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The performance evaluation of state-owned enterprises in the problems and Solutions

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Abstract: performance appraisal is not only related to personal interests, but also involves the fate of the entire organization.A management method of performance appraisal as the test performance results, has been popularized and applied widely in industrial organization.However, many state-owned enterprises still can not manage it well.According to the state-owned enterprises in the performance appraisal of the implementation of the major problems in the process of in-depth analysis, and puts forward some solving measures.
Key words: state-owned enterprises; performance appraisal; problems; measures of

Abstract: Performance appraisal is not only related to personal interests, but also involves the fate of the entire organization. Performance appraisal, as a test run the results of a performance management tool, in the industrial organization has been widely promoted and applied. However, many state-owned enterprises still can not manage it well. In this paper, the implementation of state-owned enterprises in the performance appraisal process of the main problems existing in-depth analysis and targeted raised a number of solutions.

Key words: the state-owned enterprises; performance evaluation; problems; countermeasures

Performance appraisal is a general term for the program, to conduct a comprehensive study of the organization or individual performance and effect with the approved way, method.As a management tool to test the performance results, performance appraisal in the industrial organization has been widely promoted and applied, it is an exploring work, pioneering and challenging.The performance evaluation has become an important part of our country at all levels of the organization and management of enterprises, almost all enterprises have implemented performance appraisal.
For effective employee performance appraisal to the staff in a certain period of time working attitude, work ability, work performance and other aspects of a comprehensive, objective evaluation, to ultimately improve the production efficiency and economic benefit.Performance appraisal as a double-edged sword, it can not only play the organization's incentive constraint mechanism, improve the performance of the organization, at the same time the bad is also likely to side effects on tissue.
How to combine the performance evaluation with the actual, play good performance evaluation incentive and restraint function, must according to tailor the actual situation of enterprises, design a workable solutions, to achieve the desired results, on the contrary will produce more contradictions and crises.

some main problems of 1 state-owned enterprises performance evaluation in the process of implementation
1.1 personnel quality can not meet the performance needs of
Uneven state-owned enterprise human resources management level, many still remain in the stage of personnel level, which often and the enterprise human resources workers are closely related, rely on them to establish and perfect the enterprise, establish a scientific performance management system is not realistic, but in the process of the third party to assist the design and introduction of performance appraisal, they the role of the person performing the operation more simply, are not up to the requirements of reform and innovation.
From the employees of state-owned enterprises in terms of, still have a lot of resentment, think that performance appraisal is to deduct wages, job, the purpose is to laid-off policy.This part of the employee in the state-owned enterprise or long, long engaged in some work, used to follow the prescribed order, muddle along, lack of enthusiasm.So once to catch the work performance, and lack of confidence, voices of discontent., even encouraged employees against performance appraisal or deliberately dragging, caused a great obstacle to the assessment.
1.2 job analysis is less than
The implementation of the performance appraisal must have a certain foundation and premise, analysis work in the human resources management and development process of enterprises, namely, clear responsibilities of departments and job positions, and positions of the staff's quality is the foundation of all human resource management and development work.Only a clear job responsibilities, in order to have actual job behaviors in enterprise interior each work team and staff assessment, determine the fitting degree between the duty to regulate their behavior and business requirements, and as a performance measure and evaluation basis.
In the current state-owned enterprises, work analysis most of the enterprise has not been effectively carried out, many enterprises even simple job description are not, define the responsibilities of each work group and personnel within the enterprise are ambiguous, it is a problem of state-owned enterprises for many years precipitate down, naturally lead to employees to work on completion the quality measure.
1.3 index set unreasonable
Many state-owned enterprises have introduced the performance appraisal system, the system focuses on the evaluation of subjective non-quantitative indicators in the index, the lack of objective and quantifiable indicators of appraisal, the qualitative appraisal index of subjective, there is no concrete can be used in the standard that level of detail.For example, in the department assessment indicators, service quality, work efficiency and so on, these indicators judgment is usually divided into several levels, such as "very satisfied", "good", "good", "fair", "very dissatisfied", but how clearly and accurately apply these grades for example, "satisfaction" and "fair" how to define to let people be sincerely convinced? Lack of qualitative description five clear to multidimensional assessment, assessment is often based on their impression, their subjective judgment to score, even partial evaluation will add some personal preference factors, which is the set of performance appraisal scheme has more moisture, employee complaints, comments the basic reason.This problem is a common problem in performance appraisal of state-owned enterprises.
The key of performance evaluation is the "performance" and "performance", is also the staff performance, effect.However, many state-owned enterprises performance evaluation is often evade the crucial point, the work attitude, ability to work, and on the job performance is the actual quantifiable achievements are mentioned briefly, not to mention the KPI, which is a microcosm of the long-standing contradiction system of state-owned enterprises.
Performance appraisal index of many state-owned enterprises are not from the reality of the enterprise, just blindly by human resources management behind closed doors, disjointed strategy target evaluation system and enterprise performance appraisal, which play an incentive and constraint is not valid.
1.4 severe
One problem is often a gap of many state-owned enterprises difficult to cross, the traditional state-owned units atmosphere, big ideas still exist, some competent even senior leaders do not attach importance to the performance evaluation, not the performance appraisal is an important work to complete, simply to cope with it.
In addition, a part of leadership in order to stabilize the superior-subordinate relationship, take care of personal feelings, or for other reasons, is not willing to strictly to carry out performance appraisal policy; some managers of state-owned enterprises for the technology, operation workers born, lack of the fine management consciousness, not willing to spend energy assessment.Because we are unwilling to offend people, disrelish a trouble, people because of serious phenomenon, assessment has more randomness, unwilling to carry on the strict examination, eventually led to the staff at all levels of assessment work do not pay attention to, the assessment results can not reflect the performance, not the same compensation, eventually flows to form.
For the widespread implementation of these state-owned enterprises performance appraisal problems, if not handled properly, the performance appraisal is very difficult to implement, even if implemented, will not produce good results, even the voices of discontent.
2 state-owned enterprises performance evaluation measures to solve the problem of
Do all the preparatory work before the performance appraisal of
We must support the company decision-making layer, which is a powerful driving force for the implementation of performance evaluation.The implementation of the performance appraisal is the promotion of a major reform of the enterprise management means and methods, must involve the interests of some people, it must meet some resistance, the resistance front, top management support, only enterprises continue to help, the human resources department in order to have more confidence in cooperating with other departments to accomplish this great the cause of.
Secondly, to do propaganda to prepare for the implementation of the performance appraisal.In the implementation of performance appraisal to be carried out before the necessary training for supervisors and employees, processes, methods and skills to make each department supervisor profound grasp of the performance evaluation, so that each department supervisor understand performance appraisal, performance appraisal, will have the use of performance appraisal, are willing to make use of performance appraisal means to encourage the management of their departments and subordinate to the training of the staff; perceptual knowledge of performance appraisal, let the staff understand the performance appraisal to their advantage, they are willing to accept, only with departments do a good job performance appraisal, thus, performance appraisal implementation up the resistance will be smaller.
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