen Wang Wei Daoning, Wei

Paper Keywords: asset evaluation assessment of quality assessment of risks
Abstracts playing: explored by analyzing the impact of asset appraisal quality and the development of market economy, China's current quality problems in the field of asset evaluation, improve the quality of our asset evaluation should move from the outside environment construction, asset appraisal institution management and asset assessment of the quality of personnel training three aspects and put forward specific measures to achieve.
First, the problem raised
Asset evaluation industry in China since the 1980s to the birth of, after more than 10 years of development, and gradually grow up, to maintain the order of the socialist market economy, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of all types of property rights play a an irreplaceable role. The value of asset evaluation in the socialist economy will be increasingly important asset evaluation as a justice of the consulting industry, its quality is the lifeline of its existence, the ability to provide the community with fair reliable asset evaluation The information is based on the fundamental. With the continuous development of market economy, with the integration of the world economy and China joined WTO, the asset appraisal industry is also added to the international competition in the ranks, the quality of assets assessment put forward new and higher requirements, in the face of the new situation of asset evaluation industry such as Dong improve the quality of its own in the fierce competition in an invincible position in front of us a pressing problem.
In recent years, due to the rapid expansion of the scale of the rapid growth of the asset evaluation agencies, evaluators and the assessment of theoretical specification are seriously lagging behind, uncoordinated management industry, with the rapid development of the evaluation of the business does not phase adaptation, resulting in assets assessment of the market is in a state of "chaos", a disorderly competition assessment agencies and evaluation Put disregard professional ethics, not to practice in accordance with operating procedures, assessment Put serious deviation from the objective. Rating dry personnel to assess in full accordance with the wishes of the commissioning party. Resulting in some companies the commissioning party asset evaluation "rubber band" longer, shorter short, some users of the evaluation results to the 'discount', and so on, so that asset evaluation severely damaged public image quality problems arise in the field of China's asset evaluation, the existing market imperfections, not standardized, practicing environmental management system is not perfect, objective reasons, the quality of our evaluators low risk awareness is not strong, practicing low level of subjective reasons. How often the mutual influence of these factors are intertwined to play a role, affecting the survival and development of the industry:
Second, the quality of assets evaluation on the development of market economy
Asset appraisal industry is a management consulting with forensic nature of the service industry. Played an important role in the transfer of property rights, corporate restructuring and liquidity of assets and other aspects of China's national economy important industry occupies an important position in the national economy market-oriented process. Asset assessment of the quality of life of the asset evaluation industry
(A) asset appraisal quality customer asset evaluation industry development are now required
Asset assessment is the professional judgment made by the professional evaluators commissioned to assess the value of the assets at a particular point in time is provided for the commissioning party views of rating blight asset value. Assets conclusions of the assessment the credibility depends largely on the professional judgment of the evaluators, such judgments are also dependent on the assessment of professional quality, professional and ethical standards and the practice of the accumulation of experience. The credibility of the assessments made by the evaluators is the objective basis for the existence of this industry, see the credibility of this exhausted reduced to a certain extent, it will lose the value of its existence, so as to provide professional value of the assets of the advisory opinion of the agency of evaluation must provide society with reliable value judgment, which is the objective requirements of social asset appraisal industry.
(B) assess the quality of assets, the direct IMPACT optimize the amount of asset allocation and diameter Cao
By Asset Appraisal dry assets to determine the actual magnitude of value is the most important foundation of asset management, macro asset allocation optimization, or emblem of assets to operate efficiently, we need to effectively grasp the value of the assets. the basis of information and reflect the assets should be preserved, value-added and the income situation of different industries, regions, enterprise asset yields were compared. So, the Asset Appraisal Put the level of quality to optimize asset allocation and operation plays a decisive role.
(C) lift-off asset appraisal quality the gazetted public and, perilous show Wei Du socialist commodity market objective Shan To
In the commodity economy under the conditions of not only the company's products into the market to be exchanged and the object of labor and means of labor into the commodity market exchange, in this case, if you do not pay attention to the quality of asset evaluation, will cause a lot of loss of assets, serious damage to the interests of the owners of the assets. In front of the company's assets as a whole into the commodity markets must seriously be evaluated to ensure the quality of asset evaluation, this is a the socialist commodity market development, improvement and development of the objective needs. Three children in charge of the production quality of the evaluations recommended
(A) of the Constitution. Assets assessment of the legal system, the harmonization of legislation manager
Our asset evaluation the Legislation and assessment industry is rapidly developing requirements, largely exist hysteresis. States should therefore be amended as soon as possible (the state-owned Asset Valuation Procedures), to break the ownership limitations, development of asset evaluation industry harmonization of laws and regulations, as soon as possible asset valuation standards associated with this series of normative guidance on ratings withered quality control, the use of assessment methods, assessment reports and other aspects of a unified specification 'through the harmonization of legislation management, Asset Appraisal dry satisfied the legal system to avoid and reduce the risk of assessment. improve the quality of asset evaluation to create a good practice environment for the development of the assessment of the assets.
(B) strengthening assessment theory and method of
In accordance with the law of development of things, the development objective of the asset evaluation industry requires an assessment of theories and methods in a timely manner to guide assessment practices and in some respects ahead of the assessment practices. Of asset evaluation is to explore the way forward in practice. Asset valuation theory lags behind the assessment practice, the slow development of evaluation theory has seriously affected the development of evaluation practice. To fundamentally solve our current assessment of the current situation of the industry, to improve the quality of asset valuation must study the theory and method of asset evaluation manpower.
(3) the establishment of a complete quality control system for asset evaluation
Of asset evaluation is often focused on ex post control, such as the Yearbook of assessment agencies to assess the institutions and personnel problems punishment. This ex post control is very necessary to improve the quality of the entire appraisal industry but how to prevent problems. Preventive measures is stressed in the modern control theory. Asset Appraisal dry activities should be regarded as a complete system, the establishment of a national assessment blight associations, local Evaluation Association to asset evaluation agencies from different angles, using different methods, in front, a matter of control after the control a complete set of quality control system.
(D) to strengthen self-construction of the asset evaluation institutions, the establishment of a set of comprehensive quality control system
The establishment and improvement of the quality control system of the asset evaluation agencies is key to ensure that the assessment of the quality of service and qualified quality control system throughout the entire project management, with emphasis on the control aspects in the evaluation process. That is, project planning, organization, coordination, monitoring has always been.
The planning stage of the project is an important stage of the assessment litter quality control, at this stage, the rating agencies should first learn more about the basic situation of the assessment project, the degree of risk assessment project to make a reasonable judgment. Second, we should develop a more detailed assessment of assets, make overall arrangements for assessment matters, including the selection of assessment methods, personnel division arrangements, time schedule, possible risks, good assessment program is to ensure the quality of evaluations the premise: In the implementation phase of the project should focus on two-way communication with the person in charge of the project, give full play to the important role of the project leader in the assessment process to strengthen the supervision and control of the quality of personnel, on the dry, improve the assessment of the working papers. In the report stage of the project. Should establish a sound system of internal audit by the three audit. The last one off to a good assessment process.
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