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The flexible management of teachers: feature and strategic connotation

Author: ChenTao CuiDeMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-03 00:22:12 Read:
[Abstract] college teachers elastic management refers to the administrative departments of education or management colleges and universities according to the practical development and needs of the school, to rely on teachers and create proper conditions for its subjectivity, application principle and flexibility, rationality and irrationality, the combination of science and humanistic management thought and method, an effective management mode in order to realize the common development of teachers and school.The flexible management of teachers is the relationship between subject and object of dialectical, objective accuracy and fuzziness, adaptability and development of consistency, the diversity and flexible means of.Is the basic strategy of college teachers management flexibility: respect, set up, develop, calibration, the team.
[keyword] main features of college teachers elastic management implementation strategy of

Flexible management is emphasized by university teachers management object -- the subjectivity of college teachers is a management concept and management system, which based on Teachers' emotion, needs, development perspective on the management mode, is a kind of human nature management, a people-oriented management, a flexible management.It is not only a science, but also an art.In order to correctly understand and effectively implement flexible management of university teachers, makes a preliminary study on the connotation, the flexible management of university teachers characteristics and the implementation strategy.

The connotation of the 1 college teachers management flexibility analysis of
The flexible management of teachers is based on the theory of elastic management idea innovation.Elastic management thought is reflected in many thinkers, politicians at all times and in all countries, management scientists thought.
In the west, Taylor's "difference piecework" has begun to consider the management object of elastic; Fayol directly emphasized the management flexibility, pointed out that under the same conditions, almost never two times using the same principles to deal with things, attention shall be paid to the influence of various variable factors, therefore, these principles are flexible.Meo believed that "the work efficiency of workers, and change" with the superior can meet their social needs; Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" reveals the fundamental influence people with "elasticity" is "need"; Mcgregor thought "in normal cases, willing to take responsibility, they are keen to play to their ability and creative", "people for their participation in the work target can carry out self management and self command"; Simon put forward the "non programmed decision theory", and that the decision of the standard should be "satisfied with the principle of"; Fiedler as the representative of the "contingency theory" advocated "competent personnel according to the specific person is different, flexible to adopt different management measures that it differs from man to man.".
China since ancient times "Chinese pen and sword arts, alternate tension with relaxation" management."Zhang" is the string tension, "Relaxation" is the string relaxation, King Wen of Zhou, King Wu of Zhou rule is that the success of "Zhang", "Relaxation" with alternate tension with relaxation, obviously, which embodies the elastic management thought."Pipe" in the "balance of the object of a high, often can not solid" language, the "high", "under the" combination, one high and one low, reflecting the flexible thinking management in the control.Sima Qian's "virtue theory" is especially emphasized leave adequate leeway, advocated by the "flexible management mode for" the way ", so that people all advised its industry, lucky thing, if the water descends, day and night without rest, without being called it comes, don't ask people out of the".
At present, the ancient Chinese literature search field. The elastic management of thermal people-oriented.A common view has two kinds, namely elastic management is individualized management; flexible management is the unity of principle and flexibility management.The former only defined elastic management from the management characteristics, the latter only from the specific definition of elastic management system management.Two views are descriptive, reveals the main characteristics of elastic management, but did not reveal its essential characteristics.The author thinks that the elastic management refers to management according to the organization's development practices and needs, create proper conditions by managers and for its subjectivity, application principle and flexibility, rationality and irrationality, the combination of science and humanistic management ideas and methods, to achieve effective management is common development managers and organizations.Elastic refers to the management of college teachers education administrative department or the management according to the practical development and needs of the school, to rely on teachers and create proper conditions for its subjectivity, application principle and flexibility, rationality and irrationality, the combination of science and humanistic management ideas and methods, to achieve the common development of Teachers and school management.
From the elements, the flexible management of teachers by the subject, object, goal, condition and means.The subject is the person or organization refers to the realization of university teacher management behavior, elastic purpose, value, function and activity of the.Individuals such as school leaders, mid-level cadres, organizations such as the departments, teaching departments, organizations etc..Object refers to the subject teachers elastic management activities in Colleges and universities practice activities with the direction and the role of the object -- teachers.From the management objective, University Teachers elastic management goal is to give full play to its potential to promote every teacher, every teacher free and comprehensive development, create advantage complementary, solidarity and cooperation of the school team organization, to realize harmonious development of school and teachers, school organization powerful resultant force of education.Condition refers to the related factors of flexible management of university teachers and the impact of the constraints, including human, financial, material and other aspects, which not only restricts the relationship between the main, object, but also restricts the elastic size -- elastic management degree, but also restricts the realization management goal.Means is that the ways and measures to achieve the desired management objectives, including administrative means, economic means, institutional means, information means, means of regulation, incentive means.

The 2 main features of flexible management of university teachers
The elastic characteristics of university teachers in addition to common features of the management of teachers, also has the following characteristics:
The relationship between the subject and the object of the dialectics of 2.1
The two basic elements of subject and object representations of university teachers elastic management system, mutual between have both connection and difference, the division of relation is relative, this time may be the main object, then vice versa, they are in a dynamic change.
First, the subject and the object of interdependence, the two sides in a "you have me, I have you" interdependent relationship.On the one hand, as the university management subject to object -- the management of teachers, need the participation and efforts of their; on the other hand, as the object of teachers, to achieve its target value is only in the school organization objective can be achieved.
Second, subject to promote each other, both sides in the "you help me, I help you" the mutual promotion relationship.On the one hand, as the object of the work of teachers and the development goal is confirmed, as the main body of the school leadership and management should actively create conditions to help them achieve goals; on the other hand, only the work of teachers and the development target is reached, the general goal of the school organization can achieve satisfactory.
Third, host-guest interaction, the two sides in a "you control me, mutual restriction relationship I supervision in you".As the university leadership or management main body, to the work of teachers and the development goal of comprehensive supervision and implementation, also requires teachers to supervise the leadership and its application.
Fourth, mutual transformation of subject and object, between each other is "you is I, I is the mutual transformation relationship of you.".In the appraisal process, appraisal main body is also be assessment, the object should also evaluate the subject.
Precision and vagueness of
2.2 goals
Accurate target of college teachers elastic management refers to the various indicators proposed harmonious development around the school and the teachers, is a rigid target.Both the total school goals, and departments, personal objectives, both long-term and short-term goals, they use different index to reflect.These goals are consistent, the harmonious development of unified service in college and the teachers group; these objectives with diversification, both organizational goals and individual goals, development of different target service in grass-roots organizations and individual teachers of different.Consistency and diversity goals are interrelated, mutually for the condition, consistent is multiple, multiple is the same premise.
College teachers elastic management goal ambiguity refers to a qualitative description of target for the harmonious development of school and teachers put forward, is a flexible object.This target is not the amount of provisions, only quality requirements, set aside room, make the teachers and organizations with external environment change in a certain range to adjust, fully embodies the most prominent feature of the elastic management, has the flexibility in the principles of.
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