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Discussion of C++ teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Author: HuangGuoJun HuangXianWen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-05 11:30:58 Read:
Abstract: the C programming is a required course of computer specialty in higher vocational colleges, higher vocational college computer professional training talents of high level of practical computer technology is different from college computer professional computer personnel training and research, in view of the existing C teaching problems, this article carries on the discussion from four aspects of teaching materials, teachers, programming habits and the test form, and proposed the corresponding solution.
Keywords: C ; higher vocational colleges; programming ability of

The rapid development of computer science and application, the C language has become one of the hottest language.Many programmers use C compiler as a development tool, which illustrates the position of C in the research in computer science and software development.C is a design tool, is the realization of tools; can abstract concept, describe the actual problem, and give attention to efficiency, to achieve a good system software layer.At present, C program design is a required course of computer specialty in Higher Vocational colleges.According to the experience of the author's teaching experience of many years, carries on the discussion to the emergence of Higher Vocational Colleges C problem in teaching, and puts forward the corresponding solutions, hoping to have some role.

1 materials can not meet the teaching requirements of
The higher vocational education of our country's goal is to foster high level practical technical talents, rather than undergraduate colleges and research talents.The textbook to cultivate and higher vocational teaching target matching.Teaching computer professional C program design that as long as the outline what materials can be, is wrong.
Higher vocational education in our country is still in the development stage, the stage of learning to walk.At present, the computer major in Higher Vocational Colleges by using C program design materials varied, but meet the national Ministry of education on the goal of talent cultivation in higher vocational colleges, to study in Computer Science in higher vocational college students have not.Use money to some higher vocational college computer professional teacher "C programming guide" as the second version of C program design course teaching material, the material completely embarks from the grammatical perspective, in addition to dynamic memory allocation, to explore other grammatical phenomena into extreme.But for higher vocational college computer professional students, this course is to cultivate their ability of programming course, but the teaching of grammar, not appropriate.And the book does not include the design of advanced stage parametric program.The book has been completely become a grammar reference book, is no longer a textbook.There are computer major in Higher Vocational Colleges by Tan Haoqiang teacher "C program design" as the C program design course teaching.The book is aimed at non computer major, namely their future does not require a large number of programming.As in the book, the author gave up dynamic memory allocation related content, and the automatic variable stack area speaking into a dynamic allocation.
Computer a good college C program design course teaching materials should be what kind of? The author thinks: one of its new teaching content, advanced teaching philosophy, teaching material is rich, the writing thought is starting from the cultivation of students' ability of programming, the most notable feature is the two from the design of object-oriented and parameterized program teaching; secondly to "project design" as the core organization, each knowledge point C language skillfully from the shallower to the deeper into the project, each knowledge point finished, a project is completed, so as to achieve the purpose of learning that.

2 the teacher's ability limited
Most of computer specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges Teachers without experience in business unit of the actual project development, does not have the real experience of the application of C language in real life, some teachers just from the C language or PASCAL language into C language teaching.So the teaching of C program design course in class emphatically from the grammatical perspective, ignoring the C algorithm and the object-oriented content, not UML activity diagram and class diagram into the teaching process, only in the curriculum design is the use of mistakes.
The teacher limited ability is also reflected in the don't understand his knowledge of too high or too low, they require.Don't know where the finish, where the reading, where is difficult for students, school should how distribution, promotion too.In addition to the students in vocational colleges are generally the examination-oriented education in the college entrance examination failure, they are generally textbook difficult knowledge points exist in understanding certain difficulties, but their ability is not bad, so in the teaching design should be emphasized, let the students in doing, learning by doing, in order to improve the students' practical ability.
How to improve vocational college computer professional teaching ability? One is to send the computer professional teachers to the relevant enterprises Dinggang training for a period of time, really participate in the project development work, make the teacher has experience in practical project development.Back to school, they will use their own development projects in classroom teaching.Have experience in project development, the lesson will live, will be more attractive and inspiring.The second is to use a variety of ways for teachers to multiple platforms and student exchanges, timely grasp of the situation of students understand the school, where the essence of the reading for students, where, where is difficult, to dynamically adjust the time allocation.The third is the teacher that students in the process of teaching practical ability, students on the basis of the imitation can use C programming to complete the task can be, for the relevant knowledge of C used may not fully understand, this is acceptable.With the increase in the number of practice, students will gradually understand the relevant knowledge.3 programming habits do not regulate
The program design is a kind of collective behavior, large software development usually have many people to finish, programming specifications if not unified, and ultimately to the readability of the program will be poor.It not only brings obstacles to code understanding, increase the maintenance workload, but not code implies the possibility of error is relatively large.Therefore, in the concrete teaching process, regardless of class example demonstration or computer counseling, with particular emphasis on the maintainability of code to enable students to develop good programming habits, the good foundation for the future work in software development and lay.Programming is not standard several manifestations of the following:
Performance is one of the identifier name cannot "at the name meaning" and too simple.The best is the use of Windows in API by the use of "Hungarian notation", which is a variable name consists of one or more letters, the letters were type and use help memory variables, any name followed is the programmer chooses.The latter part of the first letter capitalized in front of different types can be indicative of letters.Can also use the "Hump type nomenclature", this naming each variable name consists of more than two words, each word the first letter in uppercase variables, two words underline connection, nomenclature and Hungary is different it is not the type of variables in the variable name.
Performance of the two is the program format confusion, not indented or arbitrary indent.Indent the correct method should be "Tab" button, do so out of the retracted position is fixed, can not use spaces instead.In Visual C 6 environment, also can use smart indenting tool, method is selected to indent the part, and then in the main menu, select "Edit" in "Advanced", click "Format Selection" or "Alt F8 shortcut keys".Strictly regulate the procedure code level clearly, stick out a mile, can reduce the code error rate, for example, can effectively avoid the brackets not peer low-level problem, also easy to program maintenance and modification work.
Performance of the three is the program no comments or notes are all unused code.Although in the compilation and execution comment will be ignored, annotation itself does not increase the size of executable files, but comments to facilitate code reading and code maintenance.Therefore, must to write enough notes according to the unified standard, especially the annotations in the program design problem is relatively complex and large project development and documentation is essential.The current code specification requirements notes should be accounted for about 20% of the proportion of program code, namely 100 program contains 20 line comment.Notes can be written anywhere in the code, but generally written in code at the end of the beginning or.Visual C 6, notes right is with "/ /" and "/ * line comments start....*/ "beginning with the multiline comments.Finally, modify the program code, we must update the annotation, also suggested that record the corresponding modification date and program modification of people.

4 examination in the form of single
C program design course is to check the students' ability to solve practical problems using object-oriented learned knowledge, so as to achieve the purpose of learn in order to practise.Most colleges in
C program design course, students C performance is measured by a written examination achievement; also some vocational colleges adopt "written computer" form.The higher vocational college computer professional training of student programming ability discrepancy.Should test method to cancel a single test or "written .".
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