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On the construction of College Young Teachers

Author: HaoGuangZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-03 19:44:39 Read:
[Abstract] under the current situation, advantages and functions of culture, colleges and universities should give full play to the talent of knowledge innovation, service society, they must have a profound understanding and analysis of some outstanding problems faced by the construction of young teachers, take measures, and actively promote the construction of teacher team teach young process, contribute to sustainable development so fast the advancement of higher education for teachers in Colleges and universities, the stable.
[keyword] young college teachers team construction and

College faculty is the foundation of the school development, is the priority among priorities of discipline construction.A high - level university must have a high level of teachers.The teacher is the most important measure indicators and elements of University level.The late president of Tsinghua University Mei Yiqi in 1931 in Tsinghua inauguration speech said: "the so-called university, not that a building that also, master says".It is said that university is a university, its fundamental is to have good professors, good teachers.Due to historical and other reasons, many colleges and universities are faced with large numbers of retired old teachers, young teachers present situation, the proportion of more and more so, how to build a good quality, reasonable structure, the stability of the team of young teachers in Colleges and universities, is the main task facing one of the urgent problems, but also in higher education.

1, strengthen the construction of young teachers in universities and the necessity of
New and old teachers alternation is the law of nature, importance, schools should fully understand the strategic work among the young teachers of the necessity and urgency of.On the current situation of college, after ten years of expansion, the number of the students increased more than ten times, and the development of teachers is obviously lagging behind.But senior teachers Title Teachers aging phenomenon is serious, the backbone teacher age is big, the quality of education gap is more and more serious.The overall quality of the development level of higher education in the future depends largely on the team of young teachers in Colleges and universities, strengthen the training of young teachers education is the priority among priorities of the construction of teaching staff.Attaches great importance to and strengthen the training and education of young college teachers, we implement the party's education policy, promoting the reform and development of higher education, training a large number of high-quality talent, has the important theory significance and the profound practical significance.

2 how to strengthen university youth teachers team construction and
2.1 strengthen young teachers' moral education, improve the ideological and political quality of
The fundamental task of universities is to cultivate ideals, morality, culture, discipline, talents, and talents need teachers quality to complete, which strengthen the moral construction is the construction of teachers' team of the soul.Due to the negative effect of market economy, some young teacher occupation morality exist many worrying problems.Performance is not good to the education of ideal and belief, the scientific world outlook, outlook on life and values education through the education and teaching process, the lack of proper ideals and beliefs, lack of commitment, lack of sense of responsibility, if things go on like this will damage the lofty image of college teachers, influence the healthy growth of College students.Therefore, we should improve the young teachers' ideological quality and occupation morality through various means, to establish a correct outlook on life and values is the first step in the training of young teachers and education to help them.
First, strengthen the ideological and moral education of young teachers must understand the characteristics of psychological development of their ideological education work, can be targeted and effective.Should understand the young teachers truly care about what social problems, new situations, new problems of the ideological education of young teachers in the creation, be lively and vivid, rich and colorful education environment, can the ideological education work attractive, so as to achieve results.
Secondly, to put the ideological education for young teachers in Colleges and universities to implement and penetration in the teachers' teaching, scientific research and daily work, the combination of ideological education and good service and strict management, adhere to the people-oriented ideological education principle, according to the characteristic of young teachers thought development, pay attention to teacher's individual value and enthusiasm, creativity, practical problems to help solve the teacher thought, work, life and so on, in order to improve the effectiveness of ideological education of young teachers.
2.2 young teachers to improve quality, strengthen the ability of teaching research, further optimize the structure of
young teachers
Young college teachers to do a good job of education, education theory of knowledge system, need to master the rules of teaching in higher education.With the expansion of enrollment, school scale expansion, teachers from the number has not been able to satisfy the teaching need, while the young college teachers training, training work has failed to keep pace with the development of the situation, some newly graduated young teachers without learning, training on the podium, a few teachers professionalism is not strong, no, not the level of teaching timely to improve.These have affected the improvement of teaching quality.Therefore colleges and universities should take the following measures:
On-the-job training 2.2.1 attention to the young teachers, improve teachers' professional quality.
The school each year to systematically organize pre-job training of new teachers, learning the relevant educational theory, educational psychology knowledge and teachers' occupation standards and related laws and regulations of teacher behavior.To improve the professional quality of teachers through the pre-job training, refresher training, degree upgrading etc..In the training of young teachers work, attention should be paid to play the role of teachers ",".To actively organize the young teachers to the school training and learning, to master the advanced teaching methods and means of teaching, to cultivate a group of high political quality, professional academic essence, good teaching effect of the teachers in them.2.2.2 increase the cultivation of academic leaders.
Make the construction planning of teachers, cultivating high level talents, disciplines and academic backbone of academic echelon construction.The performance of outstanding young teachers in teaching and research should focus on training, let them take on heavy responsibilities, encourage and support their national, provincial and Ministerial Declaration of major scientific research projects, give priority to let them into the academic echelon.Create a conducive to talent talent showing itself in the environment, make them smooth growth, continuous development.
2.2.3 to establish and perfect the youth mentoring
With the teachers' retirement boom, many universities are now in the academic team large new old alternant critical moment, middle-aged teachers "mentoring" is particularly urgent and important.Although the academic level of young teachers in Colleges and universities is higher, but they are lack of teaching experience, shall appoint a noble morality, professional, knowledgeable, experienced middle-aged teachers as a young teacher teacher, responsible for the new teachers' Ideological and political education, teaching and scientific research, business guidance and help, from the thought, teaching, scientific research and other aspects of a comprehensive to guide the young teachers and more to help, support and a strong guarantee for the training and education of young teachers.
2.3, pay attention to the cultivation of
in practice
Strengthening the training of young teachers training education should pay attention to in practice teaching.In order to improve the practice of young teachers and practical ability, deepen the understanding of the society, should encourage young teachers to participate in social practice and training of new teachers, especially teachers must arrange the practice exercise plan.
In the teaching, should consciously put some important teaching task to young teachers, so that they assume or participate in teaching reform, applying pressure to the young teachers, young teachers shoulder the burden, see the world, gaining knowledge, ability in the teaching forefront.
The research work is also an important means to improve the quality of young teachers.To strengthen young teachers' scientific research consciousness, creating a strong atmosphere of scientific research, scientific research enthusiasm of young teachers, help them to determine the research direction according to their own professional characteristics and the actual needs, and the implementation of projects and funding.
In the daily management work, also should absorb the young teachers to participate in.On the one hand, strengthen their love school love the collective spirit of collectivism, on the other hand, independence and initiative and cultivate their work, as successors cadres.
2.4 young teachers to improve treatment, improve young teachers' working and living environment, the growth of young teachers to provide protection for
Young teachers are just graduated from school, life just independent career, has not yet started, many young teachers are far away from their hometown, a weak economic foundation.So the universities should give love from young teacher housing, life, help them out of difficulties, to solve their practical problems.For outstanding young teachers in business education, scientific research and academic exchanges, the expedition give priority to, through policy support, stimulate their work enthusiasm and initiative, and actively create a "talent team construction environment cause to keep people, keep people feeling, keep people treatment", to ensure sustained and healthy development of the teachers.
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