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Analysis on human resources integration of enterprise merger and acquisition.

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Keywords: integration of
the human resource of enterprise merger and acquisition
Abstract: from the second half of the 20th century up to now, we have experienced five merger and acquisition tide. In the rapid economic development, enterprise emerge in an endless stream today, M & A has reached a peak. However, truly achieve the desired effects of mergers and acquisitions of enterprises less and less, and the human resources integration is one of the Guan Jian factor of mergers and acquisitions the success of the so, if the enterprise merger and acquisition of human resources integration problems, then no doubt will greatly promote the merger and acquisition success. This paper attempts to elements that are involved in the integration of human resources from the process of analysis, put forward views on human resource integration in enterprise merger and acquisition.
First, the introduction of
since the second half of the twentieth Century, we have experienced five merger and acquisition tide.Since 1990, the whole world starts in the M & a peak.Although the M & A transactions occur every year, but the real achieve the expected effects of mergers and acquisitions less.The United States "fortune" magazine survey found in 2000, the 3/4 activity of profit is not sufficient to make up for the cost of the acquisition. According to the research data of KPMG, Accenture and McKinsey, 6-8 months after M & A, 50% of the enterprise productivity decline; a year after the merger, the merged enterprise 47% executives left the company; 3 years after the merger, 62% of the enterprises there is zero growth.Many data indicate that, although the enterprise merger and acquisition is the original intention is good, but the results are often not just as one wishes.
enterprise is composed of people team, so the basic elements of an enterprise is the human resource. Similarly, effective human resource integration of M & a success has basic function.On 1993, Cooper, a consulting company to the British Lebrun accounting to the beginning of the 90's large-scale acquisitions in the late nineteen eighties statistics, 54% of the enterprises failed bid.Senior management staff of 100 big companies survey of views on the success and failure of M & A in Table 1

Data sources: P - S - Sade: salad, "" mergers & acquisitions, CITIC publishing house, Simon and Schuster Pro Publications International Ltd, 1998, pp. 286---287.
reason of failure in table S 1 in M & A are 4 closely related with human resource management.5 reasons for the success of M & A in 3 and management of human resources is closely related to.Obviously the effect of human resource to the success of mergers and acquisitions.
two, enterprise merger and acquisition of human resources integration problems of
the primary cause of enterprise human resources integration failure occurs in M & A is executives often focus on the business, financial, technical and other "hardware" integration, but ignore the "software" of human resources integration.General enterprise will face some human resource integration problems often in the process of mergers and Acquisitions:
cultural integration
the enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise, each enterprise culture is different, but also the culture has a very strong rigidity, therefore the cultural conflict is the key problem is bound to encounter problems, especially in cross-border M & A, this issue is more outstanding.Enterprise culture can mix well, then not only can make them adapt quickly to the new environment, a new identity to the organization, but also conducive to the effective integration of the business, financial and other aspects of the.Therefore, the cultural integration should be paid more attention to, and in the first place to solve.And the cause of enterprise culture can not fusion are in many aspects.First of all, cultural propaganda is not in place: secondly, the level of communication between the not enough, especially the acquirer and the acquired more good communication requires parties; finally, the enterprise culture and enterprise strategic goals do not match.
(two) the salary system of
different enterprises, especially among different industry enterprises, have different salary system, including salary structure and level, the welfare system, incentive system.Compensation related to the vital interests of employees, not handled properly will directly lead to the outflow of talents, leading to mergers and acquisitions sharply higher costs, so that after the merger of enterprises become an empty shell.
(three) the psychological change of
this problem is mainly occurred in the acquired firms.Mergers and acquisitions mean layoffs and personnel changes, these are a direct result of the employee's psychological pressure and distrust of enterprises.The psychological change to reflect the behavior, appear decline in performance, job-hopping is not conducive to the success of M & A and M & A after the phenomenon of enterprise development.
three, the integration of human resources problems and Countermeasures
(a) to develop systems of human resource integration plan
a plan to ensure the orderly process of.The plan must be carried out before the full understanding of the merger and acquisition of enterprises.
(two) the establishment of human resource integration team
integration of human resources is a very complex process, so there must be a professional experienced team responsible for the integration of human resources plan implementation.Team members can come from the enterprise, also can be obtained by external.
(three) to do the work of propaganda and communication of
to publicize the new enterprise culture, make employee, especially the communication core staff, to help employees to adapt to the new organization as soon as possible, a new identity, enhance organizational commitment.
(four) the establishment of a unified compensation system of
the establishment of a new compensation system must take into account the mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions the original compensation system, especially preferred core talents in the enterprise takeover interest.The fusion salary and welfare, promotion, rewards such as material and non-material incentive means, build a high incentive, the temptation of high and consistent with the strategic goal of the enterprise salary system.
in short, effective human resource integration has play a decisive role in the effect of enterprise merger and acquisition."Effective integration of software" is determined after the acquisition of ` 1 1> one of the key factors of the synergistic effect of 2'.Therefore, in the process of merger and acquisition, the integration of human resources is the priority among priorities.
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