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Study on the improvement of employee training system based on Petrochemical Industries Co

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[Abstract] the enterprise training system is an important carrier and security training, building an advanced, effective training system, is the primary question of enterprise human resources workers to solve.This paper discusses the Petrochemical Industries Co staff training system, and proposes the countermeasure training system improvement.
improved Petrochemical Industries Co staff training system key words]

Entered in twenty-first Century, the growth of the national economy but the oil consumption is increasing year by year, the international oil prices to record highs, the supply and demand contradictions increasingly tense.Especially after the accession to the WTO, the oil giants have been to China to expand their business, is not a small impact to Chinese petrochemical enterprises.With the opening of the deepening, the impact will be more and more, both from a technical, management, or in the talent resources, we are difficult to match.In the fierce market competition, more and more enterprises realize that the staff is the most important capital of enterprises, only to establish a scientific system for training staff, the implementation of effective staff training, to make human capital and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to cope with the fierce market competition.

1 Training Theory
Staff training is refers to the enterprise in a planned way help employee learning and working ability, the ability to include knowledge, technology or on work performance plays a key role in behavior.The training aims to let employees acquire specific knowledge, technology and behavior, and that they will be applied to our daily work, to improve the working attitude, improve work efficiency.The so-called enterprise staff training system, is around the company's overall development strategy and human resources strategy, enterprise to help employees improve the quality and skills associated with the work, and carry out a series of training activities and corresponding management activities on the staff of the system.Human resource is the first resource, training and education is a kind of investment, the establishment of the learning organization, has become a general consensus in society, so the successful enterprises in the world are paying more and more attention on employee training, the world attach great importance to the lifelong education of employees.The world investment in human resources training continues to increase, the training education is more and more institutionalized, more and more professional training and education function.All in all, all show that the establishment of training educational strategic position in the global scope.

2 internal training system analysis of
(1) the lack of scientific training concept
Some managers petrochemical enterprises treat training arbitrariness is relatively large, not from the strategic management perspective on training, too much emphasis on short-term effect, makes the training support system, the lack of long-term strategy, often a mere formality.Another of the training content biased understanding, or that the training is the theory of organizational learning and ideological and political education, or is training as a "string of door, earnest, leaving the".In the training and working in conflict, often have training in work.Some of the staff training awareness is relatively weak, heavy diploma, problems are more serious than skills.
(2) the training contents are not targeted
From a practical point of view, petrochemical enterprises in the training process, are all or most of imparting knowledge, improve skills as training, and less involved in modern ideas of management, employee values and interpersonal relationship, mental health, psychological adaptation and so on, so as not to correctly analyze the employees lack the knowledge, skills, still need to change the idea, thus causing the pertinence training is not strong, and have a negative effect on the content of the training effect, training effect.
(3) training method of single
Petrochemical enterprise employees the difference in many aspects of professional knowledge, working experience and learning ability significantly, training arrangement of unit of the more traditional "one-pot" way, in the way of training is still focused on the classroom teaching, training often take the teacher as the center, the lack of training on both sides of the exchange and communication, because of the individual differences and the training effect, a waste of valuable resources for training.The traditional training method and the training needs of employees differ very far, affecting the training effect.
(4) the lack of scientific training feedback system of
The general staff for training and feedback after the enthusiasm is not high, often think over training class is the end of the training activities; training management department for the feedback information has no strict requirements, focus on analysis, make the training feedback to the training work for later reference.

Improvement of
3 training system
3.1 to carry out a wide range of Ideological and political education of staff
In all kinds of training courses, to carry out a wide range of Ideological and political education.The staff of Ideological and political education must be closely integrated with the enterprise and the staff actual, in keeping with the times characteristics, targeted at different levels to determine the contents and requirements of the education.Hu Jintao Secretary of outstanding scientific outlook on development of the important thoughts of education, specifically through the culture of oil companies to enhance their sense of responsibility education, establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, to integrity, diligence, honesty, loyalty and petrochemical.
3.2 to actively respond to various challenges restructuring enterprises, accelerate the pace of
cultivation of high level talents.
Human resource is the enterprise foundation, development, speed up the senior management personnel, high-level professional and technical personnel and senior technical personnel team construction is the oil company employee education is an important and urgent work.Train all kinds of talents, insist on focusing on personnel focus on training, shortage of talent training, talent training to priority, ahead of the reserve talents principle, adhere to the internal and external training, the training on the principle of combining.
3.3 to improve the modern management ability as the key point, hierarchical management training of personnel to carry out various types of
Management personnel training, mainly around the hot, difficult problems in the reform and development of enterprise, in accordance with the requirements of the post ability, with management knowledge and ability to perform as the main content, improve the management innovation, organization and coordination, decision-making and implementation capacity.According to the company requirement, participate in group company, oil sales department held the leadership and members of the company management seminar, director, human resources director, director, the director of enterprise management, zero tube center manager, logistics manager, business center manager training.According to actual needs of other adaptive training, such as enterprise staff training, lubricating oil marketing and technical training, management training.
Do a good job of cadre of leaders of all levels of training.Objective to company management and human resources development problems, to employ the relevant experts and scholars domestic academic lectures and exchange, focuses on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, the ideas and methods of modern enterprise management, enterprise development strategy, financial management, human resource development, new knowledge.
3.4 priority to strengthening the retail system staff training, for the construction of long-term mechanism of gas station to provide personnel support
Sales staff, fixed assets mainly in the gas station, gas station management, therefore, for the establishment of long-term mechanism to be imperative.The foundation and the establishment of long-term mechanism to improve staff quality and ability, in the oil company total employment, labor workers accounted for 2/3, the proportion of young high school staff, low quality, lack of basic skills.With the development of the terminal network working group on the gas station, the management of the increasingly high demand, system many managers management quality and management level of gas station also need to be further improved, with the full liberalization of the domestic refined oil retail market, in the management work in the front line of gas station stationmaster is an important guarantee for achieving business objectives, therefore, the company will have on the gas station manager for retraining, and will continue to hold the backup manager training class.
3.5 to improve the skill level position as the focus, hierarchical held various staff skills training
To speed up the cultivation of high-skilled personnel and occupation skill identification.In 2010 we must continue to promote, expand the identification ratio scope, focus on the cultivation of senior technical workers, formed the perfect skill talent system.To focus on basic work on the professional center, focusing on the training of intermediate and senior worker worker, for intermediate above the operator can account for the entire technical workers more than 70%, the operation quality of skilled workers have overall improvement.On the basis of selecting mature strength of strong individual work, focusing on the training of 70-100 3-5 technicians, senior workers.Timely organization with technicians conditions to the employees for intensive training, assessment, and strive to technician to reach about 5 people, and for the chief engineer system, make its structure and total amount is reasonable, to meet the requirements of the development of enterprises.
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