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Let the "incentive" air plant in state-owned enterprises

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There is a story: the southern side of the mountain there lived a group of rabbits.In the careful management of rabbit king, the rabbits have have ample food and clothing, enjoyable.But recently, went out in search of food rabbit back food less.The original lazy rabbit not only their own sabotage, it also had a negative effect on the other rabbits.So, the rabbit king developed a set of incentives: the rabbits are collecting food after approval, and then completed in accordance with the number of rewards.Suddenly, the rabbit were greatly improved work efficiency.Rabbit king not proud of how long, the rabbit were working efficiency quickly go from bad to worse.Rabbit king surprised, a survey, the original being exploited in the food source was the rabbit population nearby, but no one is willing to take the initiative to find new sources of food.Rabbit king announced those who are willing to contribute to the rabbit group of volunteers, can immediately received a big basket of carrots.Rewards, and behavior.No one expected, those who have enrolled in the rabbit was not a complete the task on schedule.Rabbit king get desperation, run to blame them.They speak with said: "this can not blame me, the rabbit king.Since the carrot in hand, who also thought to work? "

Therefore, for each enterprise, has a very important significance to take measures for effective incentive.The staff is not only a tool, their initiative, enthusiasm and creativity will have a great effect on the survival and development of enterprises.If you want to get their support, you must motivate the employees.The incentive functions of enterprise culture is refers to the enterprise culture itself is through all elements to stimulate employee motivation and potential function.Study of the United States Harvard University professor William James found, in the absence of scientific, effective motivation, human potential can only play 20-30%, scientific and effective incentive mechanism to allow employees to another 70-80% potential also play out.

The establishment of 1 incentive mechanism of the necessity of
At present, the state-owned enterprise employees incentive measures more in the material level, mainly in the staff wages, welfare and promotion to meet demand, the lack of incentive methods for employees from the inner demand, lack of spiritual motivation, humanistic care and higher levels of enterprise culture incentive, difficult and full of deep requirement.The lack of strict procedures and standards of some existing advanced typical evaluation, operation humanization, evaluation of "rotation" and even be promoted according to status of the phenomenon, do even-keeled, serious contusion to the Director-General, to director, to innovation, to innovation of the staff's working enthusiasm and working enthusiasm.In order to optimize the personnel structure, improve the quality of staff, state-owned enterprises enhance the overall combat effectiveness, it is bound to the competition and incentive mechanism into the internal management staff, to break the traditional "eating from the same big pot" and "be promoted according to status" thought, establish "an able man is always busy. Among the staff, more pay for more work" concept, the income and the ability to improve performance, the staff's working enthusiasm and career ambition.

The construction principle of
2 incentive mechanism
2.1 people-oriented principle of
All the people, to manage the system, the system used to regulate the behavior of employees, to create a fair competitive environment for development, realize the staff promotion through competition, the income level of performance, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, motivate employees based on the job, dedicated, innovation, the formation of the Director-General entrepreneurial atmosphere in enterprise internal.Such as "peace promotion personnel development plan", the implementation of system working employee occupation career development management.Managers at all levels to assume the role of human resource manager, care and training staff, provide with the occupation career ahead of the work environment for employees, the employees and the company grow together, creating shared value.

2.2 principles of fairness and justice
Based on the theory of justice of Adams, one of his reward is satisfied with not just look at its absolute value, but its the same conditions for comparison of relative value.That is to say, the ratio of return and contribute their ratio under the same conditions with others or others to compare.In practice, because of good old ideas, afraid of offending people, treatment intensity, not punishment; for strong working ability, do practical, because the average, incentives are not.Finally makes the equalitarianism, dry do more less alike, rewards and punishment function limitation causes the state-owned enterprise employees incentive.
2.3 guiding principles for classification of
In different periods and different people or a person, have different needs.Thus the same bonus content or form, on the staff of the incentive effects are not the same.According to the hierarchy of needs theory, in the formulation of incentive mechanism must be based on different types and characteristics of the staff of different formulation of incentive measures, focusing on individual differences, such as in terms of gender, female workers relative to pay more value, while men are more focused on the development of enterprises and their own; in the post, the general staff focus on compensation and benefits growth, and management personnel are more important to promotion.Therefore, in the formulation of incentive mechanism must take into account the specific differences in characteristics and employee of enterprise, take the person to approach, focus on the classification of motivation, in order to receive the maximum incentive effect.3 ways of incentive mechanism of
air plant
3.1, the material incentive and spiritual incentive combination
Material incentive is the enterprise culture of "hardware", including the staff development, opportunities, training, benefits, it has a certain rigidity.Good "hardware" to "software" good match, that is the spiritual motivation, it has strong flexibility.Only the "soft" and "hard" with "just", "soft" and economic, can receive the twice the result with half the effort.State-owned business enterprise employee incentives should adopt the combination of material incentive and spirit incentive, incentive methods are mainly in the spirit of.Give the excellent employees in enterprise honor, enhance the sense of achievement and so on.For example, in the establishment of the Haier "as long as you can do, you have the opportunity to promotion as long as you can do, you will get the recognition of" fair competition, people make the best use, dynamic management incentive mechanism, various awards not only motivate staff innovation work, such as Haier Award, hope award, named tool personal awards and other collective award.From ancient to modern times, winning is always exciting, really crying, with the level of productivity and improvement of staff quality, should put the focus gradually shifted to the incentive to meet staff social, self-esteem, self realization of spiritual motivation need.
3.2 excitation and stimulated with
According to the theory of motivation in the "two-factor theory", including two kinds of factors, health factors and incentive factors incentive.Health factors also called extrinsic motivation, referred to as the "shock", such as wages, bonuses, welfare, interpersonal relationship, it is only the elimination of dissatisfaction, but does not produce satisfactory incentive factors called intrinsic motivation, referred to as the "shock", such as the work fun or challenging, or can make the worker to produce fresh, proud feeling, sense of honor, sense of achievement, fulfillment."Dynamic shock" resulting from the profound and lasting than "excitation".The enterprise culture of Intel is in person to make the external excitation and excitation combined, and within the bowel.Intel company evaluation and reward outstanding staff have a standard, respectively, result oriented, adventurous, good working quality, customer-oriented and discipline, only the excellent employees can get success.In the modern state-owned enterprise staff promotion to the merit system principles, we should vigorously promote competition and job tenure, prevent and reduce the state-owned enterprise staff promotion "by a candidate for a few" and "human" in the minority in the phenomenon, make the state-owned enterprise's promotion is more open and competitive the employees of state-owned enterprises, enhance participation and transparency, expand the promotion level, increase the chance of promotion, motivating function Yongzhe survival of the fittest, capable, effectively prevent the unwholesome tendencies, and the prevention of corruption in a certain extent.
3.3 positive and negative shock combined with
In incentive theory and a "theory", it is to strengthen the incentive is divided into positive reinforcement forward and negative reinforcement negative shock.To reward the so-called forward is to meet corporate objectives to staff's behavior, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of staff and workers.The negative shock is the worker against business goals of the retribution, encourage employees to transfer to the right direction.Haier Group to implement the "three dynamic conversion" of the labor system, follows the forward and the negative shock to the principle of combining.According to the assessment results, excellent as the fixing work, qualified for the contract, probation for temporary workers, during the probation period are still poor performance will ultimately be dismissed.In the Haier, cadre made mistakes, will be criticized in public, by the group hosted "Haier people" can specifically identify by name the person, to criticize someone or something.And the introduction of "to be controlled in office cadres, promoted through competition, the expiration of rotation" incentive, in accordance with the provisions of the middle-level cadres appraisal, after criticism in the period of rectification is not qualified to give fired or demoted.So as to let everyone get their jobs, and enhance staff.
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