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The Buddhist thought and six of employee potential development

Author: XiongHanHong WangWeiLa From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-03 00:21:46 Read:
[Abstract] six degrees is six methods of Buddhist thought a man realizes the life consciousness, personal achievements, in the enterprise management activities, six degrees can be used as a good means of psychological development of potential employees, help enterprises to achieve personal growth and business success double harvest.
[keyword] Buddhist six potential development

In Buddhism, the highest achievements of a person to realize personality must take six kinds of behavior, namely six degrees: giving, precepts, patience, diligence, meditation and wisdom.In enterprise management, six degree also can be used as the employee spiritual development tool, employees in the work environment, taking six degrees, can the comprehensive development, improve their psychological quality, fully excavate, play to their potential, thus to promote the business activities of the success.

1 in the work of dedicated
Intended to give alms, at work, giving is the essence for others altruistic heart, altruistic, work namely Dojo, though, we have to survive is inseparable from the material, money, but we can't just work for money, and if so, have become a kind of slavery.People alive should have more sense, Japan KYOCERA group Mr Inaka Kazuo thinks that the meaning of human life, the purpose of life is to raise the level of.He thinks, devote oneself heart and soul to wholeheartedly is the most important in the work, this is the spirit of the noble mind, improve their practice.Therefore, in order to make work meaningful, luster, need to adjust the work motivation, work as the others, for business opportunities to give, be most willing to, make all-out efforts to pay, sublimation, in their own achievements in the work.

2 in treat people in good
Morality is not only keep some commandments, precepts of the spirit that we are good at protecting from the heart to treat people in, do not harm others to benefit oneself thing at all, do more to benefit others.In the business environment, if an employee can remind yourself a good heart, to treat people, make good words, good deeds, then around him, he created a friendly, harmonious, beautiful world.If the idea of good enterprise culture, everyone is friendly, happy, happy, everyone affected other people so they also friendly, happy, happy, then a friendly, positive, harmonious, United team will be formed therefrom.And the good culture is the foundation of success, Japan, China, President Mr. Tsukamoto to a summary of their own success when he said he had two sword on hand, when he pulled out the sword is altruistic, all wishes are realized, and when he pulled out when the self-interest of evil desires sword then everything is not smooth.Thus, employees in the treat people process interrupt evil and do good, his personal achievements at the same time the achievements of enterprises.

3 in the face of adversity to develop
Patience is not repressed anger, true and should be in the face of people and things is not smooth, adversity to develop a Thanksgiving heart and compassion.Grateful to those who hurt themselves, because of their presence, enable us to introspect, we can understand the limitations of the ego, and with the help of their excitation and break through the limitations of themselves; Thanksgiving their enemy, when a person can arise when compassion, the heart of thanksgiving to the enemy, heart and mind his will expand, his life has entered into a new realm; Thanksgiving all is not smooth, adversity, plight, precisely because of these difficulties, that make us the spirit, let us become stronger, richer wisdom."God" the Japanese Konosuke Matsushita, when I was a child, he saw a farmer to wash sweet potatoes, he realized that some of the truth of life.The farmer with a large flat wooden stirring constantly in large wooden bucket, sweet potato in the bucket suddenly sink and float.Sweet potato is always ups and downs, mutual rotation.Panasonic said with deep feeling: "this kind of ups and downs, mutual change scene, it is a portrayal of life.Each person's life, like the sweet potato, always ups and downs, not always successful, never fall on evil days.This constant floating Shen, is on everyone's temper."

4 in the struggle in the achievement of
To build a career can not leave the diligence, diligence is the so-called struggle, is undivided attention, go to all lengths, particularly in the commercial society in today's fiercely competitive, either, not diligent will be beyond our competitors.Mr Inaka Kazuo argues that, at six degrees, the most easy to practice in our daily life, but also as to improve mental approach, the most fundamental, the most important is "diligence" -- hard work at.He often says to employee, must be "very seriously" live each day.Only one life, don't waste, to "strain every nerve", sincere, serious alive -- to continue this seemingly simple life, ordinary people will soon transform, become extraordinary people.The famous Japanese baseball player Suzuki Ichiro was determined to become a baseball professional athletes, from the third grade primary school start every day for a few hours of baseball training, never discontinuous, high school into the baseball team, in addition to the collective training tasks to complete every team, in the dormitory 11 points after lights out, Ichiro alone even for self training plan.After more than ten years diligently, diligently unremitting spirit training, and finally created a talented baseball player.So, in any industry, to the great achievements of the cause, in addition to diligently, stand on solid ground work, no other shortcut.5 in the present awake
Six degrees of meditation does not mean the futon on meditation, in fact the enterprise staff constantly at work, in life every day can learn, practice meditation, meditation is the essence of living one day at a time, Zen is a famous detective, a source of law, to ask Huihai Jackson: "monk you monastic also hard?" he replied: "work hard?" the lawyer asked: "how hard?" replied the Zen master: "hungry to eat, sleep on the bed."The lawyer said: "all men are like that, they are all the same. And you?" the Zen master said: "not the same."The lawyer asked: "why not?" the master replied: "some people the dinner do not eat, the sleep not sleep.A dispute, so is different."So the Zen wisdom is to live in the present, undivided attention to eat meal, undivided attention to sleep, when the undivided attention of work.But usually we eat, drink, work time, most of the time is a mechanical, passive behavior, internal often thought of various unrelated things, is our heart in a scattered state, in this case, we lack intrinsic awareness and creativity.Only when we are fully awake, one hundred percent heart, life pours into the here and now this time, our heart is harmonious, unified, flexible and creative.Live in the present moment of time, can become the master of our life.

6 wisdom to break the rigid
Wisdom is the ultimate goal of Dharma practice, we can afford to, put down is a kind of wisdom, Buddhism has a well-known story, brothers receive a teacher life down the priest, came to a small river, saw a girl didn't dare to cross the river, big brother to look out for her trouble, went to it don't hesitate to pick up the girl from the river walk in the past, and then down, let not the girl to say thank you to continue on their way, little brother on brother said, master told we are monks, not the last woman, why do you hold the girl across the river today? He said nothing, after a while, little brother again time to ask this question, big brother finally said I had put down, you still hold.The Buddha said that wisdom is shown in the above story of brothers to be, it will break down attitude, is in need of wisdom, such as when a person is angry, anxious to know when to solve the problem, not angry, this is a kind of wisdom, it can help a person know see through the essence of things, then detached attitude.Of course, not to give up, down, down is a kind of inner relaxed, and comfortable attitude, and giving up is not assume due responsibility in life, there is no contradiction between the two, in the process of responsibility may be put in mind, put down can help a person to go to the battle-front without any burden, will be better able to take.
From the visible, six degrees can be for employees to practice and application in the work, and the six form a relatively complete system of employee spiritual development, through giving, precepts development staff heart love, staff development good quality of the mind; through patience, refined into the development of individual's perseverance, enhance their soul dynamics; meditation, wisdom development staff inner understanding, let the staff can in every moment, will become the master of mind, get down, spontaneous wisdom.In short, the use of six degree in the work, can omni-directional development employee spiritual potential, let
Employees with good heart, stable, strong, clear, easy, comfortable and a series of good quality, realizes staff lofty personality and business double achievement at work.
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