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International training compound financial talents

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[Abstract] as everyone knows finance has become the first productivity the economic society.Comrade Xiaoping pierce to the heart of the matter that "financial live, is a chess game economy live".With China's accession to the WTO, in the financial field of our country are facing more and more fierce competition, this is without a doubt the financial talent competition.In order to improve the competitiveness of China's financial institution, must strengthen the cultivation of financial talents.And the training of personnel is closely linked with the training target.In this paper, through the analysis of China's economic and educational environment, put forward the training goal of financial undergraduate teaching should be identified as the quality education, and the connotation of quality education is analyzed.
culture quality education of financial talents

1 to determine the training objectives of the necessity of
In twenty-first Century, Chinese higher education "is the key to reform, teaching reform is the core, the education thought and concept reform is pilot" idea as the instruction, to gradually develop deep.The importance of popular society of professional teaching reform of finance, this is not unrelated to the financial reform and development in the society of our country play a decisive role in the role, after China's accession to the WTO, in order to improve the competitiveness of China's financial institution must strengthen the cultivation of financial talents.The objectives of the manufacturers, like the control of its product specification, model, function, quality, packaging requirements.This is very important, because it relates to the product can achieve the "breathtaking leap" -- into money, the same teaching goal setting is directly related to the talent can really serve the society, be welcomed by the market.
In the past a very long period of time, the training objectives of the higher education of our country economic disciplines. No matter what levels are generally positioned for the government, to cultivate talents in economic management in state-owned enterprises.Establishment has its profound historical background the educational goal at the time.First of all, China's financial development has been in a relatively closed economic environment, not truly in line with international standards.Secondly, the higher education is the elite education, economics in college students generally goes according to plan, unified recruit admission, students cadres index, after school registered city and enjoy the medical treatment, after graduation from the government to distribute according to a plan to work with major economic management department.Once again, the economic specialty in Colleges and universities by departments, industry division of very fine, students learn the contents and the major policy, system, regulations, planning implementation, management methods and measures are closely related.Therefore, when the training objectives of the higher financial professionals with strong government guidance, specialization and planning.
With the deepening of reform and opening-up, great changes have taken place in our country's economy and education environment.China has established a socialist market economic system, and in an interdependent world integration, the degree of dependence on foreign trade has reached 40%, and China has joined the WTO, so China's economy will increasingly become an important part of the world market economy.In the process of transition, government plays a more and more role in macro-control, many state-owned enterprises to withdraw from the market, the diversification of the economic component, especially some small and medium-sized private enterprises play a decisive role.At the same time, the higher education of China is the history of unprecedented size increase with age, it is not difficult to find employment difficult phenomenon, it and sat changes "God's favored one enjoy" the situation has been greatly.Therefore, training objective of financial education must make corresponding adjustment.

2 should take quality education as the training target of
Combining with the characteristics of the times in twenty-first Century and China's national conditions and strength, to the national education policy in determining the "all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty of the socialist successors" general training objective foundation, finance undergraduate education should take the quality education as the training target.A main trend of development of higher education in western countries is put aside the training objectives to professional education, generalist education.Early into the professional stage is the higher education teaching chaos, fine shall be carried out in the postgraduate stage.Common phenomenon in Higher Education in China is a professional knowledge accounted for the vast majority, causing financial teaching existing in professional settings are too small and too narrow for pattern.This to a certain extent, resulting in a relative shortage of inputs required to train students' ability, quality.Especially after the reform and opening, the college by the national unified distribution pattern, the school in order to attract students, of which professional "fire", which major assignment, the school to do professional education corresponding, far exceeding the number of teachers and students, this is still significantly in the financial field.Although to some extent solve the urgent need of professionals, but to the finance professional education has brought more pressure, because if the graduation birthday working ability is poor, unable to absorb new knowledge, no staying power and keep pace with the times, then, the professional attraction is not long.
The financial sector is a typical knowledge-intensive and capital-intensive areas, as the saying goes: "the most outstanding talent to the United States, the United States of America's most outstanding talent to Harvard, Harvard's most outstanding talent to Wall Street."The financial domain knowledge is broad, intense competition, changes in dazzling.Finance graduates entering society in the needs of the actual work knowledge and skills can not solve all during undergraduate study, most of them only in the practice to learn.Therefore, students learning is to train learning ability and method of their."Give a man a fish, as delegate to fish", cultivate students the theory foundation, improve the basic quality of students, enhance their ability to adapt to the actual work in.Undergraduate education is the wide, thick foundation, to the quality of education, professional education charity is based on.The world famous University of Toronto business and finance undergraduate curriculum, emphasizes the training objectives and occupation training is not to provide a similar business management as the basis, but the wider the next, as the occupation training may accept the future or further build foundation.

3 the connotation of quality education
Financial professional quality education should emphasize the following points:
3.1 solid professional theoretical foundation of
Professional theoretical knowledge and theoretical knowledge of finance, training should first pay attention to basic economic theory foundation, followed by the financial theory.The basic theory of good economics is very important, only in this way, can the different economic theory mastery and use skillfully, and independent thinking and analysis of economic phenomena.Many of the world famous economists have spent considerable effort to learn and master the basic economic theory of our predecessors left behind, and then put forward his own theory.
3.2 wide general >
It includes not only the principles associated with knowledge of finance, also including humans in other social sciences, natural sciences, humanities art achievement of knowledge, including language knowledge, writing, English, mathematics and computer operation, is very important and necessary.
Relationship of each professional has a larger economic work, and with the development of society, talents are becoming more and more popular.
3.3 certain financial practice ability of
Financial professional graduates to the specific operation in the financial business, emphasizing theoretical basis at the same time, with practice, direct service to certain financial practice ability.Practice course requirements, and attention should be paid to consistent development and finance itself.Financial teaching traditional important monetary credit economics teaching, it is established on the banks as the core of the financial system, but since the nineteen eighties pattern of financial system in developed countries has undergone great changes, more and more equity capital advantage, therefore the western financial teaching began to pay more attention to asset pricing, derivative financial instruments, the currency time the value of financial economics content, mode of economy of lay particular stress on College Chinese traditional talents training mode.After China's accession to the WTO is bound to the financial personnel professional quality put forward higher requirements, so the future of China's financial mode should be considered in running mode of fusion of economic colleges and schools, to achieve complementary advantages.In the course of teaching practice, can take a variety of ways, can master the basic knowledge theory in students, the creation of situational simulation teaching by using multimedia technology, such as the simulation of the bank, securities market, or a combination of the real stock market operation.The school was in collaboration with local financial departments, obtain their sponsorship, held in foreign exchange, futures trading and market competition, and achieved good results.Can also be combined with lectures and financial newspapers and magazines, invite engaged in practical work of industry direct teaching financial services to students.The author in teaching "insurance" in this class, we had invited exhibition industry proxy, actuarial insurance company, management personnel to the classroom give confidential instructions in person, is welcomed by the students
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