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The personnel integration problems and related strategies of merger and acquisition of logistics enterprises

Author: ShenLiJuan WangChu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-05 11:37:10 Read:
[Keywords] M &   human resources; personnel integration
[Abstract] M & A is an important means for enterprises to grow, personnel integration problems in transition period after merger and acquisition is a key factor that determines the success or failure of the merger.This paper discusses the logistics industry, first introduced the personnel integration for mergers and acquisitions significance, followed by analysis of Ma personnel problems in transition period appeared, finally puts forward the related countermeasure to solve the problem.
With the development of economy, more and more enterprises to join the army logistics M & A, through mergers and acquisitions of other enterprises to obtain competitive advantage.However, the first step of success is the Great Wall, after the enterprise merger and acquisition is not only the integration of financial and material resources, more important is the process of integration of human resources.
, HR Integration of logistics enterprises in the sense of
The essence of the modern enterprise competition is the talent competition, talent is an important resource for enterprises.In the process of merger and acquisition of enterprises more focus on capital, channels, tax and so on, often ignoring the human resource integration.Joseph the United States merger experts. Research on carat ringer shows, only about 35% of the mergers and acquisitions to achieve the intended target. The personal factors has become one of the most crucial factor for the success of enterprise M & A.Logistics industry depends on enterprise resource person, money, three, human resources for the first, excellent human resources means that collaboration between business organizations and smooth, have a vast customer resources and so on, so the logistics enterprise mergers and acquisitions in the integration of resources, integration of human resources is the most important.
two, & M personnel problems in transition period the
L, the loss of key employees.Logistics is a combination of knowledge and technology intensive, capital intensive and labor-intensive export-oriented characteristics and value-added service industry, and is a cross industry sector, profit, on the scale of the industry, which determines the demand characteristics of modern logistics industry on the talent that requires complex logistics personnel, especially higher technology applied talents of compound.On one hand, China's logistics personnel is extremely scarce, on the other hand, the core employees usually have long-term experience, formal logistics professional knowledge, is an important force to realize the enterprise value.But the core staff of the original enterprise the highest loyalty, usually in the M & a transition period, the core of enterprise employees will be the first to leave.
2, psychological conflict, role ambiguity.M & a transition period of logistics enterprise from the organization, management system, great changes will occur, employees work in the familiar environment, accustomed to the original style of leadership, way of information communication, a change in environment, employees are not convinced by the new boss, communication channels are not blocked, some unofficial news media, and even many employees will have doubts, reserved for future jobs, employees produce psychological conflict, role ambiguity, affect the normal production and operation.
3, the enterprise culture conflict.The enterprise culture is the pattern of the unique behavior of enterprises formed by long-term accumulation, in the years after precipitation, will penetrate into all aspects of the business, it affects the employee values and ways of working.Different enterprises have different cultural neon Wai, on the acquired enterprise, enterprise culture will remain for a long time effect was acquired by psychological and behavioral patterns of enterprise employees.Therefore, the logistics enterprises, not to take stronger action in M & a transition period, the command staff to obey, otherwise easily lead to psychological conflict, resulting in both sides of the conflict of employees.
The solution of three HR Integration
Select 1, executive.The completion of the merger, merger and acquisition of logistics enterprises to obtain each other's control rights, through regular audits of all kinds of reports, data, to understand the business situation of enterprise M & A, by selecting the top executives, to realize its control.The merged business executives to have professional management skills, honest and reliable, also known as business knowledge, so you can quickly straighten out the organization in the organization, through staff exchange, establish credibility, to avoid the brain drain, customers reduce situation, logistics enterprises merger and emphasize the effect of the integration of resources, direct control of the personnel, it can not only avoid the merger and acquisition of enterprises independent too strong and out of control, and to ensure that the effects of the integration of the play.If the M & a business knowledge is not familiar, can consider to retain original supervisor, through a variety of reports timely grasp the business situation, a former director of staff can play soothing effect, also can be produced as usual operation, reduce the pressure of employee psychological, but for the supervisor to strengthen control and training, so that the rapid integration of new production and cultural atmosphere.
2, integration of enterprise culture.The integration of the corporate culture can eliminate employee concerns the heart, can cultivate the enterprise employee corporate identity, sense of belonging, but the integration of the corporate culture is not a simple matter.Human resources system evaluation contains cultural assessment for both firms, identify gaps and compatibility, and then decide to adopt the model of cultural integration. Cultural integration pattern divided conquer type, fusion, symbiosis, predatory four types. Select the appropriate mode of cultural integration, one is the establishment of new enterprise culture, allow employees to participate actively in the creation of new culture, smooth transmission and implementation of enterprise culture; two is the spread of new enterprise culture, can take observation, training, discussion and other means to let employees learn to accept the new enterprise culture; the three is the implementation of the new enterprise culture, can be through the development of a series of assessment of tracking system, ensure the implementation of the new culture.
3, humane.After the in-depth understanding of the acquired enterprise employee status, can be judged useful which employees were important to the development of enterprise, which belongs to the redundant employees incompetent.Generally speaking, after the merger of enterprises most likely to leave those full of talent management personnel and technical personnel, because they either served in where, is the inevitable result of object companies competing to snare.Do the Countermeasures of personnel adjustment, should first consider the help retain talent, entrusted with the task, and those without ability and expertise of the staff, according to the company's actual situation, appropriately cutting.
Stand in the angle of employee, mergers and acquisitions, staff turnover is often because of concerns that can adapt to new environment.Management right hands, always make the future of some uncertain factors.Merging the enterprise original personnel will feel real threat caused by heavy psychological burden.Because of the pressure of unemployment exists, will make them has always been difficult to peace of mind.At this time, primary task of M & A is lifted as soon as possible internal staff are m any menace from the "rear", to develop stable personnel policies, to encourage staff to work under the leadership of new.
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