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Cultivation of Ideological and political education from the perspective of the Communist Youth League Cadres

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[Abstract] the Communist Youth League is the party's assistant and reserve force, is the bridge and link to unite and educate the young students.As the cadre, its quality directly affects the whole development of the Communist Youth league.Therefore, to improve the quality of cadres for the Communist Youth League, and create a new situation in the work of the Communist Youth League, created the cross-century talents, has the vital significance.The ideological and political education is the committee's specialty, this article from the perspective of Ideological and political education, to talk about the Communist Youth League Cadres in the new period the problems and explore solutions.
cultivation of Ideological and political education of the Communist Youth League Cadres

Comrade Lu Hao pointed out in the report of the Communist Youth League Sixteen: "in the Communist Youth League carrying the party trust and young looking, is glorious and sacred cause.The post challenge, have a brilliant future.The majority of cadres according to the loyal to the party's cause, love, dedication to serve the youth group post requirements, establish a strong political consciousness, responsibility consciousness, learning consciousness, to concentrate on the work, improve work skills in the heart of job involvement."Because of the special historical mission of the Communist Youth League and the special status, cadres' Ideological and political education is especially important.As an important part of the work of the Communist Youth League -- the Communist Youth League, in the process of development and perfection, has successfully realize the transformation of self management, self education and self service for the majority of the members of the Communist Youth League organizations.From a practical point of view, many of the activities to be carried out for the lead, relying on the league members, for the efficient and orderly.At present, to further strengthen and improve the work of the Communist Youth League cadres on the ideological and political education is still in Colleges and universities, and to explore new solutions and solutions.

In the work of Ideological and political education in 1 League problem in
The 1.1 idea is not firm, public awareness and
Often many cadres are very fierce competition to President, before assuming office may be in order to get the job, the work of a conscientious and responsible, and when the job, the so-called "new broom three fire" is also full of passion, want to do something, but for a long time, fresh off, on no, don't put your mind at work, nothing.Stand upon one's pantofles, not to help students, not to put one's heart and soul into service for the students, to the individual as the center, activities do not consider the distribution, member of academic and time only, do not consider the value and significance of activities, the members were busy run round in circles.No place oneself in others' position for their sake, not into the students to understand the situation, but also ignored the construction of grass-roots group organization.
1.2 the psychological bearing capacity of low
The setbacks will hardly wished to live., nearly two months since the 3 students of Guangdong University of Technology have Dutch act died, so the psychological health education of college students is a need to deal with the problem.Contradictions and academic, contradiction between love and friendship, the dual pressures of higher and lower levels, this will enable all caught in the middle of the league are not know what course to take, too many questions, too many too much confusion, so that they are more likely to become dangerous objects than the general member.The older, the more do not want to own things to the parents, the more to the high grade, the more do not want to own worries spread to the good friend, in the course of time, the depressed mood can not get reasonable catharsis, accumulate accumulate, finally, I hate eternal.Even, sometimes work, do their best, but a variety of factors because of weather, favourable geographical position and support of people and aspects, which could not be carried out smoothly, the leadership of the blame, under the relentless pressure burdens, they can not breathe, at this time, causing very bad influence, heart trouble unable to mediate, unable to bear.
1.3 ignore the spiritual world culture
Usually busy with work, should not be an excuse for not studying.We don't have emerged in many, doing a good job and learning achievement and good cadres, and many have recommended as graduate students.From a practical point of view, perhaps the league's work really very good, but the results did not come out, many special concessions will not benefit, this is not a regret it.At the same time, do not attach importance to the study of scientific and cultural knowledge, usually muddle along, follow the arrangement of the superior work, do not have their own interests and hobbies, do not read books and newspapers.As a college student, we should have a keen political antennae, concerned about the affairs of state and society, truly "the wind and the rain sound, sound pleasant, housework state concern, caring", develop "a chief customs securinine sentimental" ideology, not to busy work hanging in the mouth become excuses.
1.4 life style is not positive
College students are a special group in society, the current university basically are born in the 80's, many are the only child in the family, because the family and school education to establish the fault, with the socialist market economic system, so that the students lack effective guide and some thoughts."All this contributed to the expansion of the worship of the thoughts of college students, make money more or less become the value main scale many college students measure, the blind pursuit of money and material enjoyment."These phenomena are reflected in the league's body becomes more apparent, on one hand, they as leading cadres, the Communist Youth League in high positions, inevitably there will be treatment mentality, there must be a little formal dress to attend the meeting, usually with their colleagues, subordinates, they eat together, these inevitably treat, if too much control, will be looked down upon by others, there is no "face".On the other hand, living in the rhythm of rapidly changing metropolis, is easily influenced by the surrounding atmosphere, thought very easy to go astray.

A new way of Ideological and political education in 2 league
2.1 to improve the core value system of Ideological and moral quality, improve the members of
We must follow the party puts forward the report to the Seventeenth National Congress "of the socialist core value system" to help members and cadres to establish the core value system belong to the internal, set up the correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.The so-called socialist core value system, refers to Marx's guiding ideology, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with patriotism as the core of the national spirit and to reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times and the socialist concept of honor and disgrace.Under this principle, the Communist Youth League must be based on the members of the Communist Youth League, adhere to the Marx doctrine in ideology, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics of the firm, the perfect combination of national spirit and the spirit of the age, identity of socialist concept of honor and Disgrace in the League, led the practice of "Eight Honors and eight disgraces".
We should give full play to the role of youth, to strengthen the theoretical knowledge.Because of the professional setting, the ideological and political theory of learning, has been dabbling in the classroom, because of this, many teachers and students think don't need in-depth study, caused the imagination and the reality gap.So, we should carefully organize, write out a plan, annual training cadres, the Communist Youth League to become the Youth League of Marxism-Leninism school.At the same time, it can widen the channels, effective cooperation with the party, Party members and cadres cadres who have invited lectures, or when the meeting in the League cadres consciously training, use of every meeting, strengthen an idea, days and months multiplying, quantitative change to a certain degree can cause qualitative change.Group leaders understand the essence from it, instructing us in youth work theory, thinking of the future.
Combination of the 2.2 teaching others and self education, strengthen internal cultivation and external quality combined with
According to our institute's actual situation, the cadres of the main Committee of the general are high school students, in the work of others is superior, in the life of others is the elder sister.Whether it is for work or basic humanity, should be concerned about the college members, understand their ideas, try my best to help them solve problems.However, the education of others, is not to say that in the high position, to empty tedious preaching, but according to his own experience, their experience and lessons in practice to inform them, and let them take some less trouble, also, the theory of thought out and everyone together to discuss the emphasis and method, established the.Benefit by mutual discussion, the aggregation of multiple human wisdom, we should be able to do a good job.However, to strengthen their education is also necessary.Today's society is an advocate of era of all-round development, have a single skill has not been enough to stand in the society, must be more nutrients to develop their own.Cadres in the work and the study, to be widely read classic works, leisure time can have a look of literary magazines, fashion magazines to understand the social fashion trends, can also train the sports, music, calligraphy and other interests and hobbies, these interests, in a short period may appear to work with and study of conflict, but in the long run, the lifelong development of human, improve the individual moral sentiments
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