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The importance of training talents in hospital

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[Abstract] hospital personnel training is a complicated process, from the importance of talent, talent quality leadership checks and training, as well as for the talent to create a strong growth of the environment, make the hospital to obtain competitive advantage in order to realize the sustainable development and.Therefore, in order to improve the personnel training should be more channels to solve the regeneration mechanism, to build senior health personnel.
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In recent years, our medical and health undertakings have profound changes and great development of this culture, proposed the new task for hospital personnel.Therefore, the hospital under the new situation how to carry out personnel training, how to cultivate new talents in conformity with it, is a key link.

The 1 hospital situation and hospital personnel training goal orientation of
(1) faces in the new period to strengthen hospital situation: one is the medical and health work service concept.The reform of medical institutions to "take the patient as the center", the hospital tenet doing a courtyard still should reflect the heal the wounded and rescue the dying, humanitarian, put one's heart and soul into serving the people.Service these essential connotation reflects the new era hospital work has stronger.On the other hand is the hospital management into the incomplete market track.With the establishment of China's socialist market economic system and gradually improve the external environment of hospital development, profound changes have taken place, as an independent business entity of the hospital, no longer by the government turnkey, to adapt to the socialist market economic system, becomes the hospital development objective request and the route one must take.Hospital survival and development must attach importance to the development of medical market, focus on management, take the road of quality and efficiency, normative management, health and orderly development of the road.
(2) the hospital personnel quality and positioning: the quality of hospital personnel in the new period: character, service, technology, operation and management of quality.The training target of the hospital under the new situation should be located in: the cultivation of innovative ability and socialist ideological and moral, awareness of service and service skills, learn medical knowledge and technical personnel and management personnel.

The 2 hospital in new period thought of
(1) recognize talent benefit of hospital personnel training: firstly, a deep understanding of investment and benefit.It is not difficult to understand, hospital personnel knowledge conversion can bring remarkable economic benefits and social benefits to the hospital, but it is worth noting that the benefit is indirect and long-term features, plus the influence of hospital management system, some hospitals often for personnel training in thinking and behavior of short-term benefit, take hospital personnel "take-ism" (mainly rely on the introduction of talent), "pragmatism" (lack what talent introduction or cultivate talent, when missing, when to introduce or training).Lack of planning, personnel training target and continuity.This is bound to affect the normal development of the hospital to realize and long-term goal of the hospital personnel training work.So the hospital personnel training should be planned and targeted training, establish perfect management system of personnel, and long-term work.
(2) the combination of point and face training: training, namely training focus talent, the general practice is to select key talent seedling from senior titles, the young people, then set goals, to a task, the pressure, heavy investment, strengthen the training of morality and academic.Training objectives is a professional discipline leaders, training purpose is to make it better to master the new technology, keep up with the pace of modern medical development, enable the hospital to maintain the advanced nature of certain aspects of the.
Surface is a foundation for training the talents in hospital, is the most important aspect, the reasons are: first, the personnel structure of hospital is a high grade medical talents, in early, complementary energy level structure reasonable, stable, reasonable existence, only the levels of talent complementary functions, can play the best hospital personnel.Second, because of the complexity of fine and patients in modern medical professional division of disease, psychological, social factors, the hospital talent group characteristics more significant, between medical work is done by hospital departments cooperation and orderly.So do well only on the surface of the talent training in order to make the hospital function in normal play, to improve the overall service level hospital and medical technology.
(3) to serve the training of technical talents: the service of medical and health work outstanding requirements must change the traditional concepts and practices of light-weight technology service personnel training, training to adapt service technology with professional technical quality and service quality talents.Training of technical personnel must pay attention to the two "the first" technical training, basic training, namely "through the foundation, medical professional basic knowledge, basic skills training, improve the professional quality.Second is "the cultivation of moral base", which can be summarized as follows: the moral foundation training.Cultivate good moral consciousness and occupation moral consciousness; cultivate their professionalism and dedication; cultivate the collective consciousness of the individual sense of affinity, complementary, hard-working spirit.The legal foundation of education.The current health, laws and regulations are being established and perfected gradually, through the legal education, improve the legal concept and awareness of medical staff as soon as possible, so that they can consciously according to the law practice, standardize the medical behavior has become a pressing matter of the moment.The psychological, social basic knowledge education.Through medicine and humanistic knowledge of social education, to know the patient the role of psychological factors, grasp and patient communication skills, improve the awareness and level of service society, service patients.(4) pay attention to the cultivation of clinical medical talents: hospital personnel training should be oriented towards the patient, clinical, clinical medical personnel training a large number of clinical practice can be solved.Because of the clinical medicine is a very practical, growth cycle is longer the talent, only on the front line of clinical, direct communication with patients, close observation of disease, the whole process, and adhere to the long-term practice, in the diagnosis and treatment in the continuous accumulation, in order to cultivate qualified or outstanding clinical medical talents.The importance of personnel training, specific can proceed from the following several points: first, to fully understand the importance of clinical training, emphasizing the training of clinical competence and the cultivation of scientific research ability and establish a strict specification, clinical training system, in order to cultivate clinical medical persons.The system of personnel reform, the establishment of a new personnel system to adapt to and clinical training.The idea of establishing double track mode of clinical medical personnel training, that is to carry out the two institutional practice of clinical professional clinical training and the cultivation of clinical graduate students.Training in clinical research as the main direction of clinical graduate students, cultivation of clinical professional practice in clinical skills and ability as the main direction, practice clinical professional training and degree system combination.
(5) pay attention to the cultivation of hospital management talents: concept, to the hospital management cadres often as "full-time cadres", "non-professional", "no benefit administrative cadre"; personnel system, has not obtained the equal treatment of professional and technical personnel, professional title evaluation technology lacks the specialized scientific management system, resulting in a contempt for hospital management, not to feel at ease hospital management phenomenon, affecting the normal hospital management talent cultivation.Especially in the new situation, the hospital operation mechanism on the obvious market and business requirements, and the quality and efficiency of the connotation construction of hospital management, so it becomes all the more important role.Only the development of a hospital management talents, improve the scientific management of hospital, in order to make the function of the hospital each amplification system, improve the hospital's medical technology level, the level of medical service, in order to bring social benefit and obvious benefit to the hospital, can the hospital's normal operation and development guarantee.
The new era hospital management personnel training should be: full understanding and status of the management personnel in the operation and development of hospital's role, importance of the training management talents become the consensus.The training of management personnel into the hospital personnel training plan, selection of basic medicine, management quality of the staff, there are plans to target culture.The reform of the personnel system, the title of a technical evaluation system establishment of management personnel, scientific, and pay attention to improve living conditions and treatment management personnel.
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