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Analysis of China's economic growth and technological development of the United States

Author: PuMei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-05 15:55:09 Read:
China's rapid economic growth and technological development
China is moving toward prosperity, despite SARS in the second quarter of 2003 economic growth has caused tremendous temporary impact, but the years of China's economic growth still reached 9.1%. The degree of change in the high-tech industry in China is amazing, especially in the electronics manufacturing industry. In 2001, China has become the new choice to the global electronics company production and installation of production activities. Experienced an investment boom in 2002, computer and peripherals in China's export growth of 54% in 2003 and more than doubled to $ 40 billion. Electronic components, telecommunications equipment, audio-visual equipment exports doubled in the two years between 2001-2003, the export of three and more than $ 35 billion. This shows that the center of gravity of the global electronics assembly industry being transferred to China. Therefore, China's rapid economic growth and the technological development of compelling the United States, with any market triggered by the economic relationship, this relationship has both an element of competitors, but also has an element of cooperation, only to see one aspect of this relationship is wrong.
The triangular relationship between China, Taiwan and the United States
In the high-tech industry, the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and the United States there is a trade triangle mode, this mode is mainly for the following two points:
First of all, Taiwan's high-tech industry is an important intermediary between the United States and China. Taiwan investment in mainland China after Hong Kong, in the second place, much higher than the United States or Japan. Taiwan investment in mainland China a few years ago mainly light industry labor-intensive manufactured goods, such as footwear, apparel and sporting goods, but Taiwan investment in mainland China are mainly concentrated in the electronics-related industries.
Second, Taiwan and mainland China and the United States reached a long-term partnership, this partnership brought great benefits to all parties. U.S. companies such partnerships originally concentrated in Taiwan and Singapore, but now more and more concentrated in mainland China, has a very important impact of this change on the United States over the past decade tremendous technological dynamism.
In the mid-1990s, the role in the promotion of this triangle pattern on the Chinese mainland. Taiwan and Singapore producers to enter the market than the upstream products, engaged in more complex components manufacturing industry, more and more labor-intensive final assembly stages of production activities transferred to mainland China, with U.S. companies partnerships, Taiwan and Singapore manufacturer itself plays a major role. This mode brings the following three important results: First, the Chinese did not have a lot of high-tech products, most of China's "high tech" exports actually just assembling the product, as well as the introduction of high-tech components from other parts of Asia; trade show a triangular pattern, China imported a large number of components and accessories, and then export the finished product, which mainly exports to the United States; Third, China has established a "processing trade" system, as long as China can quickly be assembled and re-export of imported products will be able to easily and duty-free into the domestic.
More complex triangular relationship
In recent years, China's export system is no longer as before, with the domestic market completely cut off from the rapid development of China's technology is also accompanied by the transformation of economic interaction, these major changes that the traditional relationship mode will not be so simple, is rapidly upgrading its complications, but the basic framework is still the same.
In the initial phase of the high-tech industry, the production chain there is some connection, but it is technically too complicated, so much so that China can not be copied, then only active participation in China is less complex part of the global production chain technology . Today this situation has changed, we can not be evaluated as before, the participation of these high-tech industrial production activities. Overall China is now not just in the final stages of assembly, example, China has started to manufacture the integrated circuit boards, their skill levels are catching up with the leading edge of the world. With China into the more complex production activities in the value chain, its production and exports also increased rapidly. Although the fundamental structure of the old model has not changed, but the production network in China has experienced rapid continued to upgrade its increasingly complex division of labor. This had some rare skills gradually spread, China to seize this opportunity to quickly become a huge beneficiaries. For example, it is due to the manufacture of complex integrated circuits proliferation of ability, so that China and other East Asian countries, regions to increase the share of global production. At the same time, the entire value chain of integrated circuit manufacturing complexity (including design, manufacturing, investment will eventually use) also continued to improve. This series of changes will reverse or the expansion of the triangular relationship between the United States, Taiwan and mainland China? Answer is the relationship that exists between these three remain high degree of consistency. Due to the modular design of specialized global service providers mainly the United States, the United States is still leading tumultuous., Mainland China, Taiwan is still efforts to integrate into the global system being.
The leading role of the United States in the global design
From the above analysis it can be seen in the design and manufacture of high-tech global areas, the United States manages the production network, still play a key role. This is very beneficial to the United States, the reasons are the following three aspects:
The United States controls the design, supply and doing a little channel, the production of goods in China, shoot sold in the United States, and derive most of their profits. For example, Seagate is the world's leading hard drive manufacturer, export value of $ 1.22 billion in 2002 in Wuxi factory hard drive, its exports mainly the United States. However, the plant in the same year imported components valued at $ 1.27 billion, to be found in China's value-added accounted for only a small fraction of the value of U.S. imports. More importantly, a rough calculation shows that over 50% of the value of the goods or wages as the design, development, marketing, or as the profits go to the head of the Americans, and 30-40% will belong to the production of components ( in order to be assembled in China), the head of the labor of other Asian countries.
Cost of U.S. consumers to purchase goods declined significantly. For example, students and schools in the United States now price of $ 500 to buy a good quality desktop Dell computer, this is the result of technological progress, but also the Dell production base in Taiwan before transfer to the results of the Chinese mainland.
The partnership between the United States and Chinese factories of the United States R & D and corporate strategy a success. For Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, the United States increased economic strength, but also improve the technology. This fact is of course primarily due to domestic factors, but the partnership between the United States and Greater China manufacturers is a very important factor. Making U.S. manufacturers become low cost of production in China, resulting in America's strategy, products and standard Huai competitive success.
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