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Study on the salary adjustment mechanism

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[Abstract] double factor theory is an important theory in the salary management, it analyzes the different excitation depth and effect of health factors in compensation structure and incentive factors produced by the employees, provide useful ideas for designing salary structure, employee compensation adjustment scheme.Many excellent enterprises is also based on this theory, through flexible overall compensation mechanism greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the staff work, done a lot of innovation in the recognition of employee contributions, to keep a balance between work and life, the building of enterprise culture and staff development work experience, so that these enterprises can keep ourselves strong attractive to talents.
[keyword] salary mechanism theory of double factors incentive compensation scheme of

With strong growth in China's national economy, the consumer price index (CPI) increase rapidly.So a lot of enterprises when considering pay schemes are considered, an increase of CPI.It seems to CPI rate to derive the salary increase is a reasonable salary adjustment scheme.However, with the impact of the global financial crisis, China's CPI index had negative growth trend, but the market demand is still strong salary voice, it makes a lot of enterprises human resource practitioners are puzzled, mechanism of salary adjustment is what? This paper from the point of view of Herzberg's two-factor theory, discuss the incentive the role of theory in salary management of the.
Incentive pay double factor theory based
"Two-factor theory" is also called "Motivation-hygiene Theory" (Motivator-Hygiene Theory), by American behavioral scientist Frederic Herzberg (Fredrick Herzberg), also called the "two-factor theory", the theory that satisfy human needs resulting from the depth and effectiveness of the incentive is different, thus put forward the new thinking is the salary design enterprises.
Herzberg think, those factors make the staff of a dissatisfied with work environment related, such as compensation, company policy, administration, the relationship with the boss, working conditions etc..These factors improve, can only eliminate employee dissatisfaction, but you can't make people become satisfied, so it can not stimulate their enthusiasm, this factor is known as the health care factor.They are not satisfied, so can't motivate staff; but if the lack of, will lead to dissatisfaction.
And the factors that make employees feel satisfied with the main content and work related, such as the sense of achievement, corporate identity, challenging work, responsibility, promotion, development.This kind of elements which can motivate employees work enthusiasm, creativity and enthusiasm, to improve labor efficiency, these factors are called incentive factors.
Herzberg think, not all need to be satisfied with the incentive effect, only motivators can meet the greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the staff.Lack of health factors may cause great dissatisfaction, but does not have a strong incentive.So focused incentives in the incentive factors, can greatly improve the productivity.
Although Herzberg's theory was criticized and questioned by some scholars, but the research work on design and incentive method of this theory has a great role in promoting.
Below we will analyze the dual factors theory to practical application value in the concept of overall compensation.
The theory of double factors using
in salary management
Compensation mechanism is different from the traditional, total compensation is an elastic compensation structure of a multidimensional, is refers to the enterprise to participate fully in the staff's salary system, establishment of every employee different, each employee can even according to career development, work and personal life of the coordination ratio, the proportion of various compensation elements determining their compensation combination and the combination of.

Figure 1 shows the basic structure of the overall salary:
The overall salary is a dynamic management tool, so the enterprise management must be in the framework of enterprise strategy and compensation policy, comparative analysis of individual requirements for environment and employee macro market, then according to the enterprise's ability to pay for the whole compensation components configuration design and planning, in order to make the total compensation system can the effective control of cost and maximize employee motivation.
The following are briefly described on the optimal combination of health factors and incentive compensation system.
(1) health factors: including salary, welfare and working environment.

1) compensation
The salary is mainly composed of basic salary, bonus, long-term incentive form floating.
Cash compensation is paid substantial staff required to sustain life, is also an important part of overall compensation.Note that the characteristics of cash compensation is "rigid", so the basic wage for adjustment to run small step way.
In addition, according to the market situation and enterprise, and according to the post rank system design reasonable floating bonuses, the performance and the floating salary are closely linked, generally speaking, rank higher management personnel, their income in the proportion of floating wages.
In addition, long-term incentive plans have a rising trend in the salary management practice.The research results show that the Mercer consulting company, more and more Chinese enterprises began to design and implement a long-term incentive plan of stock option, which is the main tool of the Chinese enterprise long-term incentive plans.The trend in the future will be more apparent.
2) welfare
One of the self-service welfare scheme is the current hot topic.The author suggests that can start from the employee's perspective, to understand the needs of employees, to develop some new welfare projects, it can achieve more employee satisfaction.For example, a software design company, the staff are mostly young and single, and the company will provide free laundry service, in fact, don't spend a lot of money, but has received very good results.
Similar to the basic wages, welfare also has a certain rigidity, so when design benefits need to be careful.And the enterprise annuity is popular in recent years is a more flexible and innovative options.The enterprise annuity can with the rank of hook, but also more prudent financial management, in the retention of staff can play a certain role in promoting, by many enterprises of all ages.
In summary, compensation and benefits as part of health care of the traditional factors, accounted for a large weight in the overall compensation, because it meets the basic needs of survival and security staff.But with the continuous development of new salary welfare tools, such as long-term incentive plan, approved link pay more and more with the employee performance and business staff, part of the compensation scheme also possesses the characteristics of incentive factors.

3) work environment
Including equipment, working place, working environment and corporate culture.The working environment of the hardware is good or bad, directly affect the staff working attitude.In addition, studies have shown that, good human relation can improve the efficiency of the staff and job satisfaction.Therefore, managers should pay attention to the building of enterprise culture, build a healthy human environment, and the use of the building of enterprise culture means all forms of corporate values among employees, increase employee corporate identity.
(2): the main incentive factors including promotion, training and occupation planning.
1) the promotion of
Internal promotion is an extremely effective tool to motivate employees.For employees, the promotion in both objectively and subjectively is a kind of social status, to respect the needs and the development needs of staff satisfaction, enhance employee sense of identity and loyalty.
Notable is, the modern enterprise management mode to the flat trend of development, in the enhancement enterprise reaction ability at the same time were shortened by employee occupation channel, make some promotion no way.So now many enterprises to actively promote the development model of employee multi-channel, employees can not only to development in the management of channel, can also choose to further enhance the technical and professional channel.
2) training and development of
The strengthening of staff training, can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, realize the strategic goal of the enterprise; in addition, will also be strategic development goal of unified development goals and employee, to meet the individual development needs, mobilize their working enthusiasm and passion, the enhancement enterprise cohesive force.

3) occupation planning
Employee occupation career management is the enterprise development plan and personal career development plan of combining the
Product.Through to the employee occupation career management, enterprise can reach between human resources demand and the employee occupation career demand balance, to create an efficient work environment and attract people, cultivate people, keep the enterprise atmosphere.
From the Chinese present stage, since the reform and opening up, China's strong economic growth to increase people's income, the problem of food and clothing has been gradually resolved, incentive factors of importance is more and more prominent.But notable is, in recent years the rapid growth of CPI, high real estate prices, the rising cost of living in a large city, in the period of high prices, staff's individual needs tend to be inclined to material compensation, if managers emphasize the non-monetary compensation effect, unilateral increase for employees to higher levels of demand investment is not effective, which not only waste the resource of the enterprise, but also may cause negative effect.
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