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Personnel management is the first element of modern kitchen management

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[Abstract] from the employees of the labor force, is the kitchen, hotel and even the entire enterprise development important "resources", the hotel is successful or not, depends on the management of staff.So the kitchen.To obtain the best economic benefits, to maximize the mobilization and play to their enthusiasm and creativity, this is the kitchen management success, but also the core and motive force of the development of management.Therefore, personnel management is the first element of all the management of.As long as the personnel management, can achieve a high social benefit and economic benefit.
[keyword] personnel management efficiency of

Includes many aspects of modern kitchen management, such as personnel management, materials management, quality management, safety management and so on.But in the final analysis, in the management, personnel management is very important.The first object is management has been studied.Especially in the food and beverage industry intense competition today, only the staff to manage, in order to achieve better economic benefit for the kitchen and the whole hotel, enterprise.So, how to do a good job in the kitchen staff management? Here I talk about some not mature experience, please colleagues criticism.

1 kitchen staff
The kitchen staff includes two meanings.One refers to meet production needs to determine all kitchen staff number; two means of the division of personnel posts and reasonable arrangement.Because the kitchen staff not only directly affect the labor cost size, team morale level, but also on the kitchen production efficiency, product quality and food production management has the effect can not be ignored.Therefore, different size, different grades, different specifications of the kitchen, on the staff of the equipment is not the same, only by considering the following factors, to determine production personnel quantity is scientific and feasible.
> production scale and the reasonable layout of
How the kitchen size, number, production capacity, to the kitchen staff plays a main role.As a large scale, catering service reception capacity is large, the production task is also heavier.For example, in Xincheng Hotel, Inner Mongolia hotels, equipped with various aspects of the production staff to.On the contrary, the kitchen is small, production services Co., the kitchen is less equipped with some personnel.The rhythm of the compact, reasonable layout, production flow is smooth, the same post function merge, goods transportation distance is short, the kitchen staff is reduced.The kitchen and more dispersed, the production of kitchen space or distance, not even in a city or the same floor, equipped with the staff will increase.Therefore, kitchen equipment, advanced performance, supporting reasonable, complete functions, not only can save the personnel, but also can improve production efficiency, expand production scale, improve economic efficiency, meet the need of production.
The 1.2 menu formulation and product standard of
The menu is food production, service task book.Menu variety, complete specifications, dishes, complex processing technology, processing products of high standards, it should increase the workload, the kitchen will be equipped with more staff.Such as fast food kitchen as supply fixed dishes, the limited number of varieties, and zero or banquet kitchen cook dishes operating a wide variety, process complex, high quality standard requirements.So, fast food kitchen than zero and banquet kitchen staff with less.
1.3 employees of the technical standards and business hours
Most of the kitchen staff from from all sides, because of the difference of area and cuisine cooking skills and industry leading routines are different, a lack of understanding of the cooperation and communication, work efficiency is low, the error rate will be higher production.Therefore, the kitchen staff with some.Staff technology is comprehensive, stable, skilled degree is high, can be less with some.Kitchen production deal with the restaurant business hours long, production personnel have a great relationship, such as some hotels, restaurants, in addition to three meals a day, also operate the supper, and is responsible for 18 or 24 hours of guest room, production and processing, and even take out product so, extend the business hours, the kitchen frequency will increase, personnel must match.
In conclusion, through the above analysis, the specific method of kitchen staff to determine the number of many, such as the proportion determined, according to the workload to determine, according to the position determined, but is generally in accordance with the dining table to determine.The 30-50 table is equipped with a kitchen staff, the 15-20 table is equipped with a kitchen, there is also a 7-8 table is equipped with a kitchen staff.But it should be flexible according to the actual situation and specific master.Also according to the workload to determine, in accordance with the total time of the daily average of all prescriptions for the production task, considering the staff rest, disease, leave and other factors, methods to determine the general is: the total time number = kitchen staff * (1 10%) / 8, therefore, irrespective of the approach, only to reasonable, in order to improve the efficiency of.

2 Kitchen staff recruitment and
The new kitchen and catering enterprises, recruitment is a systematic work, has opened the catering enterprises, with the expansion of food production and sales scale, increase the chef flow, also need to recruit additional staff, production and processing.To do a good job in the modern kitchen management, must strictly this.Many require candidates with the knowledge, skills, intrinsic, appearance of good quality and occupation moral, to ensure that it can quickly do the kitchen work, and to improve food quality, improve management and make positive contributions to the kitchen.Methods general job is to look at the application (or self recommendation letter), test, interview, physical examination, recruitment.Because the recruiter sources are in many aspects, but in order to do well in the management work, must grasp the situation.
Have relatives, friends and the 2.1 store managers or employees without
A famous enterprise, a good hotel, all staff are required to establish a comprehensive and feasible rules and regulations, it is to do a good job of power, and is restricted to complete the task.Then in the executive system of equality, make no exception.So that it can help managers to do the work.But often some employees are not consciously implemented, resulting in confusion.For example, general manager of the sister-in-law two minutes late, leave early Master Li's nephew was five minutes, although this is a small thing, but it's very important for managers.If strict control, the general manager may not be happy, or even to "wear shoes", Master Li has ideas, emotional; because as everyone knows, the vegetation, selfish ideas and personal considerations heavier; if no matter, causing very bad influence on our staff, and even spread to everyone to do a good job of sentiment and confidence; in addition to the post allocation, job goals are the same problem, therefore, such employees do not have the best.
The 2.2 chefs occupation moral low personnel without
As a good cook, not only has the superb cuisine, but also have good occupation morality and quality.However, some chefs while cooking is better, but the moral of cook.Since that victory, offend by rude remarks in the work, did not unite the staff, who just fawn on, please leadership, always think oneself job, salary less, even with emotional work, when HERSHEY'S bad, is special, violate the rules and regulations.Employees see in the eye, the gas in the heart did not say, managers said also don't listen, causing very bad influence, not only finished the task, but also caused the waste and loss, economic benefits go; so employees can firmly do not?.On the contrary, as long as the kitchen cooking good although poor, but also young, have diligent spirit, I think we can focus on training, to become a culinary elite.For example, major, college graduates and social youth, should employ.
2.3 monthly income higher wages of employees without
At present, the major hotels, hotels, actively recruiting some monthly income of more than 10000 yuan chef to the field of Hongkong, Macao and other places, to prove our grades and characteristics of the high, I think there is no need to.Because, our country is in a developing country, and my district is the economy is relatively backward areas, the development of the catering industry should adapt to the market, adapt to the people, locally, how many people can afford to eat Yan, abalone, fin? So, I think we should actively cultivate culture, able to endure hardship, the courage to innovate the young chef, development and utilization of natural resources of this area, and actively create their own brand products and competitive products, can also increase the hotel's position and grade, so that our national food industry to truly become a cuisine, all over the country, to the world.In addition, a person's ability is limited, why don't we use the person's salary to recruit three people? As the saying goes: "everyone firewood high flame, add" in three individuals than a person sends out light and heat more, create wealth and contribute more.This should go without saying that.
In a word, after the interview, physical examination person
, is win glory in battle, after repeated screening accepted, so they should become a major force in the shop, give full play to their one's ability and cleverness and cooking techniques, learning-by-doing, work to further improve the kitchen.

3 kitchen staff training
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