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Do ideological work to adapt the market economy development

Author: ZhangWuHong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-06 01:00:28 Read:
Abstract: with the development of diversified businesses of actual, thinking and work well under the new situation, one is to grasp the ideological trend of workers, to seize the ideological work; two is to tension and situation in mind, creative work; three is to keep close to the masses, do real thing for the workers.Interdependence, between the three indispensable, must earnestly.
Keywords: market economy; development; ideological work
Abstract: The union enterprise development reality, thought that pays special attention to under the new situation the ideological work; first, must know the staff thought tendency, pays special attention to the ideological work the point of application; Second, must with the situation develop in the thought that in the work have the innovation anxiously; Third, must draw close to the popul

With the development of enterprise reform process accelerate ceaselessly, strengthen and improve the ideological and political work in enterprises.Around the new situation of market economy construction, research thinking and activities of the new situation and new features, focus on staff's ideological work, is an important task in.
1 master thought in dynamic, focus on the effort of
The establishment of market economy system, for the survival and development of enterprises has brought new competition.Our enterprise is facing the competition and development of the soul, the enterprises will optimize mechanism, adjustment mechanism, operating in accordance with the law, standardize management, enhance the ability of market competition.Doing so will give enterprises has brought new employment idea, especially to break the wage scale system, implement the new wage distribution system, to the different levels of staff to pressure, ever by the collective, mess, you have me some distribution does not exist.Changes in wage income gap, distribution methods, so that employees thought has had the new contradictions, the new problems.To do the ideological work must grasp the key points, difficulties.How to carry out the work:
One is to help workers to change their ideas, to do a good job in Ideological and political work, education workers to meet new situation, to adapt to the new system, so that we deeply understand the reform measures are taken to the enterprise to enterprise based on the social competition.Should have a correct understanding of this, to reassure the wrong ideas in the work.
Two is to keep on studying political theories and guide workers to eliminate, in theory, ideological concerns, mentality imbalance, liberated from the old ideas, establish new concepts, new ideas and adapt to the new situation, and to make it into a driving force to promote enterprise reform.
Three is to help the employees to improve and enhance their ideological quality and professional quality.The socialism market competition, in the final analysis is the competition of talents, is a very realistic problem to improve the quality of workers.New products, new quality, new requirements, so that we are deeply aware of, not to update their knowledge, can not keep up with the trend of the times, will give the enterprise the development to bring immeasurable loss control.Therefore, the current no matter in what position, what kind of occupation, should be down-to-earth professional learning, improve their ideological quality and professional quality.The development of the 2 closely follow the situation, in the ideological work of innovative
The ideological and political work according to the continuous development of the spirit of innovation, can cause the work to keep up with the times rhythm, really solve the problem of ideological workers, to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.
First, the ideological and political work to find a new point of view.Innovation and new ideas, work can have a definite object in view.Therefore, the starting point of the ideological and political work, we should deepen enterprise reform, the conversion mechanism, their concept of employment, wages and distribution to explore, really solve the hot, difficult problems workers reflect.
Second, in the work of the form to establish new positioning, to change the political work in the ideological and political work by the administrative department.The new situation of the ideological and political work and to form a whole range of.The practice of reform and opening up decades of work to tell us, the enterprise ideological and political work must be integrated into all activities of enterprises, reflects life, learning, work in all aspects of workers, the formation of a wide range of ideological work pattern, can play a better role in Ideological work.At the same time, also in the Party leadership, change the past work of mobilization, called for more specious writing and other defects, turned up as close to the actual, guide the transformation, in-depth submarine out, do solid work, to improve the ability to engage in competition, to see the results in the creation of civilization in the work.
Third, to adhere to the investigation of regular, predictable work to do.In the workforce, always grasp the ideological trend, formed the thought of early warning ability strong.Do the work in the former, the contradiction in the bud, to create a good living order, stability and harmony of the production work order.
Fourth, there will be a new mechanism, the ideological work to adapt to the new situation.Under the new situation of the ideological and political work, to mobilize the masses, rely on Party organizations, organizations, trade unions, mechanism of the formation of an upper and lower range, with each other in the mechanism, and to innovate methods of work, give full play to the role of Party organizations at all levels, the formation of a new situation a person to do the work, make thought work really play the role of cohesion, morale, spur motivation in enterprise interior, escort for the enterprise.
3 to be close to the populace
for employees
The ideological and political work is an important engineering enterprise development essential, but to do this project well, the key is to the grassroots, thorough masses, contact with the masses, do practical things for the masses, in order to make the job falls to real point, under the support of the masses.Only combine the ideological and political work and take care of their living, to ensure and promote the smooth conduct of the work of enterprises.
The foundation of Ideological and political work is through the ideological and political education for people, to mobilize the enthusiasm, creative staff, the goal of the service enterprise.Therefore, do a good job in the ideological and political work must listen to the voice of the people, understand and master the practical problems of workers are most concerned about, and take active measures, through the development of "love", "student" activities, "poor workers" relief for workers, excellent problem-solving, can do a better job, resolve contradictions, manage emotions, so as to achieve and the masses at heart, make our work more features, the party's warmth to the masses of workers to make workers, families and enterprises fate, make the enterprise ideological and political work has the vitality, make the enterprises to be full of vitality.
The masses of workers in ideological work, learning, communication and life generated, is mostly caused by the actual problem.The particularity of coal mine enterprise determines the staff personal problems mostly living environment, family life burden.Therefore, the ideological and political work and emphasis must focus on to worker of think, urgent, emergency workers to exclude the difficulty and anxiety on workers.Specifically to do the work of 3: one is to improve the masses of workers living and working environment.Along with the social civilization degree to rise generally, staff of life, work is not limited to eat rice, do live, everyone on the living environment of the requirements and standards of newer, higher.The enterprise must be to create a clean, comfortable, beautiful, natural environment, so that the masses of workers willing to live and work in this.The two is to create a strong modern and civilized culture.To organize and carry out the management of cultural and recreational activities, so that the masses of workers in the cultural activities in the mental and physical pleasure, edify sentiment.The three is to solve the staff personal difficulties.Due to the overall income of the workers of coal enterprises is not high, most of the staff the family financial savings is extremely limited, in size, employees have to bear, enterprises must take active measures to help workers personal emergency.Practice has proved, the care to people with awareness and wisdom, and care for people with warm and affordable life.Only the thought guidance and help them solve their organic combination of practical difficulties, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, initiative and creativity, so as to provide a powerful ideological and organizational guarantee for the enterprises to improve competitiveness.
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