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An analysis on the upgrading of industrial structure and city creative economy

Author: LiHaoChuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-05 18:44:12 Read:
Keywords: the creative economy characteristics countermeasures
Abstract: creative economy is the western developed countries after entering the industrial society, a new economic form in modern city. In recent years, China's creative economy vigorous development, becomes the effective way to change the mode of economic development, the new period to enhance the cultural soft power, to realize the sustainable development of city. Through the analysis of the creative industry characteristics, trend, effect on economic development of the creative industry, put forward the policy suggestions to accelerate the development of the creative economy.
The concept of the creative economy is the earliest by the British Labour government in 1997 proposed, according to the definition given by the British creative industry group, the creative economy mainly refers to "those activities derived from the individual creativity, skill and talent, through the generation of knowledge property right and use, to create wealth and employment opportunities of the industry specific to each country." the definition of the creative economy, each are not identical, some countries focus on the humanities, some countries towards technology. Set to the United Nations Trade and Development Agency for all creative economy is quite broad, they think of creative industry is emerging industry culture, art, tourism, service industries, such as animation art design, network media and so on, including the changing economic, cultural and social aspects, and also include the science and technology and tourism and other content, at the same time, the creative industry in the development of new economic growth points, and provide more employment opportunities, it represents a series of knowledge content development activities, and a full range throughout the the process of economic development.
The connotation of 1 in the creative economy
At present, the concept of the creative economy has not been unified in understanding, there are some differences, but this does not affect the understanding of the creative economy connotation and characteristics. We think, creative economy is to: AI, technology, information as the core, the economy, culture, technology and the organic combination of art, penetration, coordination and coverage in the industry, its core is knowledge and technology intensive emerging service industry, and through the use of intellectual property, implementation of innovative economic form of wealth and employment growth. Value accounts for GDP proportion has more than 70% increase in service industry in the United States, the National more than 80% of the population engaged in the service industry. From the practice look, the development of many enterprises in the service industry is related to the creative economy.
Creative industry development time is not long, but has clearly demonstrated the unique industrial characteristics. Compared with the traditional industries, creative industry is innovation, high growth, high knowledge of basic features. One is original. Innovation brings is the creative industries as a kind of the formation and development of the industry at all.The two is of high value. This is mainly manifested in the penetration of creative industries to other industries. The three is the knowledge and technology intensive. The creative industry is a new industry in knowledge, technological innovation and R & D, design consulting value of high-end link chain, constitute the core of product is creative, technical and other intangible assets, the value of the concept of spirit can give the other new products, the market promotion, has the feature of high knowledge.
The development of creative industries is dynamic, diverse, due to different national and regional economic and social development stage as well as the differences in cultural background, there are many differences in the industry or government statistical policy by the actual, according to China's economic and social development of the actual situation, can be divided into 5 categories. One is the industrial design and creative industries, mainly refers to the production of relevant research and design activities and industries, including industrial design, research and development; two is the information software and creative industries, mainly refers to the field of computer software and network, and digital and other high-tech products related to R & D and design activities, including software design, network game, digital entertainment, Internet and creative services; three is the architectural landscape category of creative industries, mainly refers to the relevant and architecture, environment, development and design activities, including architectural landscape design, architectural design, architectural planning; four is the culture and art of creative industry, mainly refers to the field of cultural and artistic creation and dissemination activities, including media publishing, art creation and transaction, theatrical performances; five is the Advisory planning category of creative industries, mainly refers to the enterpriseThe government, social groups, or individuals to provide all kinds of business, investment, education, consumer and other consulting and planning services, including advertising planning, consulting services, exhibition service.
In the information technology revolution and globalization, the rise of creative industries the rapid momentum in the global scope, and gradually show a new development trend. This is the digital technology has become a key factor of the development of creative industries, intellectual property has become the inner power to promote the creative industry development, "has become a large enterprise, a lot small enterprises" basic structure of creative industry development, the emergence of the United States The Walt Disney Company, Australian news group and other industry giants, 5O global media entertainment company to occupy 95% of the market. In addition, design companies, large studio often only a few to dozens of people. The creative economy has a new connotation, and shaping the other entities in the economic structure constantly.
2 creative industries on the role of in economic growth
Driven by economic globalization, the structural change of major human economic development, economic development has changed from quantity to quality, the transformation of economic growth from exports to introversion. In the last l0 years, the main city of the world economy has been dominated by industry and service economy, develop into a based on culture, science and technology innovation and intellectual property system of knowledge economy, the destructive exploitation of the limited natural resources to develop value-added intangible intellectual resources high. This resource use patterns is an important driving force rise of creative industry. Different from the use of tangible assets, development and culture, the knowledge, creativity and other intangible assets investment without loss, intangible assets accumulation, constantly in use constant value. Such as London, 1995 to 2000, the creative industry employment growth amounted to 8.5%, an average annual growth rate of 5%; 2003 data shows, the annual output value of the creative industry is about 250 ~ 29000000000, GDP accounted for London l5%, employees reached 525000 people. The United States is the world's creative economy most developed countries, the United States in 2002, creative industry output valueAt $535100000000, accounting for about 5.24% of GDP; in 2002, the total number of New York creative industry employees 309000 people.
The smaller the total creativity industry in China, but a good momentum of development of.2008 years, despite the impact of the international financial crisis, China's export growth dropped 8.5% over the same period, and to drive GDP growth fell and the speed of many industry growth decline. However, in such a grim situation, the creative industry is the trend, such as online games exports in 2008 three quarter than the two quarter also increased 2l%, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, creative industry growth rate is far higher than the same period the rate of GDP I3J. in Hangzhou as an example, in 2008 Hangzhou's cultural and creative industries to achieve annual added value of 52986000000 yuan, year-on-year growth reached 17.6%, accounting for GDP of the 12.1%L4]. in the current the economic situation, the creative industry has become an exciting current. Thus, the role of creative industry in China's national economic growth in the past few years has cut a striking figure became display one's skill to the full, to prove its to optimize the industrial structure, change the mode of economic growth, enhance the level of economic development has not underestimate role the development of creative economy. From the experience abroad, the impact of creative economy on a nation's economy.In many ways, its national industrial structure, resource utilization, has had a major impact.
2.1 creative economy, optimize the industrial structure
Knowledge intensive, creative economy with high added value, high integration, as well as to characteristics of technology, industry, creativity and cultural com., to improve China's industrial level, can not be underestimated role in optimizing the industrial structure. The significance of reference to China to enhance the creative economy advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry with production similarly, conducive to high growth industry upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.
2.2 break the bottleneck of resources
Creative economy is different from the traditional manufacturing industry, there is a huge demand for land resources, speed up the development of the tertiary industry but by low energy consumption, low emissions and high tech industry, with high-tech and advanced applicable technologies to transform traditional industries, eliminate backward technology, technology and equipment, construction of China's Circular economy industrial chain.
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