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The structure of China's processing trade of International Vertical Specialization Perspective upgrade strategy

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Paper Keywords: vertical specialization processing trade structure upgrade
Abstract: To analyze the problems faced by the Vertical Specialization and processing trade relations and upgrading of the structure of China's processing trade, and promote China's processing trade structure upgrade strategy from the the vertical specialization angle International Vertical Specialization.
Since the 1970s, the international specialization hang from the rapid development of the form of international division of labor from the industry division, the division of labor within the industry to the evolution of the International Vertical Specialization brought a change in the field of production countries in the world have invested in the production of the wave of globalization, so that the economy between countries more closely linked. Processing trade is an important form of our participation in vertical specialization, and the processing trade has become the main form of China's international trade. Therefore, from the point of view of vertical specialization study the upgrading of China's processing trade will help to improve the status of China in the international vertical specialization chain, thus contributing to our overall trade structure and industrial structure upgrade.
1 Vertical Specialization and processing trade
1.1 Vertical Specialization new stage of division of the international division of labor
The continuous development of economic globalization has changed the way of economic ties between the countries, and also changed the form of the international division of labor, each country in a commodity at a specific stage of specialized production, this new the division of labor in the form known as the International Vertical Specialization. The basic connotation of vertical specialization is the production process consists of different processes or section distribution to different countries and economies, different processes or section of a specific production process does not sweep through the space dispersion assumed to open a trans-regional or cross-border of the production chain or system, making it more and more countries and companies involved in the production or supply activities to different segments or segment of a specific production process. Vertical specialization in the new trade theory, as a new international division of labor and trade in the form of rapid development, improving status in the international division of labor and trade, is the deepening of the international division of labor.
The 1.2 vertical specialization and processing trade relations
First, the processing trade is not only a way of trade, but also to achieve a major form of vertical specialization. Vertical specialization is the production process and section contains is broken up and distributed to different countries, the formation process, section, links and "like division of labor, and the salient features of the processing trade across the productivity of port workers and sales of the borders, and its essence is the countries in the different production processes carried out in the international division of labor, and in accordance with their respective production processes to achieve product value chain of value-added activities. Processing trade not only conforms to the basic characteristics of vertical specialization and production, but also to establish a trade on the basis of free trade, and therefore it represents the new trend of the international division of labor today.
Secondly, vertical specialization and promote the development of processing trade. This new international division of labor in the form of vertical specialization is built on the basis of comparative advantage and economies of scale and other factors, is conducive to play to the comparative advantage of countries in different processes of a particular product, and the full realization of economies of scale of production processes, and thus conducive to the production cost savings and productivity raise the white spoon, while processing trade as a major form of realization of vertical specialization, naturally the public into acetate and development.
Finally, vertical specialization is conducive to the transformation and upgrading of processing trade. Vertical specialization of production into the section of the process level, to enable enterprises to become the main body of the international division of labor, labor-abundant developing countries, the development of processing trade is extremely beneficial. Vertical specialization conditions, the transformation and upgrading of processing trade on a different level, level or link, product upgrades, the upgrade of the value chain; enterprises the ability to upgrade; industrial upgrading; regional upgrade.
2 structure of China's processing trade rose cut fr the problems faced by
Over the past 20 years, China's processing trade from scratch, from small to large, to achieve the extraordinary, high speed, leaps and bounds. In 2007, China's total foreign trade volume of $ 2,173,800,000,000, general trade import and export of approximately% 72.2 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 445% of the total import and export; processing trade imports and exports of about $ 9.8605 trillion, accounting for import and export value 45.4%. Processing trade has become China's largest trading and sustained, rapid development of the main driving force Yuedan, China's processing trade during the upgrade process is still facing many problems, restricted the rapid and stable development of China's processing trade import and export. Mainly manifested in:
2.1, China is still in the low end of the low value-added international division of labor is not high value-added processing trade, the overall positive value-added growth is relatively slow. Our comparative advantages has been reflected in the abundant cheap labor, the status of the international division of labor in China has been cured in the lowest value-added and labor-intensive production processes, most of our country; lining area just labor in the labor-intensive products into capital-intensive production processes, labor-intensive production processes in technology-intensive products, trade interests in China is very small, even high-tech products is no exception.
2.2 China's processing trade "spillover effect" is not obvious. At present, China's processing trade enterprises in the industrial chain of low-end not occupy strategic initiative position, especially for the leading role in upstream industries, such as raw materials industry and other basic industries. The overall expansion of the scale is not the radiation effect on other businesses and regions, the development of processing trade can not bring new markets to the development of domestic enterprises, it left incite the soil trade-led industrial development in order to achieve the improvement of the industrial structure and upgrades. In addition, the domestic processing trade industry chain is not established, the role of processing trade industry association of the host country or region does not function effectively, the rapid growth of processing trade exports a large scale, driven by basic industries bare Do not report progress, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure is not due.
International Vertical Specialization monthly level policy to promote China's processing trade structure
3.1 strengthen the technological innovation, continuous improvement of our products in the industry value chain
Domestic technology level is directly related to the oil to listen to optimize the processing trade structure in China's comparative advantages into. Our government should further intensify efforts to support technological innovation and development, to take practical and effective policies and measures to encourage and promote the the white spoon renewal of equipment, technology with investigation and staff training, development and implementation of the integrity of the industry, especially the high-tech industry preferential policies for technological innovation system, as soon as possible to change the general backwardness of processing and manufacturing. Chinese enterprises to increase R & D investment in efforts to continuously upgrade their technical level, at the same time to seize the current multinational R & D center is gradually transferred to China the opportunity to actively participate in its technology research and development, sharing of research results, absorb advanced theory, experience, enhance the capability of independent innovation.
3.2 increase domestic procurement rate of increase in industrial linkage and spillover effects
Present, due to the the quality hydroperfluoropropane policy reasons, China's raw materials, intermediate inputs, the character of the domestic procurement is still low. To improve the rate of processing trade in the domestic procurement, the following measures can be taken to guide domestic enterprises concerned about the processing trade of raw materials, parts and intermediate products supporting the market demand trends, support domestic enterprises and processing trade enterprises to carry out various forms of cooperation; b for some the development and production of key parts and equipment may be considered to give special preferential policies in science and technology, finance, taxes, etc.; (c) the level of development of technology skills, a complete range of supporting industry clusters. Because the development of industrial clusters capable of producing external economies of scale and reduce the cost of ancillary products, promote technology spillovers; improve domestic raw materials, intermediate inputs quality, in line with the quality and technical requirements of the international similar products. Through the above measures to improve the rate of domestic procurement, play the processing trade association and spillover effects, and will extend the value chain of China's domestic processing trade, promote processing trade structure upgrade. 3.3 extend the industrial chain of processing trade in the domestic
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