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Research on risk early-warning culture acquisition of knowledge management of enterprises

Author: ZhangZhenLing ZhengYuGang JinD From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-05 09:08:53 Read:

Abstract: cultural risk is one of the main risks facing the enterprises merger.Based on the definition of knowledge and knowledge management, proposed early warning system of knowledge management of M & a culture based on risk, and from setting up a risk management team, to draw up the risk management plan and strengthen communication three aspects of cultural risk in the enterprises merger early warning strategy.
Keywords paper: knowledge management; mergers and acquisitions; cultural risk; early warning
Cultural risk , M & A
The 1 M & a culture of risk the meaning of "
Cultural risk is the business of the face I of a variety of risk, mainly refers to the enterprise in inter-organizational business process, due to various uncertain factors in the process of cultural differences and cultural interchange asked caused the enterprise actual income and the expected return departure from the target, even lead to the possibility of interorganizational business failure.Due to the cultural level, therefore, broadly speaking, cross-organizational business can be a multinational operation occurred in different countries, also can be the Inter-organizational Business different cultures within a country.Cultural differences in transnational business is mainly the national cultural differences, within a country, also exist cultural differences, this difference can be cultural difference, cultural industry or occupation differences, cultural differences.Enterprises in the interorganizational business process, inevitably in different cultural environment, cultural misunderstanding, cultural conflicts caused by cultural differences may threaten the achievement of business objectives.
2 enterprise forms
M & a culture of risk
(1) the communication risk.Communicate risk, namely the barriers of culture communication and communication misunderstanding and lead to communication failure risk.Because of the different tissue culture background, the same information to understand the differences, and even draw very different conclusions.As ever in China famous "white elephant" brand batteries exported to the international market, their brand is literally translated as "whiteelephant", the quality and cheap battery sales in the international market situation is very not ideal.After investigation found that the "whiteelephant" in English and white elephant, waste, can imagine this brand of battery and how to attract consumers to buy?
(2) risk management.Management risk, namely the differences due to different culture leads to the management style, risk and failure due to not between different cultural management and staff to establish harmonious relationship management.Especially in the cross-border mergers and acquisitions, the management mode and behavior sometimes can not be accepted by another culture, make the enterprise to spend a great deal of effort and cost in the internal management.
(3) business customs and taboos of risk.Business customs and taboos in business risk, that is due to differences in habits, ways and cause the transaction failure and different culture on certain things or phenomena and the differences caused the failure of marketing risk.As in many western countries, while playing golf talk about business is acceptable, because the business is often the real cause of playing golf.But in Japan, people never talk business on the golf course, but the German business and family life apart, they rarely after 5 pm to do business.
(4) the risk of racial superiority.Risk of racial superiority, namely due to the different performance of different cultural psychological racial and cultural orientation, people from one culture has a strong sense of racial superiority, believe that their behavior is better than others, are biased towards alien culture and the risk.Individuals and organizations can have their superiority.For multinational corporations, the sense of superiority manifested in many forms.Such as some international enterprises due to believe in myself better than domestic business overseas competitors, so in the overseas to take management and in the same way.
two, based on the M & a culture of risk early warning system of knowledge management of enterprises
1 knowledge management process framework.From the knowledge management process framework, knowledge demand driven activity of knowledge, knowledge resources to support knowledge activities, influence factors of knowledge, knowledge activity results of learning and application, as shown in figure 1.

Knowledge activities must be implemented by a plurality of execution, the execution may be a person (individual or team), can be a computer system, can also be combined with the man-machine system.Knowledge flow all the implementation of specific knowledge activities together, these specific knowledge activities and knowledge flow constitutes a knowledge management event.A knowledge management events began in the knowledge demand, terminating in to meet demand, but may also be because of other reasons to give up halfway.The above three kinds of influence factors from two aspects of microcosmic and macroscopic control events on the whole development process.
The 2 M & a culture of risk early warning system of enterprise based on knowledge management.From the framework of knowledge management process can be seen, knowledge management is composed of knowledge demand as the driving force, to study and application of process knowledge about knowledge activities.Based on this model, establish early warning system of knowledge management of the enterprise M & a culture based on risk, as shown in figure 2.

In this system, it mainly includes the following four parts:
(1) information collection.Information is a key risk management.According to the viewpoint of system, in the enterprise merger and acquisition, integration of different subsystems as a system, the elements of the system, function, structure will change, in this process, the two parties to the acquisition of information, personnel, material and energy continuously exchange and communication.Collect through the complete information, we can accurately, timely forecast corporate risk signal may occur, as the enterprise information analysis and evaluation for the next step of early warning activities to lay a solid foundation.
(2) the information evaluation.Information evaluation mainly is carries on the analysis to the risk environment and factors, environmental analysis refers to the possible or has caused the risk of cultural, social and environmental factors such as understanding, evaluation and prediction.Timely identification, assessment in merger and acquisition risk uncertainty factors of enterprise culture to.Observation, to capture the signs of information culture risk before.Since almost all the risk are precursors, varying degrees of so, enterprises should be timely to capture this information, early the necessary precautions.
(3) risk prediction.Scientific forecasting is the premise, risk management, therefore, in the enterprise merger and acquisition, according to the origin, evolution, development of cultural risk and trend forecasting, risk and provide scientific basis for the control and management of managers.
(4) the risk early warning.Risk warning system is mainly to determine various indicators and factors whether to break through risk warning line, according to the judgment result, decide whether to issue an alert.As with any kind of economic phenomenon has its characteristics in many aspects, index system is the economic phenomenon of the overall description of the same.Enterprise risk of various warning only after the warning index to be quantified, explanation and interpretation, to reflect the scientific, comprehensive.Early warning indicators for monitoring security system set at different levels, different angles of enterprise, once the "disease", the decision maker can immediately alarm and to take preventive measures and corresponding measures.
Information of 3D figure 3 cultural risk management.In this model, information throughout the process.However, due to the asymmetry of information, in the process of mergers and acquisitions managers to constantly improve the ability of getting information, make the risk early warning system can run effectively.Therefore, managers should from concept to clearly necessary in the risk early warning of information lays, and these information in time and logic order.Accordingly, can build the mergers and acquisitions in the information needs of three-dimensional map, as shown in figure 3.

The time dimension: in the process of mergers and acquisitions, according to the sequence of time can be divided into before the acquisition, mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions after.Before the acquisition, to carry out a detailed investigation and Study on the acquisition of object and its risk, method of determining the M & a strategy and risk prevention.In mergers and acquisitions, risk to happen time monitoring in mergers and acquisitions, and to analyze the root of the problem, to take timely corrective measures.After the merger, summarize the experience and lessons in mergers and acquisitions in the.
The knowledge dimension: in mergers and acquisitions, from the knowledge of the latitude to analyze, mainly
Political, legal, management, psychology and other related knowledge demand.
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