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Requirements and training mode of construction project management personnel's quality

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[Abstract] Based on the human capital theory as the basis, the construction enterprise as an example, discusses the development of project management personnel's quality of construction enterprises, analyzes the requirement for the six aspects of project management personnel's quality construction enterprises, puts forward the existing project management personnel training in the current problem, finally from the university talents training mode the transformation of the way of the cultivation of quality engineering management personnel.
[keyword] mode
training project management personnel quality

At present our country is in a period of rapid development, economic development, especially the city changes a process to accelerate dependence on infrastructure investment in fixed assets in the.The vigorous development of the real estate industry has brought great vitality to the construction industry.As the number and type of construction project growing, large-scale, high technology, complex construction project is to accelerate the trend, the construction industry in the face of great opportunities and also faces great challenges, this challenge is the first building industry human resources demand challenges.Culture and the construction enterprise should pay attention to quality first, complex construction project management.

Significance of
1 project management personnel quality of construction enterprises
Human capital theory foundation of character Schultz thinks, human capital plays a role of mutual alternative and complementary between the various factors of production; he through "quantitative calculation of economic growth residue analysis method", further proved that human capital is the source of economic growth.He thinks, for the modern economy, people's knowledge, ability and health and enhance human capital, contribution to economic growth is far more than the number of physical capital and labor increase.[1]
1.1 high-quality engineering and management personnel has become the core competitiveness of construction enterprises
The current construction market to a buyer's market is basically dominated, the owners of the building enterprises require much less, the Commission, the competition between enterprises is extremely intense, and even the emergence of "bid by low price, profit by the claim" argument, which often causes a series of adverse consequences in construction or construction, and even lead to the rupture of both parties cooperation, the final construction enterprises can not successfully achieve the economic goal.But at present, most of the construction enterprises to master the technology is similar to and market prices are highly transparent case, who have high-quality engineering and management personnel, who can make good project selection, bidding, bidding at bidding strategy, the construction organization design excellent, took the comprehensive unit price lowest which can guarantee enterprises in the bidding to win, get project.
1.2 high-quality engineering and management personnel is basic condition for the success of the project
In the implementation of projects have three control and two management and one coordination of high-quality management personnel.Completion of the initial formulation of the quality, schedule, cost three control objectives, and also carry out the contract management and information management, has the opportunity and evidence for the reasonable and legitimate claims, ensure the economic interests.But the relationship between construction unit management personnel construction coordination good organization, communication and construction units.In modern large scale construction projects, including owners, design units, construction units, reconnaissance units, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and so on participation up to hundreds or even thousands of square, the project management is more difficult, but with the construction enterprise of such personnel to Zhanwen heels in the fierce the market competition.
1.3 high-quality engineering and management of engineering quality is the internal guarantee
The base of existence of construction enterprise is the construction of the quality of the products, and usually think the effect of 4M1E five quality factors, namely Manpower (human), Machine (machine), Material (object), Method (method), Environments (environment), also is the people often said: man, machine, material, method, environment, the five elements.Which one is the emphasis of all management theory discussion, especially as the field management of engineering personnel, by them to control a construction personnel throughout the site, construction machinery and equipment, materials, construction procedures, methods, and the safety and the surrounding environment is harmonious construction site.Thus, the five elements in the project are directly or indirectly is decided by the project manager.Project managers have with others, good communication ability to assign tasks, coordination, professional and technical basis is excellent to guide construction equipment use, maintenance, material planning approach batch and quantity of how good the control to meet the operational research theory achieves the storage cost and guarantee the quality of materials, adjustment of the construction order, according to the network technology to optimize the time to inspect and guide the workers construction method, at the same time also require that the project management in construction site safety management, ensure the staff working environment, to achieve low noise, no environmental pollution standards for green construction.
1.4 high-quality engineering and management personnel is a key factor in building effective
Now the social development also requires construction enterprises in the project management personnel to manage a project from design concept to the whole process of formal operation.Such as investment opportunity study, preliminary feasibility study, feasibility study, survey and design, the final bidding, procurement, construction, commissioning etc..This requires a construction enterprise project management personnel in addition to have a variety of professional and technical knowledge of civil engineering, only the excellent overall quality to manage of construction project management, the implementation of project of good quality, excellent economic benefits, working environment and harmonious construction.2 contemporary construction enterprise project management personnel's quality requirement of
2.1 good occupation moral standard
The construction industry quality is beneficial to the people's livelihood, the relationship between people's life and property safety and social stability, the construction quality of the product is of great significance.From Chongqing Qijiang Hongqiao overall collapse to the fragile building, building were, to the recent Hanzhoung bridge project in Jiangsu Nanjing city quality problems arise, the construction units unauthorized building glue was used in the treatment of fracture; Shanghai Suzhou River in Henan Luqiao structure gap of illegal use of woven bags and other miscellaneous filling as cavity lining.These works on the surface are in conformity with the provisions of laws and regulations, construction procedures complete, design units, construction units, supervision units, quality levels are in line with the requirements, design, project manager, supervision engineers also have occupation qualification.These construction accidents and quality problems still arise, the reason is various project management personnel occupation moral level is too low, ignoring the laws and regulations of the dignity, ignoring the people's life safety, violating the operating rules, ignoring the occupation morals, blindly money, all to the economic interests prevail, can never exist in Engineering management in the procession, otherwise it will be disastrous.So the occupation moral good is one of the most important standards of modern construction enterprise project management personnel quality.
Level of construction technology 2.2 higher
Project management is a highly intelligent technical service work, its effect depends not only on the total engineering team can meet the needs of the business, but also depends on the project management staff, especially senior administrative staff of the project engineering and technical level, such as construction engineer, registered cost engineer, registered supervision engineers, they have professional technical ability strong, can supervise and control of the engineering construction, the guiding opinion.[2] only a solid foundation of professional technology to make up that they shoulder the great responsibility of project management, otherwise it will be in the management of the powerless, difficult to go deep into the management of the core, it is difficult to grasp the management key.
Knowledge and experience in project management of
2.3 system
The aim of management is to seek in the existing conditions, how to through the rational organization and allocation of human, financial, material and other factors, to improve the level of productivity.Project management is designed, effectively to the project from concept design to the formal operation of the entire process, including investment opportunity study, preliminary feasibility study, feasibility study, survey and design, the final bidding, procurement, construction, commissioning and other activities in the planning, coordination, control, planning and specification, in order to ensure the quality and quantity of engineering to meet the intended requirements.Project management professional quality which requires the project manager system, control the whole process of project progress.At the same time, accumulated management experience, so that the burst of the progress of the project and the emergency measures.
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