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Impact on employees' psychology and behavior of merger and acquisition of enterprises

Author: Guo Zuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-03 03:58:00 Read:
Keywords: the psychological behavior of employees of enterprise merger and acquisition
Abstract: M & A has become the main choice, enterprise growth strategy, however, the success rate of M & A is very low.This paper on the basis of previous research results, analyzes the impact of M & A behavior on employees' psychology and behavior, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions to improve the success ratio of M & A.
, main factors affecting employee psychological and behavior
Organizational change is refers to the organization in order to adapt to the changes in the internal and external environment, process adjustment and correction of their own behavior.Think of contingency theory, any organization is a changing internal and external environment, development.Enterprise merger and acquisition is a kind of high complexity and high conflict characteristics of organizational change.Facing organizational change, employees will have to resist the psychological and behavior.Reasons why people resist change, different scholars have different interpretations.
KotterSchlesinger (1998) pointed out that the most common causes of employee resistance to change is: don't want to lose the original value; misunderstood changes and its meaning; that change of no use; low tolerance for change.Callan (2000) will also be negative effect of organizational change on individual production area is divided into four types: interpersonal anxiety after the change of the work flow and the partner relationship with boss; anxiety after the change of place of work and family; concern after the change of the position change and fear the altered personal career development.Ashford (2001) that the psychological reaction of members of the organization, organizational change is bound to stimulate the inner conflict, because in the organizational change process, often bring employee uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and lead to employee resistance to change.Almaraz (2002) Nadler (1992 reference) point of view, points out that the factors of resistance to organizational change: the employee is uneasy about the future of fear, habits, economic might, on the social relations, not need cognitive change threat, etc..
Qiu Yi (2002) from the perspective of organizational characteristics of enterprises, a compelling reason for organizational change organizational members divided into three points: corporate structure and strategy was inert, transformation led members of the resistance due to breaking the power balance of the original and the original corporate culture rigidity; the members can not accept the changes between members, members; and the organization have an interdependent relationship, change make this relationship changed, feel unsafe fear and resistance members.Li Mingde (2OO4) think, barriers to organizational change are: attitude and value system; habits of behavior and psychological balance and safety considerations.
The above scholars, resist interference resistance and the process of organizational change from the first members of organization inertia and inert as well as the members of the cognition of organizational change caused by unclear; second is to change lead to organizational members emotional anxiety, i.e. members lose now have things, process with mental resistance to changes in organizational change, so that in the organizational change process cause the benefit conflict behavior.
Effect on Employee Psychological Acquisition of
two, enterprise
1 fuzzy sense is enhanced
The so called fuzzy sense, refers to a clear understanding of the prospects of the company, members lack the necessary information to determine who should assume the role in the organization, the formation of suspicious atmosphere.With the announced merger plan, first there is ambiguity state employees, employees will feel themselves in a vacuum environment, they change, development of enterprise future of their roles in the organization and position are hard to predict and determine.They can only realize organizational procedures, the future objectives, management style and organizational structure will change, but not sure how to change.Although senior managers to try to ease the anxiety of employees by certain commitments, but the fact is that people are still full of tension and confusion.In this state of mind, employees will lose their jobs in the direction and goal, impossible to concentrate on work, can not give full play to their initiative, the enthusiasm and creativity, but also may decrease the affordability of setbacks.
2 confidence lower
One reason may be the enterprise trust decreases no signs of suddenly announced the merger and acquisition, makes a great impact on employee psychological.They think that top management knows much more information than ordinary employees, so there's no telling may have more things happen.In this case, the top management's attitude and speech begins to doubt and guess.Effect of increasing and ambiguity brings to the employees' psychological similarity, reduce the trust level, employees will become irritable, hostile and instinctive defense, and will therefore affect employee morale, influence staff's work enthusiasm and initiative, but also greatly reduce employees' loyalty to the company.
3 the ego to protect consciousness raising
M & a sudden fuzzy brings sense is enhanced and the decline in trust, will make the majority of employees to take self-protective behaviors and attitudes.Methods the management at all levels of protection and employee performance out of their variety.Some people use their brains to take the initiative, to a proactive approach to competing desires to protect jobs, or expectation by means of M & a chance of getting one than the original more power and more honorable position; others take a negative attitude of wait, wait for the fate of the choice, they can not take the initiative, but to err on the side of caution; others think that the best way to survive is to keep your job, who also not to offend, so in the process of merger and acquisition, deliberately not to work, to avoid agitation, they just wait for good luck will come to their own body.Whether employees to take what kind of self protection, will involve the staff a lot of time and energy, consume a large amount of energy, allowing employees to personal interests as the main behavior orientation, instead of on corporate interests; increase the centrifugal force of enterprise, employee loyalty is on the wane, reflected in the work is to reduce the responsibility the heart, reducing the workload.
Influence of staff behavior of
three, enterprise M & A
1 communication deterioration
The process of acquisition of turmoil and fuzzy state so that trust between employees is reduced, the ego to protect consciousness strengthen, resulting in decreased employee go-slow and productivity consequences.At the same time, the original leadership, culture, organization structure and work system and program impact, may also lead to employee insecurity and resistance.With the decline in the level of employees on organizational trust, organizational members began with disloyalty, people's words and deeds become more cautious, candid talk less, the amount of information obtained from the normal channels to reduce staff, the final receiver can receive information may have been filtered, edit or distorted information.In addition, because more and more people merger makes participation in decision making and problem solving, communication mechanism is more and more complex, the channels of communication are also more and more long, and probability information missing, missing the bigger.
2 wait
After the enterprise merger and acquisition, employees first there is ambiguity state.In this state, as the act of self-defence instinct is to everything around to see, this wait-and-see caused by the most direct consequence of of all kinds of work are not the initiative to do, but first wait for.Waiting is the subjective initiative of hibernation, inhibited the ability of innovation, is on the staff enthusiasm destruction.Employees long in this state will make the enterprise missed development opportunities, reduce the speed of development.
The 3 decline in efficiency
The transition period of M & A activity in the turmoil and fuzzy state the degree of trust between employees, between employees and enterprises to reduce, the ego to protect consciousness strengthen, easily lead to mergers and acquisitions in the transition period of the go-slow and productivity.This is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is the psychological self-protection bring productivity losses.When the ego protection to be considered the most important employee, they will become less willing to bear the responsibility for decision making and risk; two is the decrease of staff on the merger brought against as a result of production efficiency.When the roles they position in the organization and plays the employee uncertainty after the merger, they will take the boycott behavior and passive work.
4 for power
The formation of M & A is bound to bring about a new group.As the original work, rank and status change, will inevitably lead to the assigned position arrangement and power of the new.Position arrangement and distribution of power here, including not only the administrative duties, but also including the status arrangement and distribution of power nature of work, job importance, jobs, and the degree of contact between etc..Under normal circumstances, people do not want their decline in status, so after the merger between the employee status and power for the inevitable.This kind of status and power struggles, not only by the unwilling loss caused by psychological state, but also affected by seizing the opportunity to change the fate of the thought.
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