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Focus on process control to improve training quality

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[Abstract] talent resource is the most valuable strategic resource, is the first resource initiative and creativity. "".Talent development, education for this, through the training of human resources into human resources, is an important way to implement the "talent thriving enterprise" strategy.In this paper, through a preliminary analysis on the current situation of staff training quality petrochemical construction enterprise, proposes specific measures to improve the training quality of construction enterprise.
[keyword] training quality control of

With the implementation of "going out" strategy, petrochemical construction enterprises are facing tremendous opportunities for development.In the fierce market competition, only has a high-quality talent team of the enterprise, can remain invincible.In the enterprise competition is talent competition, training is an important means for enterprises to improve staff quality and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.Therefore.How to improve the effect of enterprise training, improve training quality under the new situation has become very urgent and important problem.

1 the petrochemical construction enterprises employee training quality status of
Has always attached great importance to staff training petrochemical construction enterprise, willing to invest a large amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources in the staff training, to a certain extent, promoted the development of enterprise staff training.However, at present the enterprise training effect is not satisfactory.The cause of the enterprise training effect is not just as one wishes are in many aspects, specifically manifested in: enterprise managers attention and awareness training is not enough; training objectives is not clear, the pertinence is not strong; the training plan and systematic difference; the wrong choice to participate in the training of personnel; training method selection; the lack of inspection and the training effect evaluation.Due to the above reasons, finally causes the enterprise training costs are wasted or training did not achieve the desired objective.

2 petrochemical construction enterprises to improve the training quality measures of
After continuous exploration summary, petrochemical construction enterprises gradually realize that staff training on physical and human input is not enough, must constantly update the training management concept, establish a business needs, consistent with the ISO 10015 quality management system standard scientific staff training quality control system, the whole process will control the working staff training quality throughout the training activities, do a good job in every process and makes it meet the corresponding quality standards, to ensure the training quality.Strengthen the management of training process, should focus on doing a good job of training needs analysis, control four aspects of the evaluation of training plan, training implementation and training effect, the only way to fundamentally improve training quality and training management level.
2.1 do training needs analysis of
Training needs analysis is to determine the training objectives, training plan, the implementation of specific training of the premise, but also training assessment based, is the first link of training activities.The main task of training demand analysis is: to determine who need training and training, training by the manner in which what time, place.Staff training needs analysis of petrochemical construction enterprises mainly from the following aspects.
2.1.1 closely focus on enterprise development strategy, identify the training needs of enterprises.The development strategy of the enterprise, provides the enterprise development of short and long term development target.First of all, the long-term development objectives in order to achieve the enterprise to achieve sustained and orderly, scientific development, must rely on talent and intelligence to do a solid guarantee, therefore, culture development and reserve training departments must do a good job, to enable enterprises to enhance the development of stamina; secondly, employee training must be the goal in the near future service enterprise, must be close to the production and operation actually, do you need any construction production training.
2.1.2 to existing staff ability and the occupation career development target, identify the training needs of enterprises.Enterprise's competition in the final analysis is the competition of talents, training in the management of enterprises should adhere to the people-oriented.Training should not only enhance the requirement of enterprises for employee skills, adapt to the job needs, but also pay attention to their own ability, the development potential of employees continuously, need training needs not only reflect the organization development needs, job, need to reflect the personal occupation career development.
Basic occupation development needs 2.1.3 in equilibrium long and short term goals and employee on staff training needs, according to the analysis of existing training resources condition.Strengthening the training needs analysis is to put the needs of the organization, job demand and personal demand organically.Rationally determine the training scale and training methods, based on the training demand, demand for a variety of training comprehensive balance.At the same time, carry out staff training needs financial support and rely on the existing training resources (training, site, equipment, instruments, etc.), therefore, identify training project, must also consider the training objective conditions and other factors.2.2 carefully formulate training plans and
Make the training plan is a prerequisite for the implementation of training, training plan will directly affect the training effect, to control the quality of training play a decisive role.So, to make the training plan is an important link in training management.Petrochemical construction enterprises in the formulation of company annual training plan, mainly from the following three aspects.
2.2.1 combined with the actual, preferably training project, prepare and submit the company training plan.Group training plan according to the strategic goal of group company, training programs focus on unified organization among enterprises is focused, talent, key position talents training.Petrochemical construction enterprises should rely on the group company, group company to implement the "three training project" full advantage of this vector, according to the enterprise's own development needs, combined with the characteristics of production and management of own enterprise, a careful analysis of the demand of talents training, selection, selection of training project, through the comprehensive balance, form report to participate in group training program, do what project taking part in what project, can send to send, guarantee not to waste money for training and human resources, and to meet the needs of talent in key personnel, job training.
2.2.2 analysis, in-depth investigation and repeated demonstration, science and the development of enterprise training plan.In making training plan, to take full account of two units of the characteristics of production and management, staff capacity development and occupation career development needs, so plan workable; closely around the actual production and operation of petrochemical construction enterprises, combining with the enterprise human resource development in the last five years planning and employee training plan, combined with the system, all units, the Department of construction management and production practice, in order to improve the quality of staff for the purpose, in order to cultivate management, professional technology and operation skills of three personnel and promotion of new knowledge, new technology, new technology, new equipment for the emphasis of training content, scientific arguments for the establishment of the training project, the project of the project must be Li, can be set to not suspend the project project, empty the contents of the project will never project.
2.2.3 strict examination, strengthen supervision, completes the two unit annual training plan and guide the work of.Level two unit training program is based on the enterprise's own production management characteristics and needs of employees and independent training plan their own training resources to develop the.Training is the main content of corporation and corporate training program is not, and must carry out training programs, most adaptive training, basic knowledge training and job skills, regular training.Level two unit training plan based on level two units to develop, enterprises to give proper guidance, review of training projects, strict examination of the training process, the training plan implementation.
2.3 intensive training program organization and implementation of the
The organization and implementation of training plan is the most important part of the whole training process, also decided the key to the success or failure of the project of the training, each training project training program is a training project, use the project management method to organize the implementation of.How to design, how to implement, are related to the training project final training effect.Training plan of petrochemical construction enterprises in the process of implementing the main focus on the following five aspects.
2.3.1 select the appropriate training.The ability structure of teachers training ability and training teachers play a crucial impact on the training effect.An important principle of selecting teachers is "capable of division", here "Almighty", mainly refers to the ability to control the course, to guide the learner to achieve the curriculum objective people.Enterprise training project implementation by enterprise training managers, business professionals, part-time training teacher, bear, can also be external teachers, scholars, experts lecture.The main part of the enterprise internal training to undertake the training task, is the main force of the implementation of training.
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